All George W. Bush’s Fault: The Axis of Evil, San Francisco – Iran – North Korea is Thriving

First, let me be clear: The first point of the axis is San Francisco not because of the homosexual demonstrations that went on May 26th raging spite at the court decision. The court decided that the recent California voters’ initiative deciding that marriage is between a man and a woman would stand. Let me repeat that I am in favor of constitutional equal protection, and therefore, in favor of civil union between any two adult human beings. This affords the same civil and practical rights as does marriage presently. I could be convinced about civil union between more than three adults but I think it’s going to have to wait. Right now, I am a little prejudiced against civil union between humans and non-humans, a man and his two Labradors, for example. I wish homosexuals well so long as their militant leadership doesn’t try to subvert our constitutions. But I digress.

San Francisco is the first point in the axis of evil because it’s the home of Nancy Pelosi. She lied repeatedly about what she knew and did not know about interrogations methods used on behalf of terrorists. She thought she could get away with it because she is the Speaker of the House. Rules don’t apply to the high and mighty, she thinks.

Incidentally, I have said insensitive things about my near-neighbor, Leon Panetta, in the past. I stand partly corrected. The Director of the CIA acted like a man on this matter. He stood up for what he knew to be the truth and screw the consequences! I don’t dare hope believe he has a juicy file on Pelosi. Or maybe, the President has decided to throw her under the bus, like his grandmother. Either way, it’s fine with me.

The second point on the axis of evil Iran, is speeding up its nuclear development. The third, North Korea, is both testing nuclear bombs and sending missiles that could carry them into the stratosphere. Of course, no one is really worried except the stupid Israelis because the United Nations is going to put an end decisively to all this thuggish behavior. (OK, I am joking bitterly.)

It’s all former President Bush’s fault because he let himself be talked for several years into inaction by the wimps in his administration. He encouraged the Europeans to “talk” Iran down for six years with the results we know. His own administration directly made de-nuclearizing deals with the North Korean buffoon dictator. That’s the same man who engaged in massive counterfeiting of US dollars and state drug smuggling. It’s the same man who acted decidedly 20 years ago, when his Pappy would not buy him a national movie industry: He had a South Korean film director and a famous actress kidnapped and kept them captive for about five years. Do you think I am making this up?

North Korea violated the agreement with Bush as it violated every other agreement before. This country is not bombing North Korea because the South Koreans say no, so far, and because China is opposed to any serious measure against North Korea. It would be interesting to understand why fairly prosperous China protects this desperate, failed regime. Media commentators say it’s because the Chinese leadership does not want a flood of refugees coming through its border when the North Korean regime collapses. But it’s going to collapse, one way or another so, I don’t get it.

Back to Iran. Between the moment the Europeans admitted they had shit on their face from talking to that country, and the election, Pres. Bush had good opportunities for a tactical attack on the country’s nuclear sites. A second opportunity arose between the election and the inauguration. Pres. Bush had nothing to lose and he could have perfected his mission. Too much the gentleman, I suppose.

The way I see it, the Israelis have little choice. The tinny President of Iran has denied the reality of the WWII genocide and declared that Israel should be wiped off the map. If he has nuclear weapons – he already has missiles that can reach Israel – he just might try to do what he says the Nazis never did. It’s only a “might” but what you would do if you were in charge of the lives and safety of Israelis?

(Please, go ahead; think it through.)

I am guessing Prime Minister Netanyahu is awaiting the results of the Iranian elections in about one month to act. It’s possible the real powers, the ruling mullahs, will decide that the current President has outlived his purpose. It’s even possible some care about the safety of their own grandchildren. (Israel surely has nuclear bombs and the means to deliver them.) So, the Supreme Council of old guys might give the nod to a more accommodating candidate, to someone willing to slow down, or even to make a u-turn. Keep in mind that the Iranians were repeatedly offered active help in developing their civilian nuclear potential in return for abandoning practices useful to the making of bombs.

If Ahmadinejad is re-elected, I think Pres. Obama is going to receive a phone call about 2 PM one day. It will be the Prime Minister of Israel. He will say, “ Well, we have got two hundred planes in the air now, heading toward the Iranian nuclear sites. Are you going to give us a hand or do we have to send in a second wave to set Tehran on fire?”

If our President refuses, many Iranians will die for nothing. Again, what would you do if you were in charge of Israel’s survival?

I have not lost all hope for Mr Obama to begin acting as the President of all Americans. The one reason for my guarded optimism is that he has been lying shamelessly to the left wing of his own party on security issues such as communications eavesdropping, detentions, interrogations, and even Guantanamo. So long as the left of the Democratic Party is angry, I know he is doing something right.

International news: The French have opened a small naval base and intelligence center in Abu Dhabi. No doubt, they think it will help their arms sales in the Gulf. It will also protect, from a diplomatic standpoint, the oil interests of the nationalized company, Total.No matter, that small allied military presence in the Persian Gulf is close enough to Iran to be useful. Things have changed for the better since President Sarkozy was elected two years ago. No more, “Who Stole my Cheese?” (Don’t scratch your head, it’s the title of a very stupid and very popular management fad book. My little joke;forgive me.)


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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