Another Bush Victory; Torture and Torture.

Note: Few people seem interested in either installment of my essay on National Economic Systems…. I wonder if it’s because it’s boring or superfluous, or because of some other reason I have not thought of. I take feedback. Thank you.

Another Bush victory goes unheralded by the vapid, lazy media. The results of Afghanistan’s elections are coming in. Yes, there were many irregularities. That country is more like Illinois than like say, Switzerland. Afghans voted under threats of death by the Taliban. That included women forced to live under moving tents. On the average, they are braver than we are.

The two top candidates appear to be neck-in-neck. That’s unheard of in that part of the world, where “Presidents” win with 90%+ of the votes, normally. The Bush policies are bearing fruit in pretty much the way the neo-conservatives planned.

Silly liberals kept saying that you “can’t impose democracy.” Of course, you can: the Southern Confederacy, Italy, Germany, Japan, several others, Iraq, and now Afghanistan. Facts matter!

Le Figaro of 08/26/09, a moderate and centrist French newspaper reports the following, in a persuasive manner:

A cemetery employee outside Tehran tells of the burial of 40 deep-frozen bodies of young people. That would have been about one month after the June election and the demonstrations that followed.

Several young men and, possibly young women, arrested after the anti-regime demonstrations in Tehran, say they were raped by prison guards.

Virtuous Islamic Republic!

What makes the report of rapes especially convincing is that it includes the story of a serious investigation by higher (Islamic) authorities requesting clinical details about the degree of penetration involved and the outcome of the rape in terms of alleged the rapists’ satisfaction.

Dear President Obama: The regime responsible for this sort of actions is not our moral equal. There is no reason to treat it with any respect.

The Iranian thugs raped people to punish, to intimidate and to satisfy their own repressed sexuality. (The same rapists would kill you if you suggested they were homosexual. That’s what my Iranian source says.)

Several years ago, American public servants threatened with several kinds of atrocities terrorists they thought had information that could save many lives. None was carried out. The threats of having their knees drilled, or their old mother, or their children murdered was only effective because the terrorists come from barbaric societies. They were raised in countries where this kind of action is common. They believed the threats because they would carry them out without hesitation.

The same threats would have been ineffectual against an American, or even against someone well informed about American society. So, there is the gap, Mr President. Rein in your attack dog, the Attorney General.

I, for one, would like to see prosecuted any CIA supervisor who did not order such threats when American lives are at stake, as they were after 9/11. The after-9/11 extends to today. Incidentally, Mr president, 9/11 was not a hurricane, or an earthquake. It was a man-made massacre, very well-planned, faultlessly executed by rather talented people who hated us. Do you think hey have stopped hating us?

I am not losing track of who we are dealing with. I have a little neighbor girl, about fifteen, who likes to parade her naked belly button. There are thousands of ass-holes in another part of the world, near Tehran, and in the general neighborhood, who would like to cut off her head for this


If you lack career volunteers for interrogations, Mr President, call me. I will handle th elesctric drill in a way that will make terrorists crap their pants in one minute. Won’t even touch them. No, no water-boarding; I think it’s wimpy.

It would be easy to gather a corps of mean old geezer interrogators. I am taking the idea from Clint Eastwood’s great movie, “Gran Torino,” of course. Other things equal, I would rather die in jail, with other tough old guys, than in an impoverished hospital under Obamacare.

Speaking of which, Senator Ted Kennedy died today. He was a compassionate man who never thought twice about taking money from a nineteen-year old waitress to give it to the old drunk who has been living downtown Santa Cruz for twenty years. The Senator was a pretty good swimmer but a bad diver, unfortunately.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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3 Responses to Another Bush Victory; Torture and Torture.

  1. Click here to read about Castro’s approval of Obama’s internal policies

    Why do we care? First, it is a solid validation from an undisputed pillar of economic success and human freedoms; it is also a nod of approval that brings a sigh of relief to countless Americans, who can now sleep better knowing that we are on the way to a societal betterment, a la cubana.

    What connects the reporting of CNN on the mental excretions of a decrepit tyrant and the murder of countless Cubans with the latest reevaluation of Bush-era interrogation methods is … (take a guess) …

    It is a childish need for peer conformity, the necessity to be liked and to making everyone happy.

    I hate regressing into my childhood — it’s full of euphoric delusions, like a marijuana high. It pains me even more to see the entire country follow the same mental staircase down into the weeds of kiddie mentality.

    Torture is bad (inflicting pain to a single militant to save thousands of innocent civilians). Forcing people to accept a new democratic governing model is bad (saving women from rape and beheading, giving them access to schooling and health care). Inequality in pay (regardless of individual performance) is bad.

    It is the the same reason you are not getting much traction with your economic write-ups, Jacques. It takes a strong mental discipline not to regress into a delusional childhood while analyzing the world’s events. It takes a mental facility that is severely underdeveloped in most of us.

    Facts matter ONLY if you’re capable of elevating them above your personal feelings and fairy tale beliefs. Staying with facts is like staying sober: sobriety gives you sharpness of mind but forces you to deal with life’s events without masking effects of intoxication. And that hurts sometimes.

  2. jdelacroixliberty says:

    Your last paragraph is too deep for me, Sergey. It sounds like reading Dostoyewsky (bad spelling; you know who I mean) at fifteen. Too long in Russia; your soul is growing darker. Time to come home to sunny California!

  3. Lawrence Marcus says:

    The new world order according to Garp ( OBAMA) “In an era when our destiny is shared, power is no longer a zero sum game.” Ideally, there is to be no more competition among nations.
    “No one nation can or should try to dominate another nation.” It follows that there is to be no hierarchy among nations.
    “No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed.” No nations are to play favorites. That means, among other things, the U.S. will not extend special privileges to democracies or other free societies.
    “No balance of power among nations will hold.” With no competition, no hierarchy, and no favored-nation status, states that have found themselves in a fortunate position as the result of dated rivalries and alliances can no longer be relied upon to impose balance on a region from the outside. (Like all utopian fantasies, this is propped up by a contradiction: balance will exist, but any attempt to maintain or impose that balance will, by definition, constitute a violation of that balance.)
    “The traditional division between nations of the south and north makes no sense in an interconnected world.” There will be no distinctions between developing and developed nations.
    “Nor do alignments of nations rooted in the cleavages of a long gone Cold War.” A final renunciation of the traditional concept of alliances.
    The next time some democratic leader is woken up in the middle of the night with a phone call from the U.S. State Department telling him that he’s on his own, he would do well to refer back to today’s speech as he scratches his head and tries to figure out what happened to his friends, the Americans.
    This was in the Wall Street Journal today in response to Obama’s speech before the United Nations on his first attempt. How about a ” do over ” in our recent vote to elect the “American President”. It is becoming very evident by his actions that OBAMA is No American President; maybe a world president if there was one, like Kadafi would like to see awarded to OBAMA, if this wasn’t so serious to us and our allies that value the blood and tears of those that came before us, it would be a colossal joke!

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