Pop-Quiz About World Politics for Those Born After 1980

The questions below are all True/False. Correct answers soon on this blog. (It’s stupid to cheat on an ungraded test!)

The Berlin Wall was built by the (Communist) German Democratic Republic to stop West Germans, citizens of the other, capitalist German Federal Republic, from taking refuge in their orderly, prosperous socialist country.

The Berlin Wall was built by the (capitalist) west German  Federal Republic to prevent its own citizens from emigrating to the socialist East Germany (to the GDR).

The Berlin Wall came down as the result of a peace conference that included the GDR (Communist East Germany), the west German (capitalist) Federal Republic, the Soviet Union, and the United States.

Jimmy Carter was President of the United States when the Berlin Wall fell.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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