My Brief State of the Union Address: UPDATE

We are several hours from President Obama’s first State of the Union address. Here is what I want to hear. It’s simple and easy to understand.

1 The Democratic health care reform project is shelved. The current bills, in both houses, are badly constructed. They can only achieve what hardly anybody wants. Also, we went about passing them badly. Democratically elected governments don’t ignore the clearly expressed opposition of vast numbers of their citizens.

2 The federal government’s main task is now to foster the conditions that are known to lead quickly to job creation in the private sector. Those conditions include broad tax cuts and suspension of taxes, and precious little else.

3 Announcement a of new aggressive forms of struggle against violent jihadist terrorism. (These words have to be used.) These forms include the empowerment of the relevant federal agencies and the punishment of officials found lacking in the vigor or in the competency of heir response to threats. Also included are muscular interrogation methods of suspects designed to elicit intelligence first and convictions second (or third).

4 Open, public threats against the soon-to-be nuclear islamo-fascist regime of Iran. The threats should include a detailed map of the main ruling mullahs’ compounds. Corresponding declaration of tangible support to the brave Iranians fighting for common decency.

5 Same with the murderous and grotesque North Korean tyranny. (Replace words where appropriate.)

I am not holding my breath but in the fog of lies, untruths, semi-truths and pseudo news surrounding us, it’s important to remain clear about one’s wishes.

Update after the President’s speech:

I listened carefully to the whole long speech. I don’t know what he said except two things. First, he seemed to pronounce for new nuclear power plants and for offshore oil exploration. Might mean a cultural change among Democrats. That’s good.

Second, I think he announced he was going to try and repeal the law against gays serving openly in the military. I am all for it but I don’t know why he did not do it a year ago, by executive order, if he is such a progressive.

Barack Obama gave a,nother speech about Barack Obama except for thetime he spent blaming Bush for what he, Obama, had failed to do.

The main problem is that there is no reason to believe his declarations of intentions because he failed to fulfill those of his campaign promises that depended entirely on him: We did not see the health care debate on C-Span as he had said we would. And so on.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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2 Responses to My Brief State of the Union Address: UPDATE

  1. Prem Joshi says:


    I agree with you on health care. But you spoke like a true Republican regarding job creation! Cut taxes and cut more taxes. That is what Bush did and look where we are now.

    You have discounted Lord Maynard Keynes completely. Massive Public sector spending creates jobs. Let the private sector do the building and construction for efficiency. That is how we got out of the great depression. we built our highway system.

    How about some super fast trains, and a couple of nuclear reactors. For the Bay area I recommend combining Caltrain, BART and the MUNI into a fast and efficient common gauge Bay Area Metro. I’m sure you have more ideas.


    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Joshi: I appreciate your cool, constructive ideas, as always. If we had to continue to be ruled by liberals, I would wish them to be like you.

      You don’t have to be a Republican to say when solution 1 does not work; try solution 2, not solution 1 again. Bush’s overextended spending had little to do with the current 10+% unemployment and his tax cuts could not possibly reduce employment. Companies are not hiring because people are not spending and because the banks are not lending. Everyone you know has money sitting in the bank earning 0.1% interest (including in your own family, I would bet). The question is why so little spending and why so little lending?

      Yes, I discount Keynes. When you start looking for empirical evidence of the efficacy of public spending, it keeps vanishing like a mirage in beautiful Rajistan. (Anyone interested in this should keep an eye on the libertarian Independent Institute’s website and on the libertarian periodical Liberty – for which I write occasionally, I am forced to disclose.)The idea that Keynesianism is well founded in fact is one of many academic myths. It’s in all the textbooks, of course. Interestingly, it’s hard to find confirmation in scholarly publications.

      Politically, the question is : How long will the President get away with explaining his failures and his failures to act by blaming Bush? I am genuinely curious. I suspect it will work until the midterm elections in November. I think there is zero chance it will fly for the next presidential.


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