Two Important Decisions, and the President is Not Lying

Today, I made two important decisions and I formulated one final observation.

First, Tiger Wood should get off the news. There is no story there. He is a very successful man in a sport that must rank as one of the worst spectator sports. He is also very rich. Like may successful and rich men, he thought he should have it all. He just wanted his status, his standing, as a lover-boy to equal his status in wealth and professional achievement. There is no such thing as sexual addiction. It’s just a cop-out. With the aid of modern pharmaceutical, your average man can fool himself into believing he has prodigious appetites. His wife seems to me like a reasonable gold-digger and enabler. You tell me. There is no story there worth telling, endlessly, in this case.

Second, I watched the hockey game between Belarus and Finland at noon, while munching on my roast chicken thighs (with skin). It’s obvious that all American boys should be pushed into playing ice-hockey unless they possess an obvious talent in some other physical activity. Hockey is the remedy to the chickification of American boys. First, girls hardly every play hockey; second the game rewards pushiness and raw courage. Football is supposed to do this. I think it does not. It’s too broken up into brief explosive episodes; it requires too much specialized individual talent. I know this is paradoxical but it seems to me football has become too cerebral a game to turn boys into men. Incidentally, young women are the first victims of the chickification. Many wonder where the men are. I know because I am old enough that they dare tell me. Frequently, they use the P. word to express their frustration. That should tell you!

Here is my observation for the day: President Obama does not lie. In his speech today, he demonstrated that he has cut his moorings to reality as anyone sees it. His affirmations concerning the positive effects of the so-called “stimulus package” show that he has taken the next logical step in his descent into unreality: If the facts on the ground contradict you so blatantly that anyone can see it, deny the facts. He was unrealistic when his intellectual bodyguards predicted that unemployment would not rise above 8%. There was really no way to know. He is personally off his knob when he speaks of “jobs saved.” You could actually show jobs saved if you wanted to. He does not; his hapless advisers are not helping.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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One Response to Two Important Decisions, and the President is Not Lying

  1. clambo slice says:

    I think lacrosse is a good alternative to hockey, it’s similar but on grass so no skating skill is needed. They’re actually the same game almost. Boys should all play lacrosse: not soccer, not badminton, not croquet, not swimming, not pool. Well, pool and beers after a rough lacrosse game I guess would be good for them too to prevent further “chickification”. Re: Obama. He would not listen to his advisers even if they were not dimwits.

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