The Health Disaster: What’s Next. What to do.

The magnitude and the complexity of the disaster of Obamacare are such that the normal thinking person has trouble keeping them all in mind, much less, thinking rationally about them. For me, it’s been like herding cats. I have decided to focus on the essentials with respect to the main next stage for health care in this country and with respect to what we can do about it as individuals. What I describe below is modest enough to understand, remember, and act on, I think.

The road to single-payer destination

I still don’t know how much duplicity exists in Pres. Obama’s heart and I don’t know how capable of scheming Nancy Pelosi is. (He has limited understanding of anything, I keep saying. I think she is on happy pills all the time.) However, the miracle they wrought had predictable consequences irrespective of intent.

On the one hand, as I have said before, I can’t imagine any American jury punishing Americans for refusing to purchase something. On the other hand, overall, the automatic fines for not purchasing health insurance are overall, smaller than the cost of purchasing health insurance. That’s true for companies and for individuals. The rational course of action is to pay the fine and see what happens. For individuals, there will be no personal risk beyond the fine in refraining from carrying health insurance. Insurance companies will not be able to refuse anyone with a re-existing condition: As soon as the doctor informs me I have any serious illness, I will purchase insurance. I will also leave a check with someone close to me to do the same on my behalf in case I have an accident and I am unable to do it for myself.

There are two solutions to this problem, both very unpleasant. First, the authorities, aided by court decisions, can admit that forced purchase of insurance cannot be implemented and then, turn to taxation. A tax on everyone would abolish the dual obstacle of superficial voluntariness and of unconstitutionality of the dispositions now in the law.

It’s possible to convict people and companies for not paying a tax, especially a nearly universal tax. It happens all the time. If he is still President, Barack Obama will say: “Very sorry, I tried to keep my campaign promise that no one earning less than $250,000 would see a tax increase. The lack of civic spirit of too many of our citizens and companies forced me to do it.” Keep in mind that he did much worse recently as far as betraying solemn promises is concerned.

But there is another solution that is even more palatable to the leftists who have taken over this country. They can simply preside over a massive die-off of private (non-government) insurance companies. Such an event would be precipitated by a broader coverage mandate accompanied by a loss of clients as many, or most, turn to fines as the better option. Leftists could thus passively create a new situation with government, single-payer coverage as the only solution left. Single-payer, in turn, would be financed with a combination of obligatory payroll taxes, co-payments, and other miscellaneous taxes as is the case in most of Europe today. Faced with the prospect of no coverage for most of the population even a conservative majority in both houses would probably cave in.

Apologists for single-payer health coverage delude themselves that if it works in Finland and in France, it would work here too. I have written before about this, based on experience and study. I think they are dreaming. I see no prospect that the US can do as well as France in that area. It’s a long story; let me summarize it: French trains are fast, comfortable and they run on time, all the time. Think Amtrack!

What is to be done?

The airwaves are currently full of speculation about whether or not it is possible to reverse or even to limit the damage of Obamacare. Much of the speculation is above my pay grade. Even if it were not, it would leave me deeply dissatisfied because I need to act now, or at least, to have a plan for action immediately. The implementation of the plan has to depend entirely or mostly on factors under my control. At the very least, I want to be able to make a resolution for my behavior right tomorrow that I will be able to keep. Here are two in one.

1 I will vote punitively in every election. In federal elections, I will find out who voted for the Obamacare and who said anything positive about it. I will vote against any candidate that did either. I will do so even if the alternative candidate is a yellow dog. (That’s where the term comes from, incidentally.) In primaries, I will vote for the candidate who will say the worst things about Obamacare. Lacking such information, I will chose the candidate most opposed to government enlargement. In other elections, I will ferret out candidates’ position with respect to Obamacare and about public intervention in health care and in the economy in general. I will vote for the candidate who sounds most opposed even if he is running for dog-catcher. I will not miss an opportunity to trumpet my electoral choices and the reasons for my choices.

2 I will make it my foremost goal to draw one another person to this viewpoint and I will make sure this person vote in November. My conquest, my single conquest, may be an independent, a comparatively easy achievement. Secondly, there are millions of young people who don’t register to vote or who don’t vote. Many abstain because they think they don’t know enough to do any good. It’s fairly easy to capture the attention of one of those abstainers and to hold his hand until he registers and votes (the right way). But I may even be able to cause a Democrat to vote against his party just this one time. It’s not as unlikely as it sounds. Many registered Democrats are disgusted by the process through with Obamacare was voted and signed into law. They are repelled for much the same reasons I am: It was obscene. You don’t have to be a Republican or a conservative to recognize obscenity. Second, Democrats in rising numbers are going to discover that the law does not accomplish many of the things they were promised and that it deprives them of some of what they have.

As I said at the beginning, I don’t know what the immediate future holds for the legal and practical status of Obamacare. However, I can’t think of any future where a larger number of non-Democrat elected officials would not help repair or compensate for the ravage.

This two-pronged strategy will meet with uneven success, depending on locale. In my district, there is scant chance of preventing the re-election of silly Congressman Sam Farr. Yet, it’s worth doing for two reasons. First good behavior is no less contagious than bad behavior. Your good behaviors might, in the aggregate, move to action voters in districts where a change of representation is possible. Just remember that a majority is half plus one (unity, un, uno). Second, at the very least, pursuing this strategy is going to make me feel better.

One last thing: I am contemplating designing a flag for the “Party of  No.” I am thinking of the silhouette of a shapely woman with a beehive hairdo and a hunting rifle across her back. What do you think?

PLEASE, TRY TO CIRCULATE THIS PEACEFUL CALL TO ARMS. (I have to emphasize “peaceful” because I don’t trust our Executive anymore.)


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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One Response to The Health Disaster: What’s Next. What to do.

  1. clambo slice says:

    The worst aspect of Obamacare is largely unknown. All of the world’s medical care derives its excellence from our for profit system, whether or not the place uses socialized medicine. Medical devices, new surgical techniques, new wonder drugs, etc. almost all come from the USA. Taxing them and punishing them to pay the health care of those who refuse to buy insurance will slow medical discoveries down. I also noticed that among the new taxes Obama and Pelosi invented to pay for this, NO taxes were invented on trial lawyers=ambulance chasers. Now, there is a huge source of revenue that they missed. Wonder why?

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