Stupid Infiltrators and an Abysmally Under-Informed Smart Student

I told you so! I did on 3/31/10 (in “A Fucking Liar?”) I said that the next tea party would include infiltrators that would work to make the movement look like the stereotype promulgated by the biased, lazy press. Here it goes, from Associated Press, not usually considered an organ of the crazy right wing:

Opponents of the fiscally conservative tea party movement say they plan to infiltrate and dismantle the political group to make its members appear to be racist, homophobe and moronic.

Jason Levin, creator of, said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country….”

I am only a little bit worried. First, there is an excellent chance the announcement is a hoax or a simple publicity stunt. (AP rarely checks out its facts.) Second, Left-radical activists are not very smart. They don’t know much beyond breaking McDonald’s windows. They are also grossly under-informed because they rely on one far-out source of information only, if any. So, if they ever get there, the infiltrators will probably do something really stupid. They will shout “Down with the nigger!” or “Kill Obama!” in the middle of a crowd of respectable middle-class ladies, or carry a misspelled sign denouncing “fagots.” They will promptly be shouted down and thrown out. I say I am a little worried because it’s not that difficult to arrange to have a cameraman ready to capture the split-second moment for the benefit of the New York Times and MSNBC (that both believe that some stories are too good to check).

Note: Dear FBI and Dear Secret Service: I am describing here what I speculate infiltrators of the tea party movement will do. I am not advocating (NOT) the assassination of the President. For one thing, it would be a long-lasting catastrophe for the conservative movement if there were any attempt on the President’s life.

All the same, the tea party movement ought to be implacable in chasing away anyone pursuing anything but its own narrow, well-defined goals.

As always, I am concerned about the people in the middle who decide in fact the results of elections. And I stay in touch with young liberals. (I tell old liberals I have nothing to say to them, that they are not worth the effort because they will soon be dead.) I spend a long time talking with a left-leaning young man recently and learned a lot, or remembered important things that had slipped my mind.

First, let me describe it lest I am accused of setting up a straw man. He is a 22-year old college student at a reasonably good university. He gets very good grades, an item of information I am not inclined to ignore because I am a former professor. (Briefly, I believe that some students who received bad grades are smart people and I also believe that students who earn high grades regularly are always at least reasonably intelligent and that they have character.) The young man is also a hard worker; I know this for a fact. Finally, he possesses an intelligence well above average and he is intellectually serious. (He does not play games when he discusses an issue; he prizes his credibility.) This young paragon of virtues also voted for Obama and pretty well supports anything Obama does or says. He is a perfect foil for me.

My conversation left me impressed with what he did not know. Two things stick to my mind:

1 He seemed to be under the impression that the CEO of a publicly held company is the guy who owns the most stock. He seemed surprised and incredulous when I told him that there is no rule that any CEO should own any stock in the company he manages.

This young man knows little about the workings of capitalism. He seems to be informing himself on his own, in part by taking the trouble to talk to people like me. Yet, at this point, there is no way to count on him to way the pros-and-cons of government control of the economy.

2 He was skeptical also when I informed him of the idea that the US Constitution limits the power of the Federal Government to what it explicitly mentions. He does not know we have a deliberately negative constitution. He was further astonished when I tried to point out to him that the Constitution intends for the federal Government and the individual states to be different entities with separate powers and separate jurisdictions. My friend did not seem to know any more in this respect than many Frenchmen of my acquaintance who believe that the President of the United States appoints the governors of each state.

I am just reporting a conversation that’s still fresh in my mind. The report is not about a young man I subjectively judge better than average but about our educational system and about our media. The conversation helped me understand better the air of unreality I often catch in the commentaries of Obama supporter, as if they were aliens. Some or many are.

Next: I like this young man. I am going to blackmail or bribe him into reading our very short constitution. I am also thinking of persuading him to sue his high-school for fraud.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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10 Responses to Stupid Infiltrators and an Abysmally Under-Informed Smart Student

  1. Mel Johnson says:

    Loved it and had a great laugh. Keep up the good
    work, as you are a former educator, you know that
    you have a long row to hoe.
    Best of Everything,

  2. Mike Moreno says:

    Great blog profe!!! There is a ton of logic and reality to your comments here. I find most people who are not familiar with business and how it works are absolutely clueless to the realities of this world. They take their misconceptions and try to apply them to a mistaken reality based on tid-bits of news from CNN, Huffington Post and conspiracy theory websites.

  3. Gary says:

    Is infiltration the goal of those that would to undermine the intent of those expressing their opinions in tea parties; either way I would ask: what else is new? There is no purity remaining in any ideology where the presumption of grace has itself been the precluding of jurisprudence that cannot and will not take place at the rate our current two party polarization recruiting. Yes, I am saying exactly what you heard me say. The polarization created via the two party system itself is in large part the problem here which obviously makes for the allowance of double agent penetrations on both sides of a proverbial isle.
    The fiat money controllers are able to tack both parties – something they would not be able to do if people really thought outside of the right and wrong of our new government absolutes created largely via vogue through the fiat bought and paid for media. That in short is known as political correctness – created to do *exactly* what it is doing. The creation of polarization and infighting is itself the distraction that is undermining freedom via the fact that freedom is not an entitlement but the byproduct of a collective accountability, something that is no longer in existence as revealed by both sides unwilling to stop the incrementalism that keeps anything from being right or wrong thus meaning we will see much more of the same, a scary prospect for those of us who know that truth is non-existent when truth is simply dialectic.
    Being party polarized and motivated is not 100% the problem but *it is the distraction* that creates the pc mindset that prevails in society today where the most vague thought is the most prevailing as the intent is to protect feelings at all costs rather than to promote anything remotely resembling an empirical .. which IS the vogue that is destroying us. When will we again see a time when we actually do the right thing IN SPITE OF HOW IT MAY FEEL? This points directly at another in-distinction created by the same phenomenon : the inability to exhibit the masculinity we knew in times past where men were masculine enough to make real and courageous stands that had little to do with comfort and endearment and instead was grown on the back of accounting – something that is itself almost non-existent because of truth now being simply a matter of opinion and by rote has evaporated largely because our new women in government, that are not all born with the part(s?) that makes this distinction, get to NOT “call the shots”.
    Yes this does tie directly to the homosexuality issues and the ending of distinctions of any kind when a moral predisposition remains nowhere to be found. The intrinsic ties of moral weight to accounting shows up and is not separated by any distinction in the very same way that pc minds see no distinctions anyway. How can it?! There will always be an opinion that justifies *anything*. Today there is *nothing* so absurd that you cannot find someone willing to justify it. There are few boundaries left and speaking of opinions? Mine is that soon there will be nothing left to call decadent or obscene: this because the goal of government truth (pc) is a pervasive permissiveness that leads directly to political power on the backs of people asleep in the synthetic comfort grown on the backs of fiat dollars. Also due to the loss of all the heavy words that are quickly becoming meaningless as political correctness “evolves” by being forced down our throats by a government run school system and church system that has now been bought off via the 501 c 3.
    Is it not amazing the price we are willing to pay for such blissful ignorance?
    —- Gary in Seaside

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Gary: I hope you and everybody understand that putting your comment on my blog does not me that I agree with much, or with anything, you say. My reply to Mary’s comment on the same posting, my reply concerning conspiracies, applies to your comment too. I am glad you are reading and talking.

  4. clambo slice says:

    There are several possible reasons this “smart” young fool has no knowledge of our form of government. He was not taught in school about our Constitution, because it runs counter to the liberal mind-set and common agenda of educators. Or, his parents knew and never told him. Or, he is willfully ignorant of it. Either way speaks poorly of him. Getting good grades indicates certain skills that may or may not indicate intelligence. In science, many major discoveries were made by amateurs who did not know the conventional science wisdom of the day. I have no idea how good Da Vinci’s, Newton’s, Benjamin Franklin’s, or Einstein’s grades were.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Not nitpcking clambo but I don’t know what you mean with respect to Jesus. I did suggest Obama was a Jesus-like figure to his silly followers. In this mythic connection, nationality does not matter, of course.
      My young friend is not a fool at all. He was not taught or he was taught off-handedly by someone who did not understand the Constitution himself. I don’t think well of teachers in general. Too many are my former C students. Incidentally, what I said about grades is that students who receive consistently high grades in college are almost never dumb. There are other ways to be smart, obviously. Thanks for your attention.

  5. Gary says:

    jacques said “I don’t think well of teachers in general. Too many are my former C students.”

    That is a mouthful Jacques. Teachers in a system overtaken by government and thus government correctness, (PC) are a contraindication in terms.
    The more we have a state un-educational system the more by rote we will have (seemingly)fantastic intelligence springing out of most anywhere BUT the “higher” government educational venues that are nothing more than what you can expect of any entitlement where truth has gone 98% dialectic meaning there is little left.


    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Gary: I agree with you but I think there are short -term solutions. Suppose 9/10 of “Education” classes were taken out of teaching curricula and instead, student-teachers were asked to declare they had read three books from a list of 1,000, history or fiction, preferably.

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