Illegal Immigration, Racial Profiling and the New Arizona Law

Don’t kid yourselves. The new Arizona law demands that law enforcement officers inquire about immigration status in many situations. It will result in racial profiling for sure unless law enforcement agencies are willing to employ a costly and ridiculous stratagem: They could make it an informal rule that whenever an officer raises the issue of the immigration status of one Hispanic-looking person, he must quickly raise similar questions with two whites or, more ridiculously with a combination of whites and Native Americans (numerous in Arizona).  The non-Hispanic inquiries must be twice as numerous as the Hispanic ones. That’s because there is one Hispanic for two non—– in the state of Arizona. According to my understanding of the profiling issue, if the numbers match, there is no profiling, legally speaking. Of course, nearly all of the illegal immigrants in Arizona must come from Mexico and Central America.

I will write more on immigration in the near future. In the meantime, you might want to take a look at my article with Sergey Nikiforov in last summer’s issue of the Independent Review, linked to this blog. It’s about what to do with respect to illegal immigration from Mexico, specifically. You will be surprised.

About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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5 Responses to Illegal Immigration, Racial Profiling and the New Arizona Law

  1. Mike Moreno says:


    The link to your blog in the Independent Review isn’t working.

    Would like to read it.

  2. Gary says:

    Because I could not find the originals I will comment on your comments Jacques:
    Ya know, its kind of interesting the degree to which real empirical truths of which you spoke, Jacques are so rarely spoken. I wonder why is that?! Could it be that we are so imbued with political correctness that the only thing we think about anymore is our short term feelings and those of the ones who are supposedly being hurt (in the short term as well) rather than understanding that real truths in a time construct are based on the best good – for the most amount of people for the longest period of time, a concept around which maturity itself is born.
    Now I know that this is not something that most liberal folks think about and the reason is obvious.
    They do not make the *tough* choices. Ever! Because they go with path of least resistance they are in fact living up to their namesake! They are children to the core who never grew up and never made the hard choice and are immature.
    I remember back in the early nineties when the word “like” was inserted (cleverly) into the young peoples vocabulary. (I oft wondered who and how) It drove me crrrrrazy! My kids – all of a sudden – seemed to be free from making a hard choice – but worst of all even everyday non-choice conversations had NO meaning. And today?! I have listened many conversations by 30 year olds and up that every other word is like! They are afraid to say anything that means anything. Its Duck speak. They only talk in similitudes nothing is black and white and thus the whole language is compromised with no one having any courage to let their yeses be yes and their nos be no.
    Where this shows up the most is at government leadership levels where politicians abrogate their leadership … why ? because they *are us* and we have been collectively comfortable too long, thus we have not had to make the hard and courageous choices.
    So, it is my sincere belief that this is the core reason why no one stands against the real racism in this land and why border distinctions, actually, distinctions of any kind have become a rarity due to a nationwide lack of courage to be forthright and distinctive.
    It is in this regard that political correctness is the death of right and wrong. The Arizona law is an indication of real courage starting to filter through at the state level. It will be interesting to see how Obama will (be told by the court of vogue – the media) deal with this.
    Truth is like art – it requires a line be drawn
    >somewhere<. Gary

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Good analysis.
      I used to tell my students, “You may not use the word ‘like’ except in such a phrase as, ‘I reaaaaally like him!'”
      I am doing my little, lonely best to turn the tide back. That’s why this blog and my radio show are called “Facts Matter.” Here is my hope: The good thing about the young is that they will go for any fad, even for a good one!

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