The Arizona Immigration Law and the National Tumult: Stereotypes and Bi-Partisan Silliness

Both sides of the political spectrum are mired in rigid stereotypes about immigration. Stereotypes impede clear thinking. They undermine reason. I have messages for Right and Left on immigration. Pay attention; you might feel better and you won’t act or react stupidly.

First, some disclosures:

1 I am an immigrant married to an immigrant (a so-called “woman of color” in the stupid parlance of political correctness). We are both American patriots. We believe in “American exceptionalism” although we are both well educated. (If you don’t believe it, check out my vita – linked to this blog – and die a little inside. Also, ask to view my wife’s paintings. They cry out” cultured person.”) We are both political conservatives, leaning strongly libertarian (small “l”).

2 I believe that recruiting immigrants de facto on the basis of their willingness to violate our laws, first thing, is a stupid policy. Immigration policy discussions have not even begun, not under this Democratic President with his Democratic majorities in both houses. They did not take place under a Republican President either. This absence suggests to me that illegal immigration is not high on this country’s political agenda, at least, not sustainably high. And I agree with this assessment.

3 As I write, crossing the US border illegally is a misdemeanor from a Federal standpoint. It’s like a traffic violation, or possession of a joint in most states. This tells me that there is no national political will to act resolutely on immigration, illegal or legal.

Conservative dufuses (dufi?): Immigrants do not come to the US to use welfare nor to rape and kill those you love. Those who cross the border illegally come here to work, to mow your lawns and clean your dishes. They want to improve their lives and especially those of their children. That’s the American way. The fact that they break the law to pursue the American dream does not make it any the less the American dream.

This may be hard to believe but the last time I looked, immigrants in general were slightly less likely than the native-born to use welfare or to be in jail for serious offenses. I don’t know of much credible info about illegal immigrants specifically. I am open-minded. Show me good data, collected and analyzed according to scientific methods and I will turn on a dime. I will do it publicly and loudly, on this blog, in my radio program ( “Fact Matter,” on KSCO 1080 AM Santa Cruz, Sundays 11am-1pm), and in the coffee shop. The fact that I have issued this challenge before and that the data keep not coming makes me suspicious that they don’t exist.

Stop paying attention to La Raza‘s insane harangues. (“La Raza”= “The Race.”) It’s an extremist, racist organization that represents no one. If its membership had blue eyes, they would be called a dangerous armed “militia.” Instead, if you know someone who knows Spanish, have him help you ask Luis why he is here. (Luis is the quiet, polite guy who buses tables at your local restaurant.)

If you want to know more, read my co-authored article linked to this blog: If Mexicans and Americans Could Cross the Border Freely

Lefty mush-heads, here is for you: Stop thinking immigrants are “exploited.” First, the word has no objective meaning: I felt “exploited” when I was teaching university. Yet, you would scream in anguished envy if you knew how much I was earning per hour.

What kind of exploitation is it that large numbers of people seek at great risk to their safety and at great expenses, both monetary and emotional? Once more, your leaders are using words to confuse you

Immigrants, legal and illegal, come to this country because it’s a better country in some important respects than where they come from. For many, it’s just the opportunity to earn more money. This immigrant thinks, speculates, that the underlying reason why immigrants from everywhere come here goes like this: Until now, this is the country where a person’s success depends most on his efforts, his talents, his balls (women too, of course). This may soon change and the flow of immigrants will decrease.

Get used to it: There are scores of shitty countries in the world and only a handful that are better than this one, usually in some fairly narrow respect. (Yes, it’s true, French trains are faster!) Millions do come here from those shitty countries and many would like to come from the good countries. There has to be a reason.

As for American racism, again, don’t be absurd; face the facts instead. There is always discrimination from some quarter or other against those who appear different. It often takes unexpected forms. Excuse the recourse to personal experience: I had a neighbor who hated me first time she heard me, because of my French accent. It turned out she had known another, one, French immigrant who was an unpleasant person. Many, many more, all liberals, envy me because of the same accent. Envy makes them hostile. (You would not believe the numbers of upper-middle class liberals who hate themselves for not being French! But, I digress, as usual.) Below is a fact you have to deal with if you want to say anything about the relationship between immigration and American racism.

Only about half of the people living in the US who have any African blood also have a slave ancestor. All the others are immigrants and children of immigrants. (Tech note: I don’t have the reference at hand so, feel free to believe it’s 20% rather than 50%; it does not affect my point much.) Think about the implication: A country that had almost two hundred years of African slavery; a country where racial segregation was enforced in may parts until forty years ago, such a country attracts immigrants of African appearance by the millions. As is true for other immigrants, their move is costly in every way possible. How much vestigial racism can they possibly confront if they keep coming? Think! Force yourself to answer this simple question.

Yes, people vote with their feet whenever they can.

Ruben, Mike, any Hispanic who is reading this: Pay attention. I am speaking to you.

Yes, as I said recently, the new Arizona law will lead to racial profiling. It’s not motivated by racism though. It turns out, apparent manifestations of racism increases in periods of high unemployment and they wane with full employment. Do you really believe that Americans are “racist” one day and not racist one year later?

The liberal media’s accusations of racism against the state of Arizona are both disgusting and pathetic. They are are the death-cry of institutions that realize they are losing their ability to manipulate the befuddled and the compliant. Of course, no surprise, many immigrants are befuddled and compliant.

Here is my prediction: The new Arizona law will be destroyed by court action or it will be enforced only for a brief period and in desultory manner. I am glad it exists though. It’s a warning to the Federal Government to get its act together on illegal immigration. I am glad it’s there for this reason alone.

And yes, what little enforcement will take place will irritate and inconvenience some people. Those will include Hispanics in Arizona for 300 years, Navajos there for 5,000, and even a few “Indians” from Mumbai because not every cop has a doctorate in Anthropology! Their prospective suffering does not move me all that much. Thousands want to murder my daughter, and their daughters, because they sometimes show their belly-button, and a determined group is taking apart the economic foundations of this great country. “Suck it up,” I say.

Next: Why immigrants are superior.

About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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11 Responses to The Arizona Immigration Law and the National Tumult: Stereotypes and Bi-Partisan Silliness

  1. Gary says:

    you said: “Stereotypes impede clear thinking.”

    Clear is the same as correct. Correct is the same as truth, and truth means absolute at some point along the way.

    Stereotypes are everything that is judged against the current vogue and cultural mindset.

    We have been compromised into thinking our opinions are truth and thus we deceive ourselves and gravitate incrementally to a comfort zone where we justify our existence.

    This is the tenet of Marxism and the core to your argument here and generally. I can see that because you are agnostic or atheistic that Hegel and dialectics are central to your argument as they are to anyone that still has a little conscience remaining and wants to justify himself and his position.

    But to me it is interesting that your yourself in taking such a position are part and parcel to something that you probably would not admit to.
    Political correctness. Yes. PC. The reason? PC is the source of removing absolutes and law-keeping in general from the minds of the sheople and incrementally puts government and >>its<< truth (political correct truth) as formost authority.

    It is ONLY when you do not have *with in YOUrself* a Guideline – an Authority that cannot be compromised that you have accountability period. Such accounting is collectively what creates and is the number one prerequisite to Freedom.

    The new dialectic – vogue compromise being shoved down our throats by the CNN CNBC Fox etc are central to create the polarization that keeps us distracted from the reality that who we are is what we do and what we do is dependent on Who we serve.

    Right now money is god in this land and as long as we keep thinking we are entitled the connection to self accounting will get weaker and weaker until we find ourselves 100% at the mercy of the synthesization via the presumption of the grace written into the constitution.

    So Jacques. I am calling you out. I say your argument is politically correct and that the law in Arizona or anywhere else for that matter will make no difference until collectively we again see right and wrong from inside ourselves.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Gary: Interesting but I am innocent of most of your accusations. First, I have never read Hegel! Second,you are imputing to me statements I have not made: Clarity means clarity, as in a clear day, rather than a foggy , dark day. The word needs no explaining. People are more confused than evil, I think. Next, I believe you are making an error of logic: What is correct is correct irrespective of of who says it. If Stalin says, “Sunny day,” and it’s sunny, the fact that Stalin said it does not make it overcast. Likewise, racism is bad no matter what. Racism is objectionable according to godless moral philosophy and according to Christian doctrines I know. More importantly, racism is stupid. I am predicting that the new Arizona law will lead to racial profiling, a form of racism. Obviously I may be wrong; this is only a prediction, not a prophecy! There is no political correctness involved in this simple reasoning. I thought that way forty years ago because it’s so self-evident, before political correctness was on anyone’s mind. The other part of your “calling me out” seems to be about God. I don’t care about God one way or the other. Nothing I can do about it. In fact, in good logic, it’s His fault! Go in peace (Salam Aleikoum), I feel no hostility against your religious faith, or whether you prefer chocolate or vanilla. I am sorry; that was condescending. I couldn’t help myself. The Devil made me do it!

  2. Ruben says:

    Jacques: Such an interesting fuss about this law. I have no problem with it. Why? 1) I want it easier to find and deal with lawbreakers – of every kind. Brown-skinned terrorists (e.g., fundamentalist suicide-bombers, Mexican cartel assassins, etc.) are a concern to me and I want us on guard at the borders. I’m not worried about folks in the Home Depot… and neither is law-enforcement. 2) I’m not concerned about getting “profiled”. If it happens, a quick flash of my ID takes care of it. As a person who’s had his credit identity stolen, I’m actually grateful when I get carded… it let’s me know people are awake and being vigilant on my behalf. 3) I get carded all the time… so does every legal citizen when paying for groceries, cashing a check, or entering a foreign country, to name a few. If I have to be carded… why not those that don’t have a legal right to be here?

    • Gary says:

      A problem you overlook Jacques is that the ___s in Washington have let this go long enough that even those at home depot have major chips on their shoulders and translated that means that they come in large part from what are fast becoming Militia centers Hollister and Salinas. I now have gangs meeting in my neighborhood and it is with regularity that I cannot look at a latino with out seeing saliva as he spits and looks the other way in disgust. This thing is ramping up // the hate is being brewed intentionally .. not by our illustrious puppetitions but by a much more sinister force intent on population control. They are conspiring and if you cannot see it you have not been where I have and are not down to making the choices I am as direct result of what our don’t ask don’t tell “its all good” border control policies have incurred.
      Profiling is such a ridiculous topic and speaks to the degree that we have little masculinity left that actually makes decisions in spite of what is FELT! That is what laws are for = to rule outside of the vogue mindset of PC!!!~

  3. Gary says:

    What is clear and what is fogged over???

    Jacques said: “People are more confused than evil, I think.”

    I would counter that confusion itself is a mindset that is the result of pc and makes for the allowance of evil incrementally. Anymore we have a tendency to simply opt out and look the other way rather than deal with the actual things that people are DOING via written law. We cower.

    Political Correctness by default does not hold folks accountable. I would assert that accountability itself evaporates inside the pc mindset.. so we make enabling allowances that incrementally are destroying the very ability to see *any* CLEAR delineations.
    The fog gets way thicker in leu of our actual leaders who themselves promote such air-headed in-distinctions as open borders and many other don’t ask don’t tell issues that CLEARLY put truth on its head (if a penis and a vagina is not truth – well then pc has done its job because then “nothing is true” so there is nothing to be accountable to. (accept the increasing CONFUSION one has to deal with when what you see is not what you get)

    Again Jacques, the goal is to get people to think they are individual little gods and accountable to no one .. inside this guise
    the power elite get to insert their “correctness” and can enslave people, and even let a whole country supersede another with out a shot fired. huh.

    The way it looks to me is truth is now on its head due to the promotion of new government correctness that teaches, by default, to presume on grace = which is the destruction of freedom.


    I usually don’t use “the way it looks to me”
    One reason is: I strive to have distinctions of belief in my life and let my yeses be yes and my nos be no. I am trying to incrementally back out of the pc mindset that has been taught to me over the past 30 years to be feelings oriented rather than truth oriented.

    Anther reason?
    I believe love is what one does IN SPITE of how they feel. This is the only way that truth and accounting survive as a used entity that do not use grace as the ultimate “awesome” excuse.
    (the ONLY place I will use that word)

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Gary: As usual, yor soup is too rich for me. Yest, the problem of illegal immigration has been allowed to sand too long, by both parties. I think it’s because, objectively, it’s not a big problem. If it were more than a dozen employers would be fined for employing illegal aliens and the crossing illegally would be raise to a felony. It’ gets people excited and yes, I also think political correctness plays a big role.
      There are no “militias” except six old guys who smoke and who like to play at war. The media are pushing this to counter the increasing gangsterism of Obama’s friends.

      • Gary says:

        Jacques said: “think it’s because, objectively, it’s not a big problem.”

        When you say this Jacques you say objectively only because you know I will object! (smile)

        Seriously tho’ – this is because you are, as yet, above it. It is not effecting YOU>! My business has been wiped out. as have many others. Also there are many businesses where the language barrier assists in amplifying the tension. I have been forced to make moral decisions that I would never would have thought I would be forced to make – and why? Because there is a concerted effort to wipe out the middle class that forces people to come aboard what jobs are left(left literally) ie government and menial – which dumbs down even more of the electorate.
        And by the way – this is an issue that shows *distinctly* that this is an issue put upon us by those tacking BOTH parties using party polarization.
        This is going to either blow up
        or be used to make someone a god.
        Six old cigar smokers eh? Try the CFR on for size while looking at the global situation in terms of political and monetary tensions.

  4. Gary says:

    Jacques said “What is correct is correct irrespective of of who says it.”

    This is exactly true. And what is just as true is that it is incorrect no matter who continues to say otherwise. There is only one thing any of us can do to effect real truth. We do not effect its legitimacy other than by our accountability to it which instills the courage in others to stand against the tide of those that let the vogue dialectic “truth” (PC) undermine God truth. (reality).

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