Freedom Fighters Begin Brave War of Liberation in Santa Cruz!(revised)

Santa Cruz’s self-styled “anarchists” (who don’t know what the word means) broke a number of big windows in several stores downtown. Both chain stores and locally-owned stores were hit.

It’s the radicals’ contribution to solving the unemployment crisis, perhaps. Glaziers are very busy right now. One of the small stores damaged had a “Buy American” decal in its window. That’s a pro-union signal. On the other hand, some retail employees who earn ten dollars an hour won’t be able to work tomorrow. Win some, lose some!

I can’t wait for two things: 1 How are the media going to deal with this small event; 2  What downtown Santa Cruz business owners, almost all “progressives,” are going to say.

If you spend thirty years de-legitimizing our socio-economic arrangements, don’t be surprised if some of your children take you literally. Some of what you teach always sticks.

I think the perpetrators will be caught and quickly. That’s because terrorists are bitches. They brag and they betray each other. In Santa Cruz, they will receive a sentence  of counseling and 100 hours of community service they will not perform.

Addendum 5/3/10: Apparently, there were only eight city cops covering the whole town (population: 60,000). That’s although the May Day demonstration was announced.  The cops stayed safely away from the fewer than 300 demonstrators until reinforcement could be called.  Almost all the demonstrators were peaceful though raucous according to the report in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. I don’t blame the police much. The city calls the shots and it has its own priorities.

A couple of days ago, the city sent me a sticker to place on my recycling bin. “Take a bite out of crime,” it says in English, and in fractured Spanish. The sticker requests that you call 911 to report dangerous thieves who kidnap empty cans from my bin. Would I make this up? Sadly, the stupidity of government always outpaces my inventiveness.

One well-known  leftist downtown merchant is livid with rage. His family owns the same bookstore that gave away free nuts to those who would buy Sarah Palin’s book. Funny, maybe. But if you nurture vipers, you will get bitten perhaps, possibly, in the long run, for sure.

About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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9 Responses to Freedom Fighters Begin Brave War of Liberation in Santa Cruz!(revised)

  1. Scott cochran says:

    I think that the desire to be relevant in one’s community is universal. The problem is that genuine change requires genuine effort and capital, to start a business, say. (this might be why most all liberal solutions almost always involve enlarging government, using other peoples effort, other peoples money). That way liberals only need do the easy, fun things, like raising awareness, Marching (complaining) and having an sense of acclomplishment, despite not expending any real effort, resources or making an improvement. This, Like all liberal stategies, is not rational, it is emotional, in this case laziness, so to expect them to make any effort beyond throwing a brick, even just reading the windows stickers, is asking too much.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      I agree with you Scott but you are giving he Santa Cruz May Day freedom fighters too much credit, implicitly. Only a handful picked up a rock or a steel bar. The others watched and applauded; some were even “appalled.” (One more time!)

      • Scott Cochran says:


        No, you are proving my point. Think of “work” on a linear scale. At the right extreme is real work, groveling for business is my best example, all the really unpleasant stuff that is critical and provides real value to a business. It takes real sacrifice and energy to motivate ones self to make cold calls. Less so is “work without doing work” like attending trade shows or auditing meetings, you look busy but don’t provide any real value, but it does not “cost” you as much in, (what shall we call the currency), emotional cost? (Help me here Jacques, I am sure sociologists have a term here and there is much research on this). Then there are neutral jobs. (Many, certainly not all, government jobs fall in this category, or even play.). Starting left of center is the opposite of work; play, where one gains more emotional units than spends.

        A rational person realizes this; there is little debate between the masseuse and massagee who is working and who is playing. But acknowledging that, that rewards are based on effort, requires liberals to buy into the greatest evil of mankind, capitalism.

        Since that is horrifying, and “feels” wrong, to be palatable, the problem must be defined in an emotional sense, what you wish they were, rather than are: (essentially a sense of denial).

        For example, it is far easier, perhaps even fun, to dismisses the tea partiers and anyone who opposes Obama as a racist rather than try to debate the fairness in 1% of the population paying over half of the taxes.

        As for the protestors? A rational person would sense the injustice to the store owners, and the obvious contradictions to what the protesters appear to be protesting. But the protestors don’t want to acknowledge that. Easier to see themselves as selfless and tireless crusaders against the evil of capitalism. And since they provide negative value, they are playing (hence the cheers). No, we are not playing; selfless and tireless crusaders against the evil of capitalism.

      • jacquesdelacroix says:

        Scott.: I am not ready to discuss the issue of what is work, not because it’s not interesting but because it is. I have a lot more to say about psychic income issue than can be contained in a casual response. I disagree vehemently with the widespread conservative belief that government employees don’t produce anything. Firemen surely do. This fallacy masks the more tedious but also more important issue of why we assume that fire protection has to be a government function.

        About the Santa Cruz riots/vandalism: You seem to assume that there were many they who did the deeds. This assumption seems unwarranted to me. I inspected the damage. It could have been done in one or two minutes by a single 18-year old individual acting swiftly. It’s possible the otherwise festive crowd was taken by surprise and simply froze. Having a handful of commit acts that appear to involve hundreds or thousands is part of the terrorist playbook. That’s in large part how the small Bolshevik Party gained control of the spontaneous, mostly democratic Russian revolution in 1917.

  2. Martin Anding says:

    Jacques or anyone. Just what are “worker’s rights”? That was the announced theme of the demonstration/riot.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Martin: My casual coffee- shop contact with UC Santa Cruz students make me suspect that they are fed a diet of pseudo-Marxist terms by instructors who are themselves innocent of any reading of Karly Marx. This vocabulary becomes fused with labor union slogans they see on television. I am pretty sure they don’t know any “workers” except for the guys who bus tables at their cafeteria. This is all conjecture, of course.

  3. Us real anarchists, and especially us English scholars, get really ticked off by those nihilists who try to claim our label.
    Those window-breakers are not anarchists: They are not advocates of freedom and, the meaning of the word, no government.
    Usually they are some kind of mongrel Marxists or at least communalists at the best, and wanting more and bigger government.
    Besides, whatever you denizens of the People’s Republic of Santa Cruz think, it really is not — sorry — either the center of the universe or even much of a center of power.
    Which, actually, is all to the good.
    I mean, among other things, what impact will their mini-riot have on the real world?
    Peace and Love,

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Mike: I hate to correct you but it’s “The People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz.” The city’s response is more interesting than the event itself: Devote scarce police resources to break up the Wednesday afternoon drum circle!

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