Watching the Presidential Non-Performance Regarding the Oil Spill

President Obama is an actor with a limited range. I don’t know if any other president would have been more effective in confronting the Louisiana oil disaster. I said the same about President Bush in connection with Hurricane Katrina. President Obama, however cannot even emote properly on this occasion that destiny handed him.

I call him an actor of limited range because he can only deliver speeches he reads. Even there, he stumbles in worse ways than the bumbling Georges Bush ever did. He heard him at least ten times pronounce (Navy) “corpsman” as if it referred to corpses. And, of course, during his campaign, he spoke to the “58” states. None of this is surprising. I have been telling you since the beginning of the campaign that he is a man singularly devoid of accomplishments not owed to popularity or the political calculations of others (a nice way to say “affirmative action”). I don’t mean accomplishments that I would approve of; I mean accomplishments that he ould brag about. Shaking down a corporation as a community organizer, like Reverend Jesse Jackson does all the time, would be an example of such accomplishments.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama is an actor who believes he is the character he plays in public. That makes him dangerous for another three years unless Republicans and independents can block him from acting out after next October’s elections.

Back to the oil spill. The Obama administration denies the governor of Louisiana permission to build the sand berms he wants to protect his state’s coastline. If I were Governor Jindale and if I had presidential ambitions, I would go ahead without permission and dare the administration to arrest me. I would wish it would arrest me.

Next: The Israeli attack on the blockade runners, a clarification of facts.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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