Jews Kill Muslims

Mass Demonstrations in Muslim Countries to Protest Assassinations of Muslims by Muslims.

In cities, big and small across the Muslim world, tens of thousands of demonstrators spontaneously gathered today to protest the casual mass killings of tens of thousands of Muslims by other Muslims in Algeria, Darfur (Sudan), Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other Muslim countries.”

OK, I am messing with your minds. Never happened, never did, never will. This gives you a moral measurement device by which to assess the reaction to the killing of nine Islamic activists in a war zone. (See my earlier posting: “ Israel Attack; Gaza: the Background.”)

Keep in mind that the nine dead were all on a ship leased by an Islamist  (ist) Turkish organization for the specific, announced purpose of breaking the blockade. Keep in mind that they were on a ship where a military inspection team was received with iron rods. If someone attacked you with iron rods and you had a gun, what would you do? Don’t get confused, that question is separate from the question of whether you should have been there or not. The fact is that the nine dead had deliberately put themselves at risk unlike, for example worshipers blown up by a car bomb thrown againt a mosque at prayer time, unlike Darfur women trying to collect wood to cook dinner for their children.

And what does their reaction say about the ever-pious Europeans? Do they think that Muslims routinely killing thousands, tens of thousands of Muslims is OK, well, sort of, you know, while Jews killings nine Muslims in self-defense is morally unacceptable? Old cultural habits die hard?  Blame the Jews! And Muslims are expected to act in a barbarous manner anyway, right? Much barely hidden contempt for the victims here.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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5 Responses to Jews Kill Muslims

  1. Aisha sheikh says:

    Y dun jews think that they r also muslims.

  2. Aisha sheikh says:

    It is well written in quran that jews are muslims if u go through the surah yusuf will come to know then why do they hate muslims as they are brothers. Can anyone answer

    • I don’t know why you think Jews hate Muslims. About one million Muslims live in democratic peace in Israel. They elect their representatives through fair elections. You never hear about these Israeli Muslims wanting to renounce their Israeli citizenship.

  3. Why do I think that people with Muslim names don’t know how to argue?

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