Is Dr D. a Crypto-Jew?

Note: Don’t worry about the word “crypto.” It’s for the historically cultured only. It also serves to intimidate you so you will pay attention.

My writings on the Middle-East and on violent jihadism have caused both Muslims and Jews to suspect that I am Jewish. (See my recent posting: “Israel Attack; Gaza: the Background”) Here it goes, for the record: I am not a Jew, never have been, probably never will be.

I was raised in Paris by my traditional French Catholic father and by a mother who was a Protestant imperfectly converted to Catholicism. I completed catechism and went to church only as long as I had to. I am religiously indifferent but not hostile to any religion. Frankly, I don’t care what you believe as long as I live in a society that separates government from religion.

My father was mildly and superficially anti-Semitic, as was the case of many or most French Catholics of his generation. It did not stop him from doing the right thing when the time came, in WWII. My mother was loudly opposed to all prejudices, a common stance of French Protestants, who know first-hand about persecution. Throughout my childhood, there was muted underlying hostility around me against North African immigrants to France, both Jews and Muslims. I never shared in it; I was drawn to exoticism. I grew up knowing little about Islam and about Judaism.

Jewish claims to any part of the Middle-East based on religion leave me cold. So do Muslim claims to Jerusalem. I would be quick to admit that Israel is the price that Arabs paid for European crimes in World War II. However, facts on the ground are facts and there are many ways to repair a historical injustice.

I am not pro-Zionist and I certainly don’t belong to the congeries of fundamentalist Christians who support Israel unconditionally because they believe it may help the Second Coming of Christ. I keep telling them: He is not coming back; once was enough!

In my heart, I am a free-thinker, a great-grandchild of Diderot and of Voltaire, a grandchild of Thomas Jefferson. I try to be a rationalist at all times. As the name of my blog and that of my radio show indicate, I am strict on facts. I don’t yield much to the temptation to believe that everything I think is real.

I seldom agonize over moral choices. Most of the moral principles you and I need we are supposed to have picked up in kindergarten: Don’t steal, wipe yourself and after yourself, wait your turn in line, don’t push, don’t bite; if you hit someone, he will probably hit you back; if he hits you back, he may hurt you more than you hurt him. That would be fair.

I have had Jewish friends all my life. I have had Arab friends, both Muslim and Christian, all my life. I find much to love in Muslim cultures in general. I like the Arabic language and I love Arabic scripts. There are Muslim Arabs in my family. I have known only two dozen Israelis. I have only liked one, on a personal level. I think I know why: A garrison state such as Israel has been forced to be is not a charm school.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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4 Responses to Is Dr D. a Crypto-Jew?

  1. NEIL says:

    BRAVO…you might want to call Corey Gold and clear a few things up today. I think he is under the impression that you are pro Hamas.

    Cheers, and please keep up the GREAT work.


    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      THanks, Neil but why don’t you deal with it? If he is interested in facts, all he has to do is read two pages of my blog. If he is not, there is not much I want to do. Or perhaps, you misunderstood him. I

  2. Hi Dr. D.

    I enjoyed reading your “disclaimer” about your background and current status as a non-Jew–I actually heard you read it on your show last Sunday.

    I’m of Jewish decent and a staunch Zionist, as were my parents and grandparents…In particular, I can remember my family members collecting guns and ammunition from returning WWII veterans, for [illegal] transportation to Israel during the “War of Independence” in 1948.

    I just returned from a 1 month trip to Israel. I do have to agree with you about not meeting many Israelis that I have taken a strong liking to, both in Israel and here in the States. However, I can accept the arrogance I find in thier demeaner as an offshoot of the great odds they overcame in the formation and subsequent maintaining the State of Israel against somewhat overwhelming factors… I sometimes wonder how we Americans would have responded to a similar situation had our country faced the possibility of total annihilation from our “neighbors”…

    I enjoy your weekly show–keep up the good work–under our current administration, it’s quite clear that “Facts Do Matter” , something they should learn more about…

    Stephen Schindler
    Carmel Valley, CA

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Stephen: My last sentence says exactly what you say about Israelis’ charm. My not being either Jewish or a Zionist forces the silly anti-Israel liberals to get off their usual excuses when they hear anyone defending Israeli actions. It underscore where real rationality in morality lie. Keep listening. Why don’t you call?

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