More On Sex; the President and Helen Thomas (Unrelated Items, Obviously.)

One of the many evils of feminism is that it has stopped nearly all rational discussion of sex differences not about women being eternal victims. (See my May 25 other posting on sex: “Dr D. On Sex, Homosexuality….”) The infantilization of women inherent in their victim status pretty well excludes the treatment of women as adult, responsible actors on the social scene whose actions determine much or most of what the world is like. Women still rear small children, on the main. That’s a good enough reason to discuss their general propensities if any. And if you think there are no such general propensities, you must have known only two or three women in your life and not paid attention.

My daughter has been visiting with her daughter, age 18 months.

My grand-daughter is a vivacious, alert, endlessly curious child. I can brag without reserve because grand-daughter has no more genes in common with me than she has, with say, a zebra since my daughter is adopted. I feel a strong affinity with the child nevertheless because she is very loud, like me and because she likes to talk, like me. Like me again, she does not let the fact that she does not know how to talk stop her.

It did not take long for this observant child to figure out that with Grandpa – as with most men, probably – one enjoys an extra three feet of physical autonomy, and one is only occasionally told what to do. She realized early also that Grandpa is the one most likely to put interesting machines in motion, the television, of course, the computer and, yesterday, the printer.

For all this practically instantaneous accord, I have to fight my way to her through thick ranks of womenfolk. They operate according to the unexamined assumption that small children belong to women. At the bottom of this, I think, is not some sort of maternal instinct but the fact that almost all women are naturally controlling to very controlling, in everything. When a young woman calls Dr Laura to complain that her mother is “very controlling,” Dr Laura, that wise woman, just laughs. What’s new? (Yes, I listen to Dr Laura. All men should.)

I said that “almost” all women are controlling, not because I am wimp unable to say what I mean but because there was one woman in my life that was not. When I was a child, I had a loving godmother who never once told me what to do or what not to do. She was kind and observant and she knew who I was before I did. I owe her most of my better traits of personality. This is not a speculation but a certitude. (I wrote extensively about her in my memoirs: “I Used to Be French:….” There are excerpts on this blog.)

I could make a u-turn on this with proper evidence, but I suspect most women can’t help being controlling, that they can’t control their controllingness. It does not mean they have to be indulged. Men in their lives should say “No” to them frequently, preferably calmly, preferably for no good reason. I think it’s healthy for the women’s mental balance and happiness to bump into walls, loving walls.

Changing the subject completely to finish a thought: The doyenne of the White House press corps Helen Thomas was fired recently for saying that Israelis should return to Germany and to Poland (where some of their grandparents where lately put to death in ovens like so much vermin). The fact is that Thomas did not say anything anti-Semitic although I, and you, and everyone else, can read the thick print between the thin lines. The fact is that she has a perfect political right to make anti-Semitic statements. That’s protected by the First Amendment. The fact is further that her employer has every right to fire her, for any reason whatsoever. I am pleased she is gone for the simple reason that for forty years she was the astonishingly ugly face of liberalism in the nation’s capital.

I am perplexed however by the White House’s reaction to that little fracas. The silly Mr Gibbs, the White House “spokesperson” went out of his way to declare how much he deplored Ms Thomas mean and bitchy words. He told the world the President also was sorry. Is this the world ass-backward or what?

Mr President get it straight: Political journalists are supposed to form and speak opinions about office holders such as presidents. Office-holders are not supposed to express opinions about those who task it is to express opinions about them.

Another simple concept President Obama does not get. I keep telling you the man is not evil. He is inconceivably incompetent.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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2 Responses to More On Sex; the President and Helen Thomas (Unrelated Items, Obviously.)

  1. Luke Arno says:

    Re: inconceivably incompetent. In the sense that his incompetence knows no bounds, yes it is always a surprise.

    However, to give him a pass on evil requires wilfully to overlook that he is not unconsciously incompetent, but rather narcissistic: which means the sole arbiter of right and wrong, good and evil, competency and in. Unless he is to become Carter II insofar as limited to a single term, the, Israel can kiss itself goodbye in the face of nuclear Iran because Oby won’t be coming to their aid.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Luke. The reason I am so cocksure about BO incompetence is that I spent thirty years in academia. He has no notion of how the economy works. He doea not know that he does not have the legal ability to tell BP to constitute an escrow account or to refrain from paying dividends. Scratch a liberal, you will find a fascist. Faculty clubs are full of people like him. I could tell horror stories! In fact, I think I will make this into an essay.

      Israel will not kiss itself goodbye ( I wish I had said this!). More likely the PM will create an irreversible situation with Iran and dare us to do nothing. The Israeli democratic government is much smarter than the parochial, under-informed, rigid mullahs. THe former can manipulated the latter. Very dangerous for this country.

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