President Obama Appoints Republican Presidential Candidate.

The Republican Party has had wind in its sails since the signing of the health care destruction bill of 90 days ago. What was missing was an attractive leader. I hate that word, I mean someone who would carry the flag of smaller, limited and fair government. The Republican National Committee under Michael Steele has been lackluster at best. Senator McCain is used up, everyone knows. The losers of the past Presidential election were uninspiring then. Losing did not make them more inspiring. The Tea Party Movement has no produced a Presidential candidate. It’s in the nature of grass-roots movement, right and left, to not generate viable candidates. When they do; it’s worse (Remember McCarthy, McGovern?) Sarah Palin, well, let’s face it: We love her spunk. ( I forked out gladly the full 28 dollars for her book.) Yet, she still does not have enough substance to do better as the nation’s executive than the present occupant of the post..

Now, comes Barack Obama to the rescue of the Republican Party. He may just have created with one decision the one candidate ordinary people in this country have been praying for. I am speaking of the decision to fire General McChrystal. General McChrystal asked for it and the President obliged him. The Republican Party could not have invented a better presidential candidate for the next presidential election: A good general, someone with a solid executive record, who told Obama and his leftist clique to stuff it. A large fraction of the American electorates loves his kind. His engineered firing gives him instant recognition plus the sense of drama we may need in order to extricate ourselves from the descent into sticky mud that the current presidency has been.

I refer to an “engineered” firing because I can’t believe the general did not do it on purpose. I cannot imagine that a high-ranking general with a large staff wouldn’t know that whatever he said to very publicly left-wing Rolling Stones would go unreported. In fact, the general apparently never asked to go off the record. He wanted his disparaging views of the President and of his team to be publicized. Otherwise, he would have been interviewed by, say, the Wall Street Journal, or even by the Washington Post. His comments, spread over a long period, were calculated to create a crisis. He created it, I think with the results he wanted. This is not a conspiracy theory but a speculative scenario about an otherwise incomprehensible event. (Surely, every American officer knows that military deference to the civilian authorities is one of our strongest democratic traditions.)

Now, the White House demoted General Petraeus to put him in McChrystal’s position to lead the war effort in Afghanistan. Yes, that’s the same general Democrats had dubbed “General Betray Us” when he was leading the surge against the terrorists in Iraq under the Bush administration. The fact that the surge worked has not caused any one of them to say “Oops!” (If I am wrong, please, let me correct my mistake in big letters on this blog.) Instead, they have to eat s— by giving this reviled general the greatest current military responsibility. What a fiasco this presidency is, in every respect.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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2 Responses to President Obama Appoints Republican Presidential Candidate.

  1. Jim Hillhouse says:

    So, a 4-Star General destroys his career as a uniformed officer by breaking one of the most sacred rules, that of criticizing the civilian chain of command, and you think this is a ploy or a deliberate act? Seriously?

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Seriously, Jill! I can’t figure out otherwise why a general and his entourage would confide in Rolling Stones, of all periodicals> Do you have another explanation.

      BY the way, the general never took an oath to not criticize the Commander-in Chief. He took an oath to obey. Not criticizing in public is just military tradition and common-sense self-preservation.

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