The “Ground Zero” Mosque Issue Clarified

First, it’s not at Ground Zero but nearby. Small exaggerations make conservatives lose credibility. That’s what the other guys do. We must refrain. Second, there is no way to forbid the proposed mosque from being built that is both constitutional and legitimate. Conservatives protest rightly when any level of government abuses zoning laws. Let’s be consistent here.

The issue is not one of permission by civil authorities but one of a debate that should be taking place within the American Muslim community but is not.

American Muslims and their spokespersons are being judged, probably for a long time to come. Rational and moderate Muslims should be the most loud voices opposing the “Córdoba” Center. Here is why.

Its designated imam does not want to condemn Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist group. I think it is. The US State Department has officially designated Hamas a terrorist group. My opinion does not matter much (but it should matter some to Muslims). However, when it comes to terrorism, freedom of speech should be self-limiting. There is no constitutional guarantee to express the belief that murdering Jews – or anyone – is a sacred duty. This is one of these cases where if you are not with me, you are against me. The imam is an enemy of the US irrespective of what services he may have given to US governments in the past. He should be treated as an enemy.

The imam also said that this country should be ruled to a greater extent by Sharia, Islamic law. In several parts of the world, adulterous women are stoned to death in the name of Sharia. Others merely receive one hundred lashes of a whip, enough to kill a frail woman. By the way, under some or all interpretations of Sharia, an adulterous woman is a woman who has sex with someone to whom she is not married. That would be nearly all the single women in my town of Santa Cruz. In some cases, still under Sharia, some victims of rape are further punished for adultery. I am not making any of this up nor am I generalizing unduly. That’s one interpretation of Sharia. If the imam does not squarely denounce that particular interpretation of Sharia as barbaric and criminal, he is the enemy of most Americans. There is no ground for reconciliation at all. Hating such an imam is not intolerant, it’s a moral duty. It’s a moral duty for Muslims as much as it is for me. If they don’t, they are my enemies too and they don’t deserve any tolerance.

The leader of the group of developers involved is on the record stating that he doesn’t rule out accepting Saudi money for the project. That’s wrong. Egyptian, Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Malaysian, Indonesian funds are fine. Saudi money is unacceptable until there is an official Christian church somewhere in Saudi Arabia to serve the tens of thousands of Christians who work there, and until there is a synagogue. The synagogue could be tiny, it could be an oversized, glorified closet somewhere; it would have to be called a synagogue though. Until the Saudis do the obvious, those who accept money from them to erect their own place of cult show disrespect for our values. I have no obligation to like them or to respect them. Neither do American Muslims who are very well located to observe and to appreciate the benefits of religious freedom.

So, it’s fine for any American to take sides and to denounce the Islamic cultural center planned near the site of the 9/11 mass murders by Muslims.

American Muslims have an even greater obligation to take sides and to denounce because each of their voices counts for two or three in this case. If they don’t, they will bring upon themselves the enmity of their fellow-citizens and a big wave of  what they stubbornly persist in calling “intolerance.”

As to what rank-and-file conservatives can do, here is the best proposal I have heard: Set up a large gay nightclub as close as possible to the planned Islamic Center. If there were a public subscription to facilitate such a project, I would gladly contribute. I would also like to see a charcuterie on the other side. That’s a French-style butcher shop specialized in pork products.

I defy anyone to raise arguments against these two small, private, peaceful proposals that do not also destroy the rationale for an Islamic center within blocks of Ground Zero.

For more opinion on this topic see on this blog:

Declaration on Ground Zero by Two Muslim Intellectuals,” posted 8/16/10.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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18 Responses to The “Ground Zero” Mosque Issue Clarified

  1. Dear Jacques:

    Your commentary on the mosque issue was well done…

    The recent comments by Speaker Pelosi on this issue finally confirmed what I’ve thought about for quite a while–namely that the Speaker has less intellectual capacity [brains] than my dog… In particular, my dog would never “bite the hand that feeds her”, unlike the Speaker, who gets all her “food and sustenance” from the American people.

    Further, the fact that the President came forth with an opinion (a position) on this same issue, indicates to me that Mr. Obama has little or no self-control when it comes to interfering in local or State issues. He must feel that he’s not done enough in his significant “outreach” program to the worldwide Moslem community–I don’t think he’s just out for the vote–something else is going on, which may have to do with his true belief system–just speculation on my part…

    Stephen M. Schindler
    Carmel Valley, CA

  2. THS says:

    This blog piece is a little touchy, because despite virtually every arab disliking Americans and the country of the U.S. and what it stands for, not all are suicide jet bomber pilots (Mohammed Atef and his co – conspirators did turn the jet planes they were driving into flying bombs,) nor are all suicide bombers, nor are all fabricators of roadside bombs or IED’s and so forth. Most arabs on the other hand do probably have some hostility toward America as founded by its founders and their issue walking the streets today who control the country. Why this is can be determined in the study of racial and ethnic hatred and rage. To extend the argument that arabs are hostile to us and our federal government has seen to an arab temple near the site of the 9 / 11 disasters could be interpreted as our leaders attempting to assuage foreign powers in an inappropriate way, maybe even pandering to them. The arab site would or will also undoubtedly serve the specious and unnecessary causes of arab groups protesting publicly against the U.S. and western powers in the financial district of NYC. It seems a litte like the president has allowed the construction of a site commemorative of Judas Iscariot right next to a temple of Saint Francis, metaphorically speaking. Now let us get Saint George involved in this a little and see the consequences of that (metaphorically speaking, again.)

  3. Lawrence Marcus says:

    As I mentioned in my previous post, as does Stephen, I too believe that “something else is going on” let’s not overlook that our President’s name is Barak Hussein Obama, and yes, now that he is President of the United States, we have his permission to use his middle name.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      As I have said multiple times. I think there is no truth to the rumor. It comes from people who don’t understand the utter silliness of academic multiculturalisn. It’s enough to explain most of Obama;s actions. By the way, is Mayor Blumberg also a secret Muslim?

  4. Lawrence Marcus says:

    I couldn’t help but ask either you, with your worldly experience as opposed to me with my born and bred here label, or your vast, very intelligent reader group: how is it, with the memory of 9/11 so vivid in our everyday thoughts and with our boys fighting two wars simultaneously with the Islamic hoards, that the American people elected a person; with no apparent qualifications for the most important leadership within this great country if not this great world, with the name BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA? For the life of me, I have no possible answer.
    p.s. Except the consideration for what I heard recently, by someone asking the question of our House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after she recommended beginning an inquest into the supporters of all of the people, including families of persons who died in the 9/11 horrific tragedy, and members within her own party, who are against building a Mosque at the site of the World Trade Center, when that person speculated “HAS THE SPEAKER LOST HER MIND?’

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      My vast worldly knowledge tells me that you are trying to cut corners in ways you would never use in your occupation or even when you read a good book.

      There are no Islamic hordes. (Note correct spelling; ever the teacher. I would not fight Islamic hoards, I would try to steal them.) The Muslim world is much more divided than the “Christian world.” You are making the same mistake of perception as the jihadists who refer to the US, Great Britain, France, etc, Finland, etc as “the crusaders.”

  5. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Time is up, I found the answer to my query myself! Lenin posted the term. It is called “USEFUL IDIOTS” “the members of a (western) society who allow themselves to be naively manipulated to work against the best interest of their own political institutions and society, and conversely for the benefit of Lenin’s objectives.”

  6. Islamphobia has really got into you gentleman. In Islam, it say,’if you kill one man, you have killed all mankind.’ Hussain Obama and the rest are from being Moslem. And true moslem is going to build a multi-million dollar ‘community building’ at the emotional epicenter of the nation.

    Islam, the name has bee hijacked, like the word ‘gay’ has been hijacked by homosexuals.

    However, if it was a true mosque, that would have been more show that it’s reputation should not be tarnished by a few arabs that were trained by the Western Intelligence to fly those buildings down.

    Religion, as working beautifully to divide and conquer…while the faithful dances around the pig’s head blindly.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Lord: Your comment speaks for itself.

      And the Christian Gospels say repeatedly: “Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.” (“Neighbor,” in context, includes strangers.) That admonition stopped the Crusades dead in their track, right?

      By the way, it’s “its” reputation.

    • Lord of the Flies says:


      Thanks for correction. By any chance did you edit my post prior to submitting it?

      I don’t recall missing some words in my sentences. Example: ‘And true moslem is going to build a multi-million dollar ‘community building’ at the emotional epicenter of the nation’.

      key word missing, ‘NOT’.

      In addition, to think that Obama Hussain is Moslem is absurd. This nation has issues with electing a Catholic (Kennedy), and they are going to let a half black man Moslem take the post of a Super Power?

      The Manchurian candidate can be from anywhere then what is being perceived.

      • jacquesdelacroix says:

        I never edit anything and I never fail to “approve” any comment on my blog. Sometimes, I just get teacher-nasty, as I did with you!

        You gace my an idea for a piece on Islamophobia. Thanks.

  7. Lawrence Marcus says:

    O. K. , for now we will only call them islamist militants!
    But they are now active in 5 continents and do have one thing in common. They are muslim. And they are killers! And along with killing Christians and Jews, they also kill there own.
    But as you very appropriately point out, most muslims are peace loving people. But what to do about the more than significant “bad apples”?
    Building a mosque in the 9/11 site is not the answer!

  8. Lawrence Marcus says:

    No Bloomberg and Pelosi are not Muslims. But do not rule out the possible reality that OBAMA still is. Since he has been President he has not attended church in Washington D.C.. His excuse was that he did not want to inconvenience the other parishoners. But on Christmas day, when he should have been in church with his lovely daughters, he had his secret service team clear out a golf course so he could get a round of golf in; (round meaning game, for those not familiar with the sport). That didn’t incovenience anyone did it. Of course it did. Who do you think plays golf on Christmas day? Jewish people!
    And it wasn’t a very Christianly thing to do, especially when you are President of the United States to turn down the invitation to speak at the Boy Scouts of America 100 year Jamboree, when as President you are automatically the honorary head of the Boy Scouts of America, boys that represent the best young people, boys only i.e. the girls are Girl Scouts, although some might want to join the boy scouts, but that is a whole nother topic. The boys that typically join the boy scouts are not the sit at home play video games or smoke pot or steal cars etc. They are the boys that adhere to the boy scout motto, are kind and courteous, help other people, attend church or temple or mosques. By now you are getting my point.
    It would have been a Christianly thing to do to give the dame pep talk at the Jamboree. But no, our President thought he would get a bigger T.V. audience by going on the View and then attending a fund raiser for his fellow public servants.
    I guess I am saying that I don’t want you to look foolish, by completely ruling out the possibility that Obama may have only said he was a Christian to improve his chances politically. And so far it seems to be working out pretty well for him. You have to admit. But boy are we all suffering!

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Larry: I am glad you admitted that Blomberg and Pelosi are probably not Muslims although their declared opinions on the mosque near Ground Zero are more favorable than the President’s own. That’s good but you now have me wondering if the President might not be Jewish because he played golf on Christmas Day! Perhaps he is an Israeli agent cleverly planted by the Mossad and adorned with a Muslim middle-name to confuse us.

      On Islamic terrorists: I call them “violent jihadists.” The fact remains that they have killed many more times Muslims than any one else, Christians, Jews, or Hindus. It’s possible to blame the victims, of course but one should tread very carefully

  9. Lawrence Marcus says:

    I know you are joking about OBAMA being Jewish. A Russsian mole, maybe, considering how he is giving away the shop to get some country, even the size of Russia with the GNP like Portugals, for someone to be his buddy. But my bet is still that he is Muslim.

  10. Lord of the Flies says:


    It’s you ‘gave me an idea’. Yes, Islamphobia is grossly outweighs any logic or critical thinking. Fear of an illusion…like the Russians are Coming, Russians are coming. Well, they didn’t. Scarier thought, is actually Americans came. Everywhere..Global Terrorism at its finest:

    Lawrence, your astute observation is almost a nail on the head.

    In o

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