Hamas, Murder and Enlightened Muslim Opinion

Two days ago (8/31/10) Hamas murdered a pregnant woman on the West Bank and three other Israelis. Let’s assume the Israelis victims had no business on the West Bank. Let’s assume they had stolen and occupied illegally Palestinian land against the Geneva Conventions. Let’s assume there is no dispute about the Jewish settlements on the West Bank, that they are all wrong.

The fact remains that Hamas proudly claimed responsibility for this attack on civilians. Those people have no shame!

I am waiting an avalanche of anti-Hamas protest from the European and Turkish leftist organizations that supported a break-up of the Israeli blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza by a ship carrying “humanitarian supplies.” The tender-hearted folks will not countenance the murder of a pregnant civilian. They will give Hamas a good talk-to.

I also expect the several American Islamic organizations to protest loudly those murders simply because Hamas describes it self as doing the work of Islam and thus gives them a bad name. Of course, they will clamor, “ Hamas is not us. It disfigures the peaceful face of Islam.”

And, finally, my Muslim friends and acquaintances will denounce the crimes of Hamas because the Koran clearly forbids war against non-combatants.

I am indulging in dark humor, of course. None of this will happen. The good faith of good Muslims is increasingly at stake.

President Obama ordered the Israelis and the West Bank Palestinians to talk peace. Neither can afford to say no to the President. The President figures he has little to lose. There is a diminishing return effect associated with political defeats too. The 14th million dollar I earn is not as sweet as the first. Like wise, the fourteenth political defeat is not as devastating as the first.

The President is down to grasping at straws, any straws.

You may have noticed that I don’t blog about him much any more. His administration is an unmixed disaster. There is not much else to say. I am simply waiting for the November election to make him impotent, unable to do more damage.



About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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9 Responses to Hamas, Murder and Enlightened Muslim Opinion

  1. Astou Ka says:

    Oh please oncle Jacques!!! Seriously!! Do you write an article about Israeli bombings and killings of Palestinian civilians?? Do you ask of the Jewish community for some type of protest against it?? Seriously you need to stop beiong so one-sided!! You need to be a little more balanced!! X-(

    • David says:

      Does JD not reporting on atrocities committed by the evil Israeli’s make it any less disgusting and reprehensible that Hamas would claim responsibility for killing a pregnant woman? At the very least denounce Hamas’ actions, THEN flagellate JD for his one sided reporting. And besides, this is a BLOG, not a newscast.

      In any case the Israeli’s have been under constant threat by the nations surrounding it, frequently attacked, and frequently WON, despite grim odds. After Israel was created they were attacked almost immediately by their arab neighbors. Israel didn’t start the conflict. Most of their actions are based off of an aggressive defense mindset, not a conquering mindset, as is the case of many of their arab neighbors. All of the land under “dispute” is land Israel won from the spoils of war ; war that Israel DIDN’T start. Consider history before scolding Israel for it’s actions. If I were to set bombs off in and around your house, you’d get real nervous when I came walking by your front door, wouldn’t you? Rightfully so, I might add, and you would probably react very strongly any time I came nearby or otherwise sent threatening messages your way, also rightfully so. That’s the situation Israel is in, with one key difference, it isn’t just one neighbor bombing or threatening them, it’s SURROUNDED by nations/groups that wish their demise and frequently voice that opinion.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Ka: Please report on this blog any Israeli atrocities. You can be sure your report will be neither censored nor edited. I will want the source to be identified.
      Personally, I don’t know of a single case of Israelis under military/political command deliberately murdering civilians. In fifty years, there have been a few cases of individual Israelis committing acts of terrorism against civilians. They were apprehended and punished.
      The moral equivalence game is not convincing to most Americans, including on the left. It’s bad for the credibility of those who play it.

  2. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Senior Ka:
    There is no such thing as an unprovoked bombing or killing of Palestinian civilians by Isrealis precisely because the Isrealis are civil and value life. There may have been a killing of a Palestinian by a single crazed Isreali but it is a certainty that this crazed individual did not become celebrated by his people or designated a martyr by his leaders.

  3. Astou Ka says:

    Lawrence and David, my time is too precious to argue with you! Besides I am sure you two are but 2 zionists, Arab and Muslim haters. Anything done to the Palestinians will be justified in your eyes for the simple facts that they are Arabs and Muslims.
    On that note you two have a good day!

    • David says:

      Any particular reason that you don’t respond to criticism? Just because Israel commits vile acts against Palestinians doesn’t mean that Hamas is any less vile to reply in kind; an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, so to speak, it leaves the whole world blind and toothless.

      Astou, I am not a Zionist, I’m not even Jewish. I do not hate arabs or Muslims. I recognize the historical claim that Israeli’s have on that territory. Now, that being said, I find that you are intellectually dishonest, intellectually shallow, pompous and unwilling to discuss the merits of the argument. If you’re primary rebuke to JD is that his reporting is one sided, that has NOTHING to do with the vile nature of Hamas’ claiming credit for killing a pregnant woman. Just because I find Hamas’ killing of an innocent woman a vile act doesn’t automatically make me a hater of arabs and Muslims. (Since the Israeli’s are arabs as well, it doesn’t make much sense for me to be defending them, right?) The status of me “hating” arabs and muslims has NOTHING to do with the nature of Hamas’ actions. It’s irrelevant to the discussion.

      As a side note, are you serving in public office? I think you would make an excellent politician. 🙂

  4. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Senior Ka:
    I can imagine you are too busy if you are defending the killings of Jews, Christians, Armenians and other arabs and muslims throughout the world by islamist terror groups.
    I know Jacque and he is absolutely not a hater of any particular religion, race or people. I think he may not think highly of communists or facists, but that is just a hunch.
    But to you senior Ka, as Jacque might say ” au revoir”.

  5. Astou Ka says:

    To Lawrence: you don’t know Jacques better than I do sir! My post was addressed to you and Mr. David. Do not put words in my mouth! If I have anything to say to oncle Jacques I will do so myself! Get it?!

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      There should be no dispute on my blog about who knows Jacques best. Why I don’t even know the SOB very well myself!
      Ka: As a young person (whose sex I will not divulge), you should not be stating so categorically that you “know” me better than some old guy does. Given my well-deserved reputation, innocent people might misinterpret your claim of “knowing” me. Given that your gorgeous picture is all over the internet, I would be flattered, of course but facts matter!
      I will testify to the fact that if Ka has something to say to me, he or she will say it directly, about 150% of it in fact!

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