Zionist Agents Assassinate Pakistani Faithful; French Views of the Causes of New Zealand Earthquake

Yesterday, Zionist agents  took advantage of Ramadan to bomb a Muslim Shiite religious procession in Pakistan, killing 65, all civilians, including women and children. Another Zionist atrocity!

OK, I was messing with your minds. The Pakistan Taliban proudly claimed responsibility for the mass assassination of Shiites. They have good reasons of course. The Taliban (“students of religion”) are Sunni. They think religious processions are idolatrous, close to infidel (Christian or Hindu) practice. I don’t blame the Taliban much for their manner of fighting heresy. My ancestors did about the same. OK again, that was 400 years ago and more.

Today, thousands of Muslims are demonstrating in front of an embassy in Indonesia. They are protesting the slaughter of their fellow Muslims in Pakistan. OK, lying to you again. They are in front of the American Embassy. They are actually protesting the burning of a Koran by an extremist American Protestant pastor scheduled for 9/11. Those people have their priorities clear.

I wonder how many of the Indonesian protesters are aware of the fact that President Obama has no legal way to prevent the event. I think maybe four or five. The others wouldn’t believe you if you explained it to them text in hand. We are facing two problems here: First, most Muslims are used only to authoritarian government. (It is not the case in Indonesia as of the past ten years.) Second, our governments (plural) are doing an inconceivably bad job of presenting brand America abroad.

The French centrist newspaper Le Figaro, one of the biggest dailies, has the good idea of allowing instantaneous readers’ email in response to its articles. It all appears quickly in the on-line edition. I say “allow,” with reserved because the comments seem to be heavily censored. I say this because all three of my submissions were rejected outright for being too controversial. Each of them would have easily made my daily newspaper.

Anyway, there has been an online discussion among readers about the causes of the New Zealand earthquake. Specifically, some media commentators apparently blamed….global warming. I am pleased to report that more readers disagree than agree with this interpretation.

You think Americans are stupid and ill-educated?


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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8 Responses to Zionist Agents Assassinate Pakistani Faithful; French Views of the Causes of New Zealand Earthquake

  1. Helene Hagan says:

    Interesting experience with Le Figaro, Jacques, as I have submitted comments to their articles for a couple of years, under a couple of pseudonyms, and some are rejected for no good reason at all, except that they might involve criticism of Obama, for example, or any reference to the liberal bias of press, another example…. I did not know they were centrists… their readers’ censorship comes out more to the left….

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      I think Le Figaro does not like anything controversial. The newspaper is centrist because there is no voice of conservatism in France. The place is taken by petty nationalistic Gaullists. There is no libertarian voice either. I don’t know any French people who even know what that means . This would include my smart nephew who graduated from L’Ecole normal superieure.

  2. David says:

    JD, how could you lie????!!!!! Such a terrible thing to do!



    As a syde knowt, I wuz ed-you-muh-k-ted in the USA, and I turned owt just phine! I is lurned guud ear in Kal-ee-four-knee-ah!

  3. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Over the weekend, in regards to our President, on whether he may be a Muslim afterall, regardless of the saying “if your father is, than so are you”, apparently he is a little upset over the fact that he is feeling like he is being treated “like a dog” by more than some media i.e. commentators.
    The “life of a dog” in America brings to mind a well fed, pampered lifestyle with loving owners and toys galor. My ex spends more on veterinarian bills to keep an old dog alive, than she does on her own children’s need for dental care and checkups, but now I am diverging.
    On the other hand a dog in the Muslim world is the lowest of low, the dregs of the earth, the scavenger of garbage, the carrier of disease preying on defenseless women and children, the old and the sick.
    But then the Pres made a big too do about his children having a dog, and not one of those shelter dogs, but a fancy pedigree one, just like the Kerry,s or was it the Kennedy’s.
    So is the President trying to have it both ways again. After all didn’t he refer to himself as a “mutt”?

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      I Maybe the dog deserved vet care more than your children deserved dental care. There are many good dogs and quite a few bad children!

      2 If the President were a Muslim, he would be observing Ramadan right now: No food, no water, and I think, no sex between sunrise and sunset. (I have often been puzzled and quite a bit admiring about the latter observance: No sex for 12 hours or so, that’s tough!)

  4. Jacques:
    Kick-back and enjoy these spiders; they’ll set you free:

  5. Whoops, that was the wrong link in my earlier posting here.

    Try this:

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