A Just Muslim Voice and my Descent into Islamophobia

Finally, finally, we have heard a Muslim voice that does not come from both sides of the speaker’s mouth! In today’s Wall Street Journal (9/10/10) Zuhdi Jasser speaks from the heart, with intelligence, and without ignoring relevant facts. Dr Jasser, a former naval officer, is unambiguously against the idea of developing an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero. In his “Questions for Imam Rauf From an American Muslim,” he also denounces terrorists -violent jihadists- and their more quiet moderate Muslim facilitators. Unambiguously, he calls Imam Rauf of the “Cordoba Project,” a facilitator, a false man with Islamist allegiance rather than the moderate man of dialog he pretends to be.

This happy event happened just in time for Eid, the end of the Ramadan period. I hope some American Muslims will remember brave Dr Jasser in their festivities. I salute the Wall Street Journal for publishing that honest man’s statements on the eve of 9/11.

This single letter comes just in time to put the brakes on my descent into “Islamophobia.” (I have expressed myself several times recently on the topic. See: “Islamophobia, Part 1 of 2,” posted 9/29/10, “Islamophobia, Part 2 of 2,” 8/30/10, and “Muslim Moderates Speak Up,” 10/9/10. There are others if you search my blog.)

It was a curious thing. Right after 9/11, the very first thought I expressed aloud was for Muslims in America. I thought something ought to be done locally to protect them from what I suspected were going to be blind spontaneous reprisals by angry ordinary Americans. Frankly, I thought there would be lynchings. I was wrong, dead wrong about my fellow Americans’ fairness and I am glad I was wrong. There were no retaliation except for one Sikh –  a non-Muslim- who was murdered by mistake in Texas by some low-life.

Later, as violent jihadist crimes and failed attempts, multiplied world-wide, I watched ordinary Muslims’ reactions with disbelief. The authorities of Muslim countries usually responded forcefully and effectively. Yet, it was difficult to discover spontaneous condemnations from Muslim civil society anywhere. The negative reactions I did spot were muted, and they seemed half-hearted and pro-forma. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop: “Yes, but….” This was true even among American Muslim organizations. This was true among my Muslim friends and even, largely (not completely) among Muslims to whom I was close and among Muslims I care for.

I was puzzled and increasingly disenchanted because I did not see how it could be difficult to declare that it’s wrong to murder purposefully hundreds of commuters (Madrid, London, the failed attempt on Christmas Day, the “shoe-bomber”), or thousands of tourists and passers-by (the failed Time Square attempt) or, the thousands of ordinary people of 9/11. The Muslims’ callousness was ever more difficult for me to comprehend because I knew that the Prophet Mohamed had condemned the killing of non-combatants. Had I not known this, my Muslim acquaintance would have reminded me ad nauseam, their only, ineffective, unrealistic, contribution.

I came progressively to see ordinary Muslims in this country and elsewhere in the same light as I saw white Southern Baptist racists in the sixties: Discriminate against blacks, restrict and ruin their lives; murder them occasionally but if you play cards, you will surely go to Hell. Muslims in their overwhelming numbers seemed quick to press for their rights regarding the formal observation of their faith, including ritual ablutions, frequent prayers, the Ramadan month-long fast and, mistakenly, the right to cover women’s faces in contradiction to normal crime-deterrence requirements. (I say “mistakenly” because one would be hard-pressed to locate a single Islamic religious authority to declare that face covering is a requirement of Muslim morality.) Muslims however were silent or overly discrete about atrocities committed on a large scale in the name of Islam. I will say again here that such atrocities have made more Muslim victims than non-Muslim. This fact does not make the conspiracy of quietness better, it makes it worse: Even beasts defend their own.

One single intervention by a rational Muslim, one who does not deny the obvious, is enough to engage me in a u-turn. I am telling myself that if there is one, there are two and if there are two, there must be many more. I hope Dr Jasser’s forthright and courageous statements in today’s WSJ will prompt many others to come out and testify aloud: “I, too am human; I too condemn crimes committed in the name of religion, “ even perhaps, “Killing the innocent is worse than burning holy books.”

About the apparently postponed or canceled Koran burning: I am angry at the intervention of the Secretary of Defense and even of the President to lean on a citizen to not exercise his constitutionally protected right. I don’t care what the Florida pastor’s motivations were. Frankly, they are none of my business. Our Federal Government just communicated to the whole world that we are collectively unwilling to allow anything that might piss off anyone, anywhere. Next: No more naked men in magazines and movies; next, no more naked women, next no racy comments on television; next no public disapproval of foreign tyrants; next, expressions of profound respect for the insane, blood-thirsty, murderous, anti-Semitic leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran; next, heart-felt congratulations for the just stoning to death of an evil adulterous woman.

PS  At this point, no one in our liberal intellectual elite has mentioned that the reasonable retaliation for the burning of Korans is the burning of Christian Bibles, even of the American Bill of Rights. How many Christians world-wide would die in riots of this happened? This is a legitimate question from which cultural relativists hide carefully.

About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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5 Responses to A Just Muslim Voice and my Descent into Islamophobia

  1. Lawrence Marcus says:

    President Obama’s message over the weekend regarding the Memorial of those who died in 9’11 was to “give Muslims a break”. As to the facts as to whether America has become Islamophobic……..
    Last year, the FBI released its hate crimes report based on 2008 data. There were 1,519 criminal incidents based on religion. Of those 1,013 were against Jews. Muslim hate crimes? 105 in a country of 300 million. Americans may have some faults, but Islamophobia isn’t one of them.

  2. Lawrence Marcus says:

    This is the type people Obama is sending out to be an emissary of good will…….
    “NJ Town Files Suit Against Rat/Roach Slumlord Imam Feisal Raul of Ground Zero Mosque Infamy
    “The Record also reported that Rauf had ties to local waterfront developer Fred Daibes, and was sued by a Daibes associate who had charged the imam [Rauf] with mortgage fraud in 2008, a suit that was settled in June. The suit, filed today in state Superior Court in Jersey City, identifies Rauf as the sole officer of Sage Development LLC, a company based at his home address in North Bergen and listed as the owner of the two buildings. The suit also alleges that Sage’s corporate status was revoked by the state in March 2005, for its failure to file annual reports. The buildings occupy the same lot at 226 Central Ave., one containing 32 apartments and the other 16. The larger building has been vacant since Feb. 8, 2008, when a fire broke out there, one year after the city says it issued 12 separate fire code violations that Rauf ignored.”

    Look what’s crawling out from under the Rauf. Without his Albright resume and subdued dhimmedia running interference, it is plain as day that this hustler is a lowlife. He has been exposed on Atlas as a rat and vermin slumlord whose tenants live without basic services like hot water. He scammed New Jersey politicians and got taxpayer dollars for rehabilitation of his infested, dilapidated buildings in Union City and Palisades Park, but still his victimized tenants live in squalor. So where’s the money?

    Rauf’s thug developer, Sharif El-Gamal, in the Islamic supremacist mega mosque on Ground Zero, the Cordoba House, has a rap sheet a mile long. And his financier, Hisham Elzanaty, was a large funder of Hamas (exposed in the Holy Land terror funding trial) while defrauding medicare out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Rauf and his wife, Daisy the Con, listed their apartment as a mosque in order to conduct what amounts to tax fraud. Rauf got the wildly valuable tax-exempt status for his Muslim organization after deceiving the IRS. He claimed as many as 500 of its members prayed in that tiny one bedroom apartment (also listed as Daisy’s residence). Rauf sought “church status” — an official IRS term for a house of worship of any religion (though stealth Rauf, I am sure, is working the feds to change that term) — for ASMA, his org. The feds granted the request.

    “Church status” is more than just an exemption — it means never having to pay taxes, file returns or reveal the sources of a congregation’s money or how it’s spent, according to the Washington-based Investigative Project on Terrorism, which discovered the group’s startling claims on the IRS form it filed seeking the special status.

    What a grifter. And he intends to the use public (you and me, the filthy kaffir) funds for his victory mosque.

    And we haven’t touched on what an extremist this jihadist is. We’ll get back to that in my next post.”
    As posted in the Atlasshrugs blog today September 14, 2010.

    Lord help us to see the Light! Doesn’t the Truth and Facts matter anymore?

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      All very interesting, Larry but we need more verification. I do and others should too. If half of this is true, it could be the President’s coup de grace (rhymes with “ass”).

  3. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Difficult decisions for parents in Gaza as to where they should send their children to Summer camp…

    JPost.comMiddle East
    MALAM 100,000 children attend radical Hamas summer camps
    09/14/2010 19:30

    Participants undergo anti-Israel indoctrination; UNRWA run simultaneous camps for a further 250,000 children.
    Hamas summer camps continued to gain strength this past summer as about 100,000 children underwent radical anti-Israel indoctrination by the terror group which also attacked United Nations camps, its main competition, according to a report released on Tuesday by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.

    According to the report, more than 100,000 children and teenagers participated in the Hamas camps which included paramilitary training and military parades. The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization also opened 51 different summer camps for over 10,000 children.

    UN summer camp in Gaza vandalized

    In contrast to the Hamas summer camps, the United Nations has been running summer games throughout the Gaza Strip for 250,000 children. These games, run by UNRWA, are being held at over 150 locations in Gaza. The participants are mostly between the ages of 6 and 15 and engage in sports, arts and crafts, swimming and other cultural activities.

    I suppose the choice comes down to whether you see yourself as a moderate muslim parent or leaning towards fundamentalism.

  4. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Something to ponder……….
    “On September 11, 2001, who could imagine in that nine years later New York would see a rally demanding to build a mosque at Ground Zero? We can imagine why Muslims would want to build a mosque there, but secular members of Socialist Party USA in Che shirts? Progressivism goes a long way and takes seemingly strange turns, but it always ends up doing what it’s designed to do: tearing down the American form of government.

    With the rise of Islamic terrorism, progressives have been trying to include Muslims on their roster of “oppressed minorities” whom they can claim to represent. They rely in their arguments on the constitutional freedom of religion, knowing full well that Islam is not just a religion: it is also a form of government, which is totalitarian in its nature and is therefore antithetic to the American form of government. Thus, promoting Islam in America amounts to undermining America’s founding principles. Subsequently, all those who want to preserve America’s founding principles automatically become Islamophobic “extremists.” By the same token, all leftist radicals – even if they know nothing about Islam – automatically become Islamophiles, which somehow makes them mainstream. And that is the Current Truth™.”
    This I got from the Atlas Shrugs blog this morning. As bedfellows go, I don’t believe Muslims and Socialists have ever really gotten along. Only in America?

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