Kidnapping and Ransom Under Sharia

The Islamic Republic of Iran released an American female hiker on health grounds who had strayed into Iran after one year of captivity, most or all in solitary confinement. She and her two companions were accused of spying but never charged. I must say the circumstances of their arrest are surprising. Who would be so stupid as to hike near the deadly border of the deadly Islamic Republic, especially considering that one of the hikers if of Iranian origin? It turns out the three are from Berkeley, California. This explains everything. Cultural relativism can turn right around and bite you in the ass.

The hikers were not charged, as I said. I am pretty sure some faction or other would have charged them with espionage if there had been anything. Instead, one of them was charged for her freedom. The liberal media failed to comment on the most interesting part of the story. Someone charged $500,000 “bail,” in return for her freedom. Some highly placed mullah must have thought: She is going anyway; might as well get a Mercedes for each of my sons out of this.

The first person who said anything about this within my earshot is a man I know who was brought up as a Muslim, in that part of the world. It’s not bail, he said, it’s a ransom. Of course, he was right. Bail is a bond posted, deposited someplace, to insure that the person will show up for trial. There is no question of the female hiker going back to trial anywhere in Iran.

As always, I have been watching for the reactions of individual Muslims, and especially, for the reaction of Muslim organizations that say they represent Muslims. I have not seen any except from the clear-headed guy I mentioned above. You would expect them to state categorically that ransoming is inhumane and forbidden by the Koran. You would probably be dead wrong. Kidnapping infidels and selling them for ransom is perfectly all right. In fact, I think the Koran unambiguously approves of this practice.

If I am wrong, I will be glad to correct myself on this blog in font twice larger than the one I am using here.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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8 Responses to Kidnapping and Ransom Under Sharia

  1. Lawrence Marcus says:

    This was obviously a ransom being paid for a kidnapping. Thank you for mentioning it. I haven’t heard it anywhere else, for some very odd reason. And the Obama administration is breaking another of our tried and true values of absolutely not paying ransoms to theives, kidnappers or blackmailers. Let alone, he is condoning sending a check for $500,000 from an American bank to the Bank of Iran, the very bank and country that we just worked so hard to set up sanctions on; he is paying a ransom and he is sending money through our banking system to Iran. On top of that the President personally thanked the President of Iran for letting the hiker free, as an act of human compassion, mentioning nothing about being blackmailed and having to pay a ransom to conclude this humanitarian gesture.
    This country, Iran, is about to get the nucleur bomb against everything we have tried, which isn’t so much apparently, is threatening the stability of the rest of the world and the annihilation of the only democratic country in the Middle East, and our President is thanking it for what? Another attempt at a friendly gesture?
    Meanwhile our President thinks that he can continue to call for meetings between Isreal and Palestinians so that people will believe he is doing something for peace, while he puts off the most serious challenge to the worlds sanity i.e. making the most difficult decisions regarding stopping the development of the nuclear program in Iran.
    His legacy will not be peace in the middle east. Obama’s legacy will be the President that sat idle while Iran tests and God forbid threatens it’s neighbors with a functioning nuclear capability.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Larry: There is no reason to believe the goernment paid a ransom not that it went through an American bank. I believe a private party paid and did it in cash.

  2. Nader says:

    One of the most annoying consistences is in American foreign policy is the captur of citizens only to see them released to high profile private citizens (ex-presidents Clinton and Carter and Jesse Jackson ) with is fantastic for the sitting administration.
    Do you know what would be Ironic? if Jimmy Carter went on a humanitarian trip to Tehran bearing good will in return for the 3 hikers. it should be easy all he has to say is “remember the last hostage fiasco it resulted in 8 years of Ronald Reagan and another 4 years of George H. W. Bush.” I am afraid Iranian administration is not happy with the sitting administration for Ahmadinejad was heard mumbling under his breath “why they never invite me to this big TEA PARTY in America ? i keep hearing about”

  3. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Jacque; The fact that all of a sudden no one was talking about the $500,000 or how and when it was paid, to me, it meant that absolutely the government of Obami had the money paid. It does take a “leap of faith” that apparently you are not willing to make.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Larry: I am not willing to take that leap of faith because there are other explanations that are equally credible. For example, the Sultan of Oman may have paid the ransom as a gesture of friendship to Obama or even to Hillary. To him, that would be like a large tip for a weekend stay on the Riviera, and a good investment to boot. A rich Iranian abroad may also have done it to gain credit with both the Obama administration and with the insane government of the Islamic Republic.

      The fact that I prefer and explanation of anything does not make it more likely to be the true explanation.

      Wonderful article by Fuad Adjami in todays’ WSJ. I hope you don’t miss it.

      • Lawrence Marcus says:

        Not to belabor the point, but two of your possible outcomes come under my theory that; the family did not pay the ransom, but that the money came out of a tax payor slush fund i.e. stimulus $$ or someone connected to Obami either to gain favor, or responding to a wink from his Secretary of State inorder to give him somehow, somekind of victory, with a small v, to bring home to the believers that Iran is not putting this presidents “pants on the ground”. And then OBAMA thanks the Iranian President for his humanitarian gesture, while two other Americans wait in jail until we replay the humiliating scenario again. Really? I will bet you an order of fried calamari at the Crow’s Nest at happy hour.

        I will check out the article. Thanks!

      • jacquesdelacroix says:

        I am always happy to take you, Larry but I don’t know what we are betting about, how we will know who is right (me), or over what period of time.

        Again, you seem top favor your explanation because… you favor it.

  4. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Thanks for the reference to Fouad Ajami’s “Islam’s Encounters With America” I found it a refreshing objective report on what really motivates most Muslim’s to come to America i.e. opportunity. The same as it has for everyone else. As well as freedom and liberty and hopefully America will continue to give people the dream of living in a country where the past doesn’t mean as much as the future.
    The article points out the difference between the likes of Imam
    Faisal Abdul who has a clear agenda and uses his religion and our fear of radical Islam to try to capitalize, which seems like an odd use of a word, to describe this low life, and the average muslim who cherishes his family, his religion and his neighbors, just as the Christian or Jewish person does. The article reminded me that the greatness of this country is that we include all religions in our fabric but the country must remain on guard against the phonies and imposters and those with real intents to do us harm. And of course, the “Freedom of the Press” to allow this article to be circulated.

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