A Ray of Muslim Sunshine

Extraordinary good article by Fouad Ajami in today’s Wall Street Journal (9/20/1). Ajami is a professor at Johns Hopkins School of International Studies and he is affiliated with the Hoover Institution. He was born and reared a Shiite Muslim in Lebanon.

In his “Islam’s Encounter with America,” he argues, among other things, that Muslims immigrants to this country bizarrely often espouse more extremist, less rational positions than does mainstream Muslim opinion in the Muslim world.

Ajami always speaks with a clear and strong voice. If there more like him, or if Muslims bothered to read him, there would be little Islamophobia in America today.

(That goes for you, Aminata!)


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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One Response to A Ray of Muslim Sunshine

  1. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Thanks for the reference to Fouad Ajami’s “Islam’s Encounters With America” I found it a refreshing objective report on what really motivates most Muslim’s to come to America i.e. opportunity. The same as it has for everyone else. As well as freedom and liberty and hopefully America will continue to give people the dream of living in a country where the past doesn’t mean as much as the future.
    The article points out the difference between the likes of Imam
    Faisal Abdul who has a clear agenda and uses his religion and our fear of radical Islam to try to capitalize, which seems like an odd use of a word, to describe this low life, and the average muslim who cherishes his family, his religion and his neighbors, just as the Christian or Jewish person does. The article reminded me that the greatness of this country is that we include all religions in our fabric but the country must remain on guard against the phonies and imposters and those with real intents to do us harm. And of course, the “Freedom of the Press” to allow this article to be circulated.
    I thought it would be more appropriate to post this comment under this new blog.

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