Juan Williams and Left-Fascism

National Public Radio will lose its tax-based government subsidy, if not tomorrow, after January. No big deal. It’s not much of its budget anyway. It will also lose whatever tax exemption it has. That may be bigger but still not much.

The big deal is what the firing of Juan Williams shows: fascism. Juan Williams has always acted the part of the old-fashioned moderate liberal, definitely liberal, who does not mind talking with the other side. Not good enough for NPR’s totalitarians. There must be no fissure in the wall we present to the world. We are right and the other side is not only wrong but also absolutely evil. There must be no commerce with it at all. Juan Williams is a traitor. We can’t shoot him but we can fire him.

Those people are so cut-off from ordinary Americans that they had not idea what a storm their firing one of their own would unleash.

Soon, things will be clearer: National Public Radio will be called National Leftist Radio. It will operate under its own power but not by becoming a successful commercial enterprise. That’s not going to happen. Leftists are stingy. Remember the fate of Air America that was going to shrink Rush Limbaugh to size? National Leftist Radio will operate with a permanent Soros grant plus a dole from some other from extreme left-wing billionaires.
On one side, the millions of working Americans, all a little dumb, not clear at all about where their real interests lie. On the other side, the enlightened ex-NPR intellectual elite that will be more than ever excused from any contact with the real world.

Nevertheless. Vivian Schiller, the CEO who fired Juan Williams and assigned him to his psychiatrist will be fired. I mean that she will resign for drawing attention to NPR through her silly artlessness.

And, of course, whosoever is in charge of NPR in the meantime will hire a black person post-haste, any black person. The fact is that after the firing, the NPR on-air crew is as lily-white as the membership of an Alabama country-club in 1950.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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