Halloween and National Politics

Halloween night downtown Santa Cruz: Out of ten women, I count six skanks, one fairy, three miscellaneous, and no Mother Theresa. There is not a single Barack Obama mask, not even a respectful one. Our local “anarchists” turn out to be pious pissants of the worst kind. Most of the men in costume act like they are under orders, from elaborately costumed superior authority. Their get-up is half-hazard and worn without inner conviction, so to speak. Some men even pretend they are not there, or not in costume. It’s hard to act normal when you are wearing lipstick under your mustache and a pair of horns in matching red. Conclusion: On the whole, women would like to be more sluttish and men have no imagination. I am not judging here, just doing a bit of scientific ethnography.

The real show will be Wednesday, after Elections Day. America will return to its historical path of fiscal rationality and of limited government while California will dig itself even deeper into the hole of its own making. California Democrats are betting on “Too Big to Fail.” The federal government will bail us out, they think. “Worked for GM, didn’t it?” They don’t believe that after Wednesday it will be another America, one that does not fall for this kind of bull. Interesting.

A demographic miracle has taken place before your eyes. The Republican opponent to the eternal Harry Reid, President of the the Senate majority, is sure to have pissed off Hispanic voters with some ill-thought ads about Mexican drug cartels. The % of Hispanic voters had grown from 8 to 12 in Nevada since the last election. (Remember when that was?) No shit! Harry, and the Democratic Party have clean hands, you can be sure of it. The Nevada unions though are pulling all the stops to save him from one of the biggest public kicks in the ass in American political history.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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