America Saved; California Slides Into the Sea; Obama Seeks Political Asylum in India

Our political institutions work. They restrain extremism of all kinds. I was hoping for a blood bath and some pundits had allowed me to expect one. Instead, statism received a serious but not deadly wound. It’s hemorrhaging but not to death. I will not be drinking wine from the skull of that old whore Harry Reid, as I fervently hoped. He squeaked by though he browned his pants. Incidentally, I don’t call “whores” people whose political goals I merely abhor. I have concrete reasons in Reid’s case. I have him on video repeatedly affirming that the federal income tax is “voluntary.” I wonder, if the Democrats will keep him a majority leader of the Senate after he almost got his ass kicked by a lackluster local politician out of nowhere. I hope they do.

What next, you ask. Well, yes, Democrats still enjoy a majority in the Senate but a slim one. It’s not out of the question that some Democrat Senators will decide, on occasion, to vote closer to the will of the people than they did during the OTP (“Obama Trance Period”). The President will not change whatever the conciliatory speech he made today. Actually, he gave a fairly gracious if rambling post-defeat speech. Then he used the first four questions addressed to him by journalists to demonstrate that he did not understand what had just happened. He also seized the opportunity to demonstrate again his sophomoric understanding of international economics. Aided by a chorus of liberal media, he has already begun re-writing the story. Here is a striking example. There was a straightforward question about whether the election was a rebuff to his policies. The President replied that the election was instead an expression of disappointment about the fact that the measures he had taken in response to the crisis had not been more successful. This means, among other things, that the entirely voluntary Obamacare endeavor crammed down the face of the electorate was a response to the economic crisis. If this absurdity came from any other politician, I would say he was simply lying. I don’t think so in this case.

As I have been telling you all along, he is a limited, even a mediocre man. The firmness of his ideological convictions is a consequence of his narrowness. He is ill-informed. He said matter-of-factly during this speech that there is no American who thinks our current energy policy is fine. (Yes, there are. I think it’s fine. The only problem is that I regret that there is a federal energy policy at all. I think it’s unlawful.) The President is not limber enough to understand the message he has just been sent. He is not intelligent enough to understand the nature of conservative positions. He is not at heart a believer in democracy. The leftist elite is elitist to a man. (“Leninist” is the technical term.)

With a large Republican, tea party-mandated majority in the House, a large Republican minority in the Senate, and a rigidly left Democrat in the White House, federal gridlock is a likely prospect.

It’s not a bad goal to shoot for. Paralyzing the federal government’s ability to do more damage would be a great progress compared to what has gone on for the past two years. Much spending is on automatic anyway, including the entitlement programs. If there should be arm-wrestling on military appropriations between the House of Representative and the White House, that would be good toe. Let the President eat the political consequences of his obduracy.

The other option, is by-partisan compromise, obviously. God, I hope not! The national vote was a restraining order (not my formula, I cribbed it from the Weekly Standard) against a certain way of implementing government. The evidence is in the governors races across the nation , except California, of course. Many good, popular governors bit the dust because they did not pipe up loudly enough against Obama encroachment. It would be immoral to compromise in this case. Fortunately, at this juncture I am counting on the President’s own rigidity to save us from the calamity of bipartisanship. The only common ground I see is in the prosecution of the anti-terrorist struggle in Afghanistan.

On NPR’s “Health of the Nation” today, the day after, commentators are feverishly denying that the election is a tea party victory. That means a victory for the party of limited government and restrained spending. If you also doubt it , think of this most exemplary of wins yesterday:

Senator Russ Feingold, the principled, intelligent, articulate left-liberal from Wisconsin lost to a —-? Exactly, the only thing you probably know about political neophyte Johnson, easy victor over Feingold, is that he was endorsed by tea party luminaries. Couldn’t be more cut and dry!

There is a subtext to the story of this election, as my post-modern ex-colleagues would say. I am too tired to talk about it today and you are too tired to read about it today. I’s a cultural sub-text. Large swatches of the electorate are sick of being treated with intellectual condescension by a liberal media that, they suspect, is only half educated at best.

The California election is a full disaster. I can’t find the silver lining. I can only repeat what I said before the election: The California Democratic establishment has been betting that the state is too big to fail. They think they will be bailed out financially by the federal government no matter how unconscionably they act. They did not know there was going a new port captain in town. For only the second time in my adult life, I catch myself considering other places to live.

OK, I was messing with your minds. The President did not request political asylum in India. He is going there to get away from it all. A perspicacious Indian-born reader opines rather that he is going there for a Hindu purification ritual. That would involve large amounts of fresh cow dung. I heard, and I don’t guarantee that it’s true, and I hope it’s not, that the White House had rented the whole luxurious Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai for $200 million a day. Again, I hope it’s a mistake. That would be an obscene one billion dollars for five days. Michele’s recent vacation in Spain was not half as expensive.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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11 Responses to America Saved; California Slides Into the Sea; Obama Seeks Political Asylum in India

  1. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Boy do I feel better after the election. At least now we have a fighting chance! I think one commentator said it all regarding Obama’s speech after the results yesterday. Basically what Obama said came out to ” I feel my pain “. I think India would be a better country for him to do his thing. He could be the Pied Piper for all of India’s impoverished and uneducated. It turns out, unbeknownst to him, we aren’t as stupid as he took us for.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      You may have noticed that one Indian blog reader suggested he was really going to India for purification (in large amounts of cow dung).
      I have trouble celebrating because of the disaster across the board in California. Please, tell me that I am wrong.

  2. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Someone said that now that there is a Democratic governor in California that Obama will bail the state out. No question. The state that brought us the phrase “have a nice day” will go on living day to day until, like you said, it either slides into the ocean or the “big one” hits. Jerry Brown was a disaster before and they brought him back for an encore. What can they be thinking? I’ve resigned myself to “it’s there problem now”. I never really considered myself a Californian even having lived here for 30 years now. My heart was left in Budapest. There economic situation is no worse or maybe worse than California, but they love their tennis and their tennis players. I felt lots of love there!

  3. Helene Hagan says:

    Cheer up, Jacques…It was a remarkable victory across the US… so, California is a little retarded or slow , maybe even lazy and used to the good life provided for the many by the few… I know Jerry Brown personally. I used to attend his parties at his flat/center (“We the People” place in Oakland) now and then, and thought him so fuzzy minded… He promised, but can we believe him? that he would work to support small business interests in California….

    All the rest of the voting results, district by district, is revealing.

    There are still lots of Americans outside this state who are fighting for a nation that is truly unique. It is true that California, as one comment on The American Thinker remarked, has gone from beautiful state to wasteland where the majority of the voices are now people on the dole and drawing some form of social benefit or another or State employees…

    Californians are falling somewhat behind the rest of the country, we could say, and it will take them another election, if we are lucky, to wake up from their (drug induced?) torpor… Or maybe not, and I too might well soon join the exodus from what had become my homeland…. hello South Dakota, Texas or South Carolina….

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Thanks, Helene. Any positive comment about California? I don’t see it at all. I almost hope for annexation by Mexico!

      • David says:


        You’re still in CA! That’s one positive note. I’m still in CA, so that’s a second positive note. How much longer will that last? Not sure. However, I suspect the CA electorate will continue to vote in such a fashion until the state implodes. Too many people have become dependent on the state to survive; therefore, they will refrain from voting in what many of these people fear most: personal responsibility. I’d love to see a return to a limited state government in CA, but, given the tenor of the electorate and population, i do not see that happening.

      • jacquesdelacroix says:

        I agree with you and that’s why I am down.

  4. David says:

    Well, think of it in the long term…when the state implodes, property values will likely get flushed down the toilet, if one was to position oneself to be flush with cash, one could buy up a substantial portion of Santa Cruz! Start saving the money the Government is giving away, then use it when the state implodes to put oneself in an excellent position to own the state! 🙂

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Right on the dot, again, David. Unfortunately, I own a good chunk of a house, I have no cash and I am too old to wait for the next housing boom. You bummed me out! Fortunately, I can live off mussels and seaweed for a long time and I know where the mushroom patches are. I am thinking of buying a small piece of land on the outskirts with a good sun exposure, for a vegetable garden. I will booby-trap it, of course.

  5. David says:


    I’ve been trying to think of a potential upside, and I think I’ve found one! When CA starts going the way of Greece and the multitude of other European Social Democracies, you’ll be able to wear a grin and yell from the rooftops, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

    Is that an upside? Or have I done more to depress you? Shall I stop so I don’t produce a blockage in your aged arteries?


    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Thank you for your concern about my arteries but they are remarkably clean because of all the wine I drink. “I told you so” is a meagre consolation, especially the tenth time around.

      I talk to myself for the same reason some people move their lips when they read: to understand.

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