I Don’t Mind Gridlock

Today, the President declared, “The American people did not vote for gridlock.” meaning that the vox populi demands bipartisanship. Some of the Republican leadership seems to be going along already. I think they are wrong. I suspect they are misunderstand the culture change wrought by the tea party movement and approved by million of others at the ballot box.

President Obama is not just President and unelected leader of the Democratic Party, he is also the commanding officer of the left-wing, progressive, authoritarian, America-hating wing of that party. He lead a marginally legal coup d’etat that has already partly succeeded. He set out to transform American society to increase the power of government and he came through in several ways, some of which are going to be difficult or impossible to roll back: The huge increase in the national debt he engineered will not go away. We already hear that the Republican leadership is not sure it even wants to cancel all of Obamacare.

It seems to me the election six weeks ago gave the Republican lawmakers a clear, single mandate: Finish off Obama and his team of radical activists. This does not require by-partisanship, obviously, on the contrary. Between now and the end of the year, there are no problems that need be tackled right away, not even the prolongation of the so-called “Bush tax cuts.” There is nothing that the President wants to do right now that cannot be done, say January 10, when the new Republican House of Representatives is in session.

In the meantime, the Republican leadership should deny the losing, self—centered, borderline foo-foo president any victory. He should be denied what he wants at every turn, the better to expose his helplessness and his single-minded and simple-minded vision of the world. I am not promoting this because I am hateful or vengeful. I actually feel sorry for the man now. He looks like a little boy getting caught driving his Daddy’s car. I am in favor of this strategy of denial because the single most important task is to make sure he does not have a single chance to try again in 2012. I don’t even mind if our actions results in the election of another, more centrist Democratic president. A secondary cause is to expose the hard-left Democratic members of Congress so the Republicans will regain control of the upper house in 2012.

We are a long way from where we ought to be: reasonably small government, resumption of vigorous economic growth, reduction of the national debt, a dignified and rational foreign and military policy. This country will make little or no progress on those issues with a second Obama presidency. He has to go. Nothing is more important. If it serves these objectives, gridlock is fine.

Wikileak: Once more, I am underwhelmed. I did not learn anything new, fortunately. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how active and how fairly realistic our State Department is.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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7 Responses to I Don’t Mind Gridlock

  1. Ron says:

    “Wikileak: Once more, I am underwhelmed. I did not learn anything new, fortunately. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how active and how fairly realistic our State Department is.”

    Who’d have known that Berlusconi has a feck disability?

  2. David says:

    First, I find any gridlock in the government a generally positive thing. There are a few exceptions, but, by and large, I like it. The government can do less of what it’s good at…spending money and controlling the populace. 😀

    As far as wikileaks is concerned…there is one question I haven’t heard asked or answered…who leaked the information? (Perhaps I haven’t been paying enough attention, but I’ve got a two year old to keep track of; wikileaks just doesn’t take precedence.) And more importantly, WHY? My guess is a liberal junior staffer in the state department, probably in the archiving section, who suffered an attack of “morality,” if that’s what you could call it. Failing that, a disgruntled computer slicer. Either way, I find the fact that there IS a leak to be more disturbing than the information that got leaked.

  3. David says:

    So, here is a follow up to my question, courtesy of the NY Times website:

    “The possibility that a large number of diplomatic cables might become public has been discussed in government and media circles since May. That was when, in an online chat, an Army intelligence analyst, Pfc. Bradley Manning, described having downloaded from a military computer system many classified documents, including “260,000 State Department cables from embassies and consulates all over the world.” In an online discussion with Adrian Lamo, a computer hacker, Private Manning said he had delivered the cables and other documents to WikiLeaks.

    Mr. Lamo reported Private Manning’s disclosures to federal authorities, and Private Manning was arrested. He has been charged with illegally leaking classified information and faces a possible court-martial and, if convicted, a lengthy prison term.”

    Also an excerpt from his Wikipedia page, under the heading of “Descriptions of Manning in the Media”:

    “Ginger Thompson said in a New York Times article that in Wales “classmates made fun of him for being gay”[28], that former neighbors in Oklahoma described the young Manning as “opinionated beyond his years about politics, religion, and even about keeping religion out of politics.”[28], and that in the Army, Manning’s “social life was defined by the need to conceal his sexuality under ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ “[28] One former classmate described Manning as “hot headed”. [8] Thompson said that sometime in 2008, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Manning became “part of a social circle that included politically motivated computer hackers and his boyfriend, a self-described drag queen. So when his military career seemed headed nowhere good, Private Manning, 22, turned increasingly to those friends for moral support”.[28] Thompson wrote that Manning has labelled himself a “humanist”.[28] Julian Assange called this article by Thompson “absolutely disgusting” saying it “removed all higher-level political motivations from him and psychoanalyzed him down to problems in his childhood and a demand for attention.””

    I pray that you forgive my poor referencing. I’m tired and have been long removed from having to properly reference anything. But it does seem that he was a left-leaning individual who had an attack of morality, as he saw it. The only part that I got wrong was that he was a junior state department official…he was a junior army official. (Private First Class) Not too shabby. Please correct me if I am incorrect in my assertations or analysis. And (a) disgruntled computer slicer(s) was (were) involved too! I think I just made myself smile. 😀

  4. David says:

    In all fairness, Mr. Manning hasn’t been convicted yet. Yet.

    Also, I do find it funny that this is happening while Obama is in office, however, I also think that there is a reason why the media is focusing on WHAT was leaked, as opposed to WHO leaked it. A leftist being upset by what a leftist president is doing in foreign affairs is just too damaging. Seems like the media is missing out on the real story here.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      It does not matter that Manning has not been convicted. We need high levels of evidence and a faultless process to convict people and punish them with the full force of the state. We don’t need such high standards to exercise common sense and to use intuition when we are unable to punish in any tangible way.

  5. Lawrence Marcus says:

    Obama’s statement that the election results called for bipartisanship is as outrageous as his first two years in office. I will be very disappointed if the Republicans cave in on any of his policy in these last 3 weeks before the “new day dawns”, especially with regards to the awful Russian leaning “Start Treaty.
    The Wikileaks is a disaster as well for Hillary and Holder and Obama. I am glad that the documents did come out, the guy is a hero not a terrorist. Incompetency is incompetency. That is about all we have in our White House at this point. And now it can’t be refuted.

    On a less serious note: The Iranian government has been beaten up pretty badly lately with the stuxnet virus and the killing of their top nucleur scientists. You can imagine how upset they were when a picture from the google satellite of their largest airport showed a huge star of david on the roof, apparently put their by the team of Isrealli engineers who had build the complex prior to the Islamist Revolution.

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