Republican Sobbing

I am flummoxed by the last-ditch attempt to pass an alleged “tax” package. It looks like it will contain fair amounts of pork, as if the tea party-impelled Republican Party had no won a major electoral victory a short time ago. The quid-pro quo involving another – unfunded – extension of unemployment insurance passes neither the test of economic rationality nor of fiscal prudence, as if…. (See above). It’s also of dubious morality at best because there are good reasons to believe that long unemployment only prepares people for longer-term unemployment. In the meantime, in my area, with unemployment at an official 12%+, jobs are going begging. Those are mostly bad jobs admittedly but you either agree that a bad job is better than no job or you don’t. There is no in-between. In the meantime, house-cleaners with little English gross $20 and hour and, in most cases, their gross is also their net. And no, this is not a sly anti-immigrant statement and no, I don’t think that’s overpaid. Just delivering standards of comparisons.

Perhaps, I am missing something but I still don’t understand why the in-coming Republican House majority could not present the president on January 10th with a two sentence tax-cut maintenance bill and dare him to veto it, and let the Democratic Party take the consequences, on its right or on its left-end. Either way, I win. Think about it. I am betting, of course, that the Senate contains enough rational Democrats to stay out of that fight. You can always make tax cuts retro-active, it seems to me. Perhaps someone will explain to me what I am missing here.

Let me say it again: The goal is to finish it off President Obama and his leftist camarilla because that’s the most clear way to say “Enough” to the European grand plan that is so manifestly failing in Europe. The last thing we need or deserve right now is bi-partisan politics

To make matters worse, my wife advises me that Rep John Boehner, he putative nest majority leader cried on television, again, for the second time at least. The man is only 62. That’s too early for testosterone levels to have dropped to the level where is has become and old lady. And that’s not even kind to old ladies. I have known some who wee tough as nails. Here is a message for Rep. Boehner:

Mr Boehner: I am older than you are but the only time I tear up is when I see a really nice woman’s bottom sashaying into the distance and I realize I will never see it again.

Man up, Republicans or there will be a third party that really tries to implement policies that match the wishes of he majority of the American people. We are watching you. It’s not going politics as usual.

About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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One Response to Republican Sobbing

  1. Lawrence Marcus says:

    I like it when you get all fired up! Keep it going!

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