Are We Saved Yet? Is Harry Reid a Sleaze-Bag? What to Know About Taxes in Four Short Statements.


There is going to be no tax hike at all come January. I was pretty sure there wouldn’t be, or not for long. I am still annoyed about the price we had to pay, unnecessarily to my mind: an absurd 13-months extension of unemployment benefits.

I am wondering if sleaze-bag Harry Reid 2,000- page last-minute, porky Omnibus Spending Bill was not just a silly threat to make sure Republicans did not dare the President at the eleventh hour. They might have told him: No thank you; we just want a one sentence law that says: “No tax hike.” The dying Democratic leadership may have had nightmares about this. Yet, the leftist leadership of the Democrat Party is just crazy and shameless enough to have given a last obscene spending bill the old try.

Today, I hope the media are just lying to me about the alleged new spirit of non-partisanship in Washington. At this point, I think the best non-partisanship is when the other guy has shed his last drop of blood. Don’t misunderstand me, I do want a two-party system. I just want another second party, a rational one not fixated on cramming down our throats what Europe is right now vomiting.

Here is what we need to remember about taxes:

1 All taxes are bad for the economy. Private parties almost always invest more wisely and more productively than most government agencies. Some taxes once in a while are spent on projects that benefit the economy. That’s very rare. Yet, the Internet got federal support in its initial stages. The benefits we derived from its existence were not planned; they are the unanticipated consequences of the a modestly funded defense project.

2 Under the Constitution, taxes are levied to raise revenue to pay for government services. In fact, everywhere, including in this country, tax monies are also used for social engineering. One of the oldest and most successful of fiscally-based social engineering is the deductibility of mortgage interest. There is no doubt it facilitated home-ownership by ordinary people, even given the 2008 meltdown. Contemplate this! Gives me pause.

3 It’s hard to know if leftists are lying cynically or if they are a little stupid about that which is counterintuitive. The preponderance of evidence is that, in a developed country, lowering the tax rates increases government revenue. There are several reasons: lower taxes promote private economic activity thereby enlarging the tax base; tax payers cheat less when tax rates are lower, etc. You don’t need to understand why to see the evidence. The sequence is very close in time: Lower tax rates, take in more in taxes. I am serious: I don’t know if politicians who maintain otherwise are dishonest or dumb. I make it a rule never to underestimate stupidity supported by collective belief.

4 Taxation is the most common form of violence. Of course, in this country, we tend to decide on taxes and to levy them according to a legitimate process. What makes the process legitimate is democratic decision-making. Nevertheless, taxes involve the threat of violence and, in case of resistance, the serious violence of being forced into jail where you may not do most of what you want and you may be forced to do what you don’t want to do. Of course, it’s better to decide on taxes democratically than not. Keep in mind though that the most scrupulous of democratic processes usually allows for the will of nearly half the population to be trampled underfoot. Reminder: In most situations, if your position receives 50% of the votes minus the vote of a single person, you lose. (Yes, if there are 20 million valid ballots cast and your side gets 9, 999, 999, you failed.) That’s the moral reason why various assemblies have super-majority dispositions regarding taking and spending citizens’ money. Incidentally, that’s the very disposition the voters of the great near-bankrupt State of California removed in the last election. Yes, I live in the land of ethical morons!

About jacquesdelacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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3 Responses to Are We Saved Yet? Is Harry Reid a Sleaze-Bag? What to Know About Taxes in Four Short Statements.

  1. Steve Bankhead says:

    Jacques: Enjoyed your show today, though I regret having missed the earlier one where Billy in Capitola made a fool of himself. I actually wanted to send my column from yesterday’s Register-Pajaronian which I thought might interest you, but your address wasn’t working. So I’m wondering: Should I try to cut and paste it into this box? -Steve Bankhead

  2. Sean L. says:

    “Yes, I live in the land of ethical morons!”

    As do I. The combination of Boxer and Brown being reelected and allowing a simple majority to pass budgets leaves me with one and only one conclusion: The liberals of this state are trying to accelerate the inevitable and are doing everything they can to ensure a federally-funded bailout. (Brown being there is an additional hedge that if the state does go belly-up, he’ll support the unions first.)

    My frustration is that the liberals who did all this couldn’t man up and pull the switch for Prop 19. At least then we would have had a way to escape the craziness without destroying our collective livers.

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