The Lame Duck’s Ass

The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is abolished. All in all, it’s a good thing. One, we don’t want our military to get used to lying routinely. Two, the hypocritical policy probably robbed us of talent. It was always a manpower issue. I am sorry our spineless Congressional Republicans allowed the Obama administration to frame it as a civil rights issue. No one has a right to serve in the military. There will be glitches in the application. It will be interesting to watch. The Pentagon will probably try to keep homosexuals from serving in the combat branches that have expressed the greatest hostility to the move. I predict this will give rise to lawsuits.

As I write, it looks like the arms limitations treaty with Russia will pass the Senate. It’s not as simple as the Administration and the Senate make it out to be. First, yes, we don’t need as many nuclear weapons against Russia as we have. How many we need against North Korea, Iran, and eventually, possibly China, was not discussed enough by the media.

Second, it was passed too quickly, exclusively to provide President Obama with a last-minute bi-partisan victory. Nothing of national interest would have been lost in telling the Russians, “Another month, please.”

The text of the treaty contains language that prohibits anti-ballistic missile development. Those are the weapons that allow us a fair chance of shooting down incoming nuclear missiles. They are a deterrent, of course. The President and several members of the administration have said that this preamble language means nothing, that it’s just a sop to Russian feeling. I am not saying they are lying but I do ask:

Would they know if it were thought of as meaningful and binding by everyone else? This administration has accumulated a history of not understanding much about the world. Why would this be different?

Also, states, like individuals, should not enter into contracts they don’t intend to respect. Trust is the basis of civilized life.

If I had been a Senator, I would have told the President,” I am more for it than against it but I don’t want to rush. A couple of wrinkles have to be ironed – you called them wrinkles; maybe you are right; persuade me. Also, why not wait a couple of weeks and give the treaty the big muscle of backing by a Republican Congress?” (Don’t laugh at the thought of my being a Senator. Al Franken is. I am a lot smarter than he is and much better informed. I am even having funnier than he ison most days. This is not bragging. Most of us are most of the above.)

The Federal Communications Commission ought to be disbanded or starved to death. It just decided to take the thing that works best in America by a long shot and to regulate it. Its reason for existing does not exist anymore anyway. The original reason was that someone had to apportion limited broadcast space (that would be in the air). There is no shortage of whatever it takes to expand the internet. There is no shortage in sight. The three Democrat members of the commission (members are appointed) are all radical enemies of freedom of speech for conservatives. Kill them! (Not as human beings, as commissioners. I hope I am being clear). Conservatives should not even desire in their hearts of hearts to use the FCC similarly if and when they have a majority on it

It would be an excellent gesture for the Republican Congress to kill the FCC as one of its first actions. It would have high symbolic value to announce the transformation of the nature of government. It would be relatively easy to do because funding bills must originate in the House. So, don’t fund it. Try to make it retro-active. Let the commissioners operate from their kitchen tables if they wish. I would consider that progress at any rate. Rolling back the FCC to any extent would also provide great training; it would be an unlimbering exercise for the heavy lifting to follow. I refer to the destruction of PelosiCare, of course.

If all goes well, I will be spending a few days in the sun right after Christmas. So, this may be one of my last postings of the year. Yes, it’s true, I would rather swim in warm Caribbean water than write a few more pages for you. Shoot me!


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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