Civility and Partisanship: New Resolutions Toward Pres. Obama

On Wednesday, or on Thursday, I forget, President Obama gave a long speech about the Tucson massacre. I don’t know everything he said because my mind wandered. My mind wanders more and more when the president speaks. He is on the air too often. Every additional time confirms that he has little to say, that what little he has to say could be said in about one tenth of the time. The president is a good actor though. He has good voice delivery, no question about it. Having broken most of his promises, being widely reviled for those he kept (Obamacare, first of all), the president increasingly takes refuge in what he does well. He has a good voice. He reads a prepared text well. He would make a decent White House spokesperson.

I told you on this blog as early as the campaign that Barack Obama is a mediocre man. Even his achievements (Obamacare, again) are not his but those of his allies in Congress. I told you so. I am surprised so many conservatives persist in taking him seriously. He is a second-rate university professor. Mind you, I never said the president was stupid or below average in intellect. I think he discharges his duties as president almost as well as I would or rather, not much worse than I would. Of course, unlike Mr Obama, I don’t’ want the job, never wanted it, never thought I could do it.

Although my mind was wandering during the president’s healing speech, I noticed two points he made. He spoke in favor of civility of discourse and he denounced “partisanship” although I mild terms. Here is what I have decided to do in these respects. First, I will continue to be civil. Mostly, I think this means not using foul language in connection with people I oppose, such as the president himself. I seldom do anyway. It’s a good intellectual discipline to try and describe with exact words what it is they do and say that really pisses you off.

Secondly, I will avoid partisanship. I will do so as soon as liberals abandon their irrational and destructive programs. Right now, I am referring to their willingness to sacrifice the life chances of our descendants by contracting unconscionable amounts of public debt and by doing it for reasons tied to unreason, stubbornness, and the unwillingness to consider cause and effect. Above all, I will avoid partisanship just as soon as attempts to abandon or by-pass the Constitution cease or become so weak as to not be a cause for concern.

Mr President, liberal politicians, and liberal voters: Proposing all-around chastity right after you raped us brutally is not going to persuade us.

And, as I have said before ( “Tucson Giffors Massacre Not a Tragedy” ), I had nothing to do with the senseless Tucson mass murder. Neither did Sarah Palins. The massive, raging obsession of liberal commentators with the irrelevant ex-Governor on this occasion caused me to pay attention again. Liberal commentators can’t all be mad. They must sense a political danger in this woman I don’t really see.

And I want to end this calm and mostly civil column by specifying again that I don’t wish any of the liberal leaders any harm. Nancy Pelosi, I hope soon will be able to enjoy her grandchildren un-impeded by the tasks of revolution. Perhaps, she will disclose what pills she has been taking. Harry Reid will soon return to his small town in Nevada. He will easily land a job selling cars, new cars, GM cars to be precise. He has what it takes. Why, I have him on video asserting multiple times that he federal income tax is voluntary! Vice-President Bidden can remain himself. He is doing no harm and he is fun.

I hope Barack Obama will soon get a suitable job where he will be comfortable, one that he will do well. I am thinking of President of the Greater Chicago Chamber of Commerce.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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