State of the Union Address Summarized by Dr J.

Here are some good additional reasons why I will try to seize more of your money and even more of your grand-children’s money. “

One is to achieve clean energy by…. “

Note: I don’t know why we need cleaner energy urgently. I think there is no reason.


Note: Yawn!

This country ….compete…. “

Note: Countries don’t really compete with one another economically. Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winner and New York Times Leftist firebrand, agree with me on this. This is a misleading statement that many other politicians have made, not an Obama original.

I will veto any legislation with earmarks.”

Good for him. If he does, that will be the only achievement of his administration as far as I am concerned. I wish him well. It will take guts.

I dozed off for most of the speech. The man is out of his depth, I keep telling you. I agree with Rush Limbaugh’s intuition today: The president did not want to be there at all.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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3 Responses to State of the Union Address Summarized by Dr J.

  1. David says:

    Here is my take on the president’s state of the union (from the President’s perspective):

    We haven’t printed enough money to spend to fix all of our problems. I’ll listen to any ideas that agree with the premise of my beliefs (i.e. big government and universal health care, etc.) Otherwise, I won’t listen to them. (The president wants to make Republicans into Democrats.) Here’s some evidence I found (manufactured???) to prove my points. And we can cut the budget, so long as entitlement programs aren’t cut, education isn’t cut, government employees aren’t cut, benefits aren’t cut, spending levels stay the same as they are now, foreign aid can’t be cut, domestic spending can’t be cut or anything that may impact someone. But we can cut the military! Did I mention we need to spend money to update infrastructure? and pay to upgrade our entire energy production/usage? And spend money to make every level of education available to everyone? Did I mention that we need to pay to subsidize internet access so everyone can have it?

    In short, we need a Nanny State!!!

    Funny thing is I actually listened to most of the speech, and I didn’t fall asleep. It seems to me that the President was never told that there is a finite supply of money in the world and you can’t do everything with it. Even if he was, he never learned that lesson. All the better for a conservative victory in 2012 I suppose.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      The President is honestly trying to be a centrist, I think. He just does not know how. I have been arguing for moths that he is a limited man.And he does not have anyone around him to instruct him. He must have flunked Econ 101 in college. That’s one of the reasons his grades are sealed. His only cunning is in offering peace after his party got its ass kicked. Even then, he is kind of childish and pathetic.
      Sometimes, I think that everyone but me has been struck with PC blindness: People can’t allow themselves to see that this well-mannered gentleman of color is just another affirmative action doofus. I am spared because I grew up elsewhere without the burden of American racial guilt.

  2. Bruce says:

    If Obama goes down as the worst President in history, it will be our fault. If he’s successful, we knew he could do it!
    Test question: If People of Color made up 85% of the US population, would Obama be the first White President?
    Gotta go now, I hear a knock on the door. Hope it’s not the thought police.

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