Fed. Government Shuts Down and Not Much Happens

There might be a real government shutdown because the Republicans are holding fast, so far. The airways are full of speculation about whether or not.There is not much talk about the “what” of such possible cessation of federal government activities. That’s aside from the anticipated suffering of federal employees, of course.

The cold-hearted social scientist in me can’t help but be overtaken by curiosity. I  have been proclaiming for years that there is too much federal government, a lot too much. The President and the two houses of Congress are going to offer us a real-life experiment it seems. The experiment will be about what we miss when the fed stops doing business. Although many federal employees will do their best to dramatize the plight of ordinary citizens when they don’t work, a government shutdown will give us some idea of what the ordinary person suffers when the federal government does little. I can’t wait.

And, in case you are tempted to charge my natural curiosity and my insouciance to my being one of the selfish independently wealthy, get real. I am on Social Security and on Medicare. I stand proudly on the frontline of this mini-war between common sense and honesty on the one side and gross irresponsibility one the other side. Even then, I hope we will witness the unthinkable. Please!

The Down Jones was down 36 points on the news that no progress had been made in reaching an agreement on the budget. For those who don’t follow such thing, 36 points down is pretty muchwhat happens when any number of reach men go to the bathroom.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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3 Responses to Fed. Government Shuts Down and Not Much Happens

  1. David says:

    I’m reasonably certain nothing will really change if the federal government is shut down. As a matter of fact, I laugh about it quite regularly. A shut down government is as close to a real life libertarian state as is likely to happen in reality. My memory is a bit hazy, but I seem to recall that the government in Belgium has been shutdown for almost a year, and that country has yet to descend into anarchy and chaos. If ours is shutdown for a couple of months, that won’t be so bad. Hell, most Americans don’t interact with the Federal Government more than once a year and they HATE that interaction. I wonder what’ll happen since the shutdown will happen before April 15. I guess the IRS will have a giant LAN party or something. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats had control of all three houses when they needed to make a budget, and they didn’t, now they’re crying foul because they got their asses handed to them in the last election and they can’t get the ornaments in the budget that they want. Though they’re bickering about a pathetically small amount of the budget. You’d think they were all from California, the way their treating the budget. Anywho, I’m gonna enjoy the government shutdown while it lasts.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      I feel let down by the last minute agreement! You are right, David, Belgium, has been without a government for more than a year. I have a Belgian friend who was lamenting about it on Facebook two months ago. I asked her three times how she was suffering. She couldn’t tell me.

  2. Bruce says:

    All the threats of a government shutdown have come and gone. Who doubted that “The One” would rescue us at the last minute? There are always lessons. The media was in top form covering the “crisis”. They had all the potential suffering on film and in sound bites. All the children who were going to be denied access to the Smithsonian. It’s always “about the chillren” is it not? Unless they’re Libyan children, too bad for them war monger Bush is not in the White House, we’re not even at war there under the current administration. The small businessmen who might have loans delayed, though they never said how many. The Park Service, remember, the guys that did such a great job of investigating the Vince Foster “suicide”. Lets see, who else? The media tried to play it down as much as possible but the fact was our military servicemen would not get paid. The only group who is entitled under our Constitution to be paid, would not be getting theirs. They were the only ones not whining too. Not to worry though, our elected representatives would get their checks no matter how long the shut down lasted. They passed legislation to make sure they got their hard earned cash. I think the Republicans missed an opportunity to take a stand. How in the hell can they profess to be for freedom which demands limited government and feel so compelled to continue to feed the non-essential parts of the monster like it was their sick child? They also let Obama and his teleprompter ride in and look like he was leading the people out of the desert. They need to slam him every chance they get and they better get a candidate capable of flushing the turd in 2012.

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