Air Controllers, Gaza Follies.

For some reason that’s not completely clear, my two-hour Sunday radio show tires me. (It’s “Facts Matter,” Sundays 11 to 1pm, KSCO radio Santa Cruz 1080 AM.) Similarly, lecturing used to tire me. I still don’t know why because I don’t believe there is such a thing as “mental fatigue” as such. Anyway, today, just two short observations.

Another time when a story treated as complex by the media seems simple to me. It’s about air controllers falling asleep on the job.

Human beings will fall asleep when they are just too sleepy to stay awake. It’s cruel to pretend otherwise. And the downright snoring is just the tip of the iceberg, of course; bet on it. For one who gets caught sleeping, there are ten, or one hundred who don’t get caught. And for one who actually falls a sleep, there are tens or hundreds who operate at diminished capacity, as we have all done.

From an organizational standpoint, there is only one reason for air controllers sleeping sickness: There aren’t enough of them. And air controllers are not like gold, released by Mother Nature in limited quantities. We can pretty much chose to train and recruit as many as we want. Just guessing but if there were 50% more of them, the sleeping and the near-sleep would drop by 90% . That would be big progress.

So, why doesn’t the federal government do it? Another guess: Air controllers cost a lot. I don’t mean just pay (which I did not bother to look up). And I think they should be well-paid, like all people exercising big responsibilities. I mean federal benefit packages that include acupuncture for their great-niece and the possibility to retire at 85% of highest pay almost into the 22nd century. (OK, I made this up but you get my drift.) So, it’s a political decision or, like many problems of life, but not all, it can be solved by making a couple of straightforward decisions. Those who resist this line of thought are mostly interested in keeping the populace in the fog about the completely made-up mysteries of government.

Second item: Last week something bad happened in Gaza. Lots of bad things happen in Gaza but that one was really new. An Italian journalist (or blogger, the story I read was not clear) had been living there for a while. He had given himself the mission of interfering with Israeli atrocities. An Al Quaida affiliate grabbed him off the street and beheaded him on video. Sounds fair to me. What do you think?

Another thing happened last week in connection with the same horrid little corner of the globe. Judge Richard Goldstone withdrew his charge that Israelis had deliberately targeted civilians in their 2009 attack on Gaza. The charge was contained in a document called” the Goldstone Report,” of course. The withdrawal made no difference to western advocates of Palestinian extremists. They wish to fight to the last Palestinian. And to the last Israeli. Besides, Judge Goldstone is probably a Jew. Fucking Jews!

Note: I have no animosity against Palestinians. They are a people whom history – and their own blind and immoral choices – have treated badly. I wish their current Prime Minister well. It appears he has quietly decided that collecting garbage in the streets and from within his own administration is a better way to prepare a Palestinian state than pursuing the impossible sweet dream of throwing the Jews into the sea.

PS No, I am not Jewish. Look at my last name, for Christ’s sake!


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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3 Responses to Air Controllers, Gaza Follies.

  1. Sergey Nikiforov says:

    Were there no good looking Jewish milkmen in Paris circa 1940s?

  2. Bruce says:

    I glanced at the salary range for FAA air traffic controllers. 50K to 130K. The government will use the sleepy examples to expand the bureaucracy. We need at least 20% more controllers and a certain number of managers to watch them so they don’t drift off. A new office under the FAA banner needs to be created to support the initiative that will never end. These executive positions would be appointed by the President with full staffing. This is why the fancy restaurants in Washington D.C. are recession-proof.
    A cheaper and just as effective solution might be to install an electronic alerter that the controller would have to press periodically or it will sound a loud alarm. We actually have these installed on our train locomotives. In our case if the engineer does not acknowledge the alerter, the computer will take action to bring the train to a safe stop. The cost would be a few hundred dollars per installation.

  3. David says:

    First off…the individual in question that got beheaded on video…he deserved it. Period. He made the mistake that all bleeding hearts make…assuming that because you agree with crazy people, you won’t get hurt by the crazies. Bleeding hearts don’t have a lick of sense and get reap the consequences of their actions. The nut-job Islamists hate ALL WESTERNERS. Bleeding hearts need to wrap their heads around this fact. They will push the silent (read: complicit) majority of Muslims to try to achieve Islamic World Domination. I suspect that the bleeding hearts will try to “understand” the Islamists until they’ve all been killed. Not bad for people who are more pragmatic about the situation, but it might be too late for most of the world by then.

    As far as the air controllers are concerned…no kidding. Maybe if the government didn’t spend billions of dollars in interest on dollars it has borrowed, it could afford more air traffic controllers, even with their insane benefits packages. Of course, that would require balancing the budget every year and paying off the national debt. Too much to ask, of course, but I digress. Just tax the rich even more, that’ll pay for it. (Taxing the rich fixes all the nations problems, right? Hell, an overwhelming majority of Americans support taxing the rich!) It’s a wonder the people who know the future of the planet (hence why they’re trying to force “Climate Change” legislation on us) couldn’t forsee air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job. I’m glad we have such analytical persons on the job in congress. Having bigger government should fix these problems, right? Of course right!

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