Practical Sex Advice For Dudes

I am a frivolous man forced by the boringness of my intellectual betters to keep diving back into serious didactic conduct. I just spent a week and part of the weekend expostulating on serious ideological issues. I almost have a headache as a result. So, it’s time I pleased myself by doing what I do best. That’s giving sex advice to others, of course. This time, it’s to dudes. If you are female, you are required to stop reading here.

Guys, guys! Men who ask what women want are just not paying attention, they are slow-witted or, more likely, they are not using the abundant information around them. If you pick up women’s magazines at the barber, even if only to look at the titles and at the ads, if you keep an eye on women’s morning television shows at the gym, if you ask yourself who is buying all the cheap paperbacks with the lurid, salacious covers, you will soon find convergent answers to the question: What do women want? I am going to shortcut the study for you anyway. The answers below apply only to heterosexual women. (I tried to find out what lesbians want but they threatened to beat me up.)

First, as always, as from “forever,” almost all women want a man to their name. This astounding failure of thirty years of feminism is worth a whole scholarly essay on its own. I will do it some other time. I said “almost all” because I have come across a couple of women who learned from a bad marriage, or from a bad divorce, or more likely, from both, that their own man was more of a burden than they wanted to carry for occasional use. They are content to borrow one now and then, here and there.

Second, women want the man in their lives to declare sincerely how very, very sorry he is. It does not matter what he is sorry about, it’s the intensity of the emotion in the confession that matters. I urge you, brother-men, to not yield to this facile way to get points with your beloved. It’s habit forming; she will want more; there will be no end to it. And after a while, she will despise you for your weakness.

Third, all women want someone else’s breasts. Silly feminists will argue that this horrid patriarchal society has made women un-naturally chest-conscious. Nothing could be further from the truth. Breast envy is hard-wired. Cave women who lived in all-female herds and rarely saw a man used to sneak behind the bushes with a piece of torn mammoth pelt to fashion a Wonderbra of sorts. At any rate, the envy leads to surgery if it’s not checked in time. Don’t allow this barbarous practice; don’t show any tolerance of it, not even unconsciously. If you care at all for a woman, any woman, you don’t want her perfectly healthy flesh to be cut by a sharp knife and then delivered to an always hazardous healing process. Besides, I have seen on television that the results of breasts implant and breast modification are sometimes tragically grotesque. I mean uglier than any naturally shaped protuberances I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot of ugly breasts in my life. I say so without meaning to brag.

Fourth, all women like earrings. They never have enough. Earrings are not dangerous, immoral, or generally threatening to a woman’s reputation. There are nearly no ugly earrings. Almost any woman’s face is lit up by earrings, even mediocre earrings. I have known this for years but almost at a subliminal level. For a long time, I was clueless about earrings, like many men. I thought buying earrings for a woman was an expensive and time-consuming endeavor also fraught with mis-steps. Not so long ago, I began experimenting by giving earrings frequently to a young woman to whom I am close. Specifically, I experimented with price. Amazingly soon, I discovered that there was not floor, no earrings so cheap that they would fail to put the woman in a good mood, at least for a while. I stopped the experiment at the rather shameful but astounding price of two dollars ($2). I stopped mostly because I had trouble finding cheaper earrings. Something else happened during the experiment: I became progressively and palpably better at choosing earrings. I am now so good at it I might just as well be gay.

Here is a good rule of thumb applying to just about everything: If you are sufficiently bad at something, you will improve quickly through practice. This goes for buying earrings the same as it goes for sex, the act.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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8 Responses to Practical Sex Advice For Dudes

  1. David says:

    As to your first point, yes, yes they do. Otherwise why would they get so offended when their BF goes and bangs the 20-year old drunk college slut,or when their husband hooks up with his secretary or get offended at the proposal of a threesome/foursome/etc.? (Whatever happened to “the more, the merrier?”) I’m not necessarily saying those are moral, just that most women would be horribly offended/pissed off in those scenarios, because “her man” screwed up. Or down. It depends on the other woman, I suppose. For example, Bill Clinton screwed down. Hillary wasn’t exactly a MILF, but she was better looking (at the time) than Monica. Though I suspect Hillary wasn’t putting out. But I digress.

    As to the second point, yes they do, and they will despise the man that does so. Ladies need to be careful what they wish for. If they want a man to constantly apologize he will become weak and useless to her, then she will find a man (usually the bad boy type, no wonder why women always fall for the bad boy….the bad boy tells her to go fuck off every so often, whereas the nice guy is like an abused lap dog.)

    As to the third point, not surprising. Also, most men would like the other woman’s breasts too. And I heartily agree that “breast enhancement” surgery is ALWAYS a mistake. They never look natural afterwards. I like to see em sway and jiggle. 🙂

    As to the fourth point, I don’t think it’s as simple as you seem to imply. Largely because the women I’m closest to have little interest in earrings. Wearing them or otherwise. Earrings hardly put them in a happy mood. (I’ve given everything from diamond studs to a 12-pack from claire’s.) Hell, my wife forgets about them, loses them, or otherwise doesn’t think about them. Maybe my women are outliers, it’s possible, but I have to disagree, if only on my anecdotal experience.

  2. David says:

    Maybe I should find myself some other women, then? 🙂

  3. Terry Amburgey says:

    Your advice is impeccable as always.

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