French Politician Arrested: My Suspicions

Update: July 2nd 2011: The judge freed Strauss Khan today pretty much at the request of the prosecution. It seems the alleged victim is not credible. Personally, I think something happened in that hotel room that is still going to ruin Strauss Khan’s political career. It was not something deserving 25 years in the slammer though.

Update: 5/18/11:      I heard legal experts on two different channels, Fox News and CNN, assert that there was no extradition treaty between France and the US. I think they are in error. Here is a link to a treaty ratified in 2002:

The French daily Le Figaro asserted today that the alleged victim of Mr Strauss Khan was six-foot tall.

 Original editorial, posted May 16 2011.

I am a conservative anti-statist (libertarian). I have disliked the French Left with special intensity for years because of its intellectual hypocrisy. On my radio show, on this blog, and in the coffee shops, I spend a good deal of my time ridiculing conspiracy theories from the Right as much as from the Left. Until yesterday, you could have bet that I would never get caught suggesting a conspiracy to down a prominent member of the French Socialist Party. Yet, the arrest of Dominique Strauss Khan , the International Monetary Fund chief, and the allegations that prompted it, stink like a herring two weeks out of water, I think. Here are the sources of my skepticism and some commentary.

Early reports were that Mr SK was charged with what is technically defined as “sodomy.” In the State of New York, that means one of two things. The same early reports suggested that he tried to force a 32-year old chambermaid to perform oral sex on his person. There was no mention of a weapon of any sort being brandished. To be starkly realistic, trying to force one’s penis into the mouth of a woman who has any teeth at all sounds extraordinarily dangerous. Even if he succeeded, what would stop her from inflicting severe mutilation on him?

Mr SK is a sixty-two year-old portly bureaucrat. How he could force anything on a normally healthy thirty-two year old woman is difficult to imagine unless she were very frail. But the work of a chambermaid is physically demanding. Frail women can’t do it unless they are unusually strong. Same problem. In the absence of an exercise in brute strength, it’s difficult to imagine what means of pressure he could have exercised to have his way with her. The only means I can think of is money, of course.

I don’t see the spontaneous sexual stamina in a man that age that would be necessary to assault a strange woman he was not even expecting. When I try to picture the scene of the old man jumping out of his bathroom naked, with sex on his mind, I see a cheap movie of demonic possession. The fact that Mr SK has a history of ordinary sexual indiscretions makes the scene even less credible. Powerful French politicians commonly wander. The rules are clear: They are supposed to get what they want by talking willing women into it. At worst, they pay prostitutes. French sexual culture has no tolerance for sexual assault. It’s viewed as a confession of un-manliness. The assault described in the press would be starkly out of character.

The report that New York police tracked Mr SK to an airliner minutes before it was due to take off is not completely incredible but it’s a little hard to take. That is, absent tips from a well-informed source about Mr SK’s whereabouts.

Mr SK’s arrest has transformed radically the forthcoming French presidential race. That’s true irrespective of the ultimate disposition of the charges. Here is why: The French electorate is largely tired of Pres, Sarkozy. His administration did not fulfill its economic promises and his personal behavior embarrasses many French people. Yet, the Socialist Party had not rid itself of the failure to be credible it earned over many years of rule. Mr KS was a Godsend because he was going to run as a Socialist who no one believes is a socialist. He is a professor of economics with a good record as a minister in two Socialist governments. If I lived in France, I wouldn’t have much of an objection to SK as President (largely, because, in the French context, one could do worse). Incidentally, there is a third party in the race, it’s a right-wing party whose sole platform seems to be that its followers don’t like immigrants. It has the potential to make the main race more complicated. I don’t think it can win the presidency.

Both President Sarkozy, and pallid rivals of Mr SK within the Socialist Party stand to gain ground by his elimination.

The alleged victim is from Guinea, the Wall Street Journal reports. Guinea is a former French colony. Guineans go to school in French. France never severed past colonial ties with its former colonies in Black Africa. Heads of services and retired heads of services in the French state bureaucratic class by the hundreds can generate thousands of small-time African agents. Among other things, the widespread desire of young Africans to live in France legally provides a myriad means of pressure on their relatives.

So, what am I suggesting?I don’t know exactly; it’s too early to tell. This story just does not hang together. You read it here first.

About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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14 Responses to French Politician Arrested: My Suspicions

  1. GaryK says:

    CONSPIR_ _ _.

    After reading your first two paragraphs I had enough to put the following to words.

    I personally do not know how anyone can come away from the current events of the last several weeks and NOT see that there is a con. As time goes on and the knowing that can be accessed via the internet* gets more egregious we will see more and more evidences of conspiracy.

    Conspiracy is simply the belief in evil. When that evil that can be supported by a whole nations inflationary tax, itself a system of fraud, you really can make a turd look like a lollipop. (Osama)

    You can also turn freedom, which itself is a result, into an entitlement . That means that every one is deserving aside from his or her beliefs and and actions. This CANNOT happen inside of logic and reality unless what? Well, you can call it what ever you want. I proudly call it by its FIRST name.

    Why do you think it is that the constitution is nothing political toilet paper as it pertains to the reality of it as law? (The birth cert) Could it be that entertainment has replaced reality? The only place that can happen is if you can successfully keep the debt ceiling pumped up.

    In other words pump up the what? The fantasy!

    None dare call it what?

    A con _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

    Jacques perhaps you will soon join those of us who are awake inside reality.

    *The internet is the biggest thorn in the side of conspirators world wide because the sins of those in power are exposed. There is a huge fight to contain it and the con that it will stir will kill millions in the coming decades as truth is once again revealed to be what it always has been – both good AND EVIL!

    It is interesting that truth is on its head to the degree that those of us that are awake are the woo woo folks, all at the behest of the con word that is about as politically incorrect a word as there is. I do however think I heard the popping sound of a few more pulling their heads out of the sand the day the news about OSAMA came out. The dumber the collective the more
    emboldened the con men get.


    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      The US Constitution is the only morally valid guideline for government. It’s also proven itself from a practical standpoint.

      It’s not true that conspiracy is simply evil. There is lots of evil in my heart, I assure you. That evil is not a conspiracy until I get together with at least another evil person to enact my and his evil. That’s very difficult to pull off in this kind of society because there is always someone willing to leak. Three guys can perhaps keep a secret for three days, three women, for two hours, if that.

      • GaryK says:


        The distinction .. as I pointed out .. is money. When you ARE the fiat folks that ARE the beneficiary of billions and you ARE separated from the working class by those billions you ARE your own hobnob cult . Your only connections outside your cult is via the influence of CFR etc and societal societies that DO keep secrets at the behest of their own lives due to what is at stake. OF COURSE the connected dots do get a little confusing and thus for many “sound byte Americans” connected at the hip to their TVs and the enemedia, they simply throw up their hands and go “nahhhhh”! It just couldn’t be! How wonderful to have enough fiat$ to actually create the exclusivity that keep feudal subjects at bay.

        The single biggest influence that belies conspiratorial truths is the way that one can influence with money via the influence of comforts provided over time by an economic synthesis (debt) based ITSELF in a lie. When you can infiltrate such a society to the place where their own leadership (your pawns) has no clue to truth being outside of their ownership*, like ACCOUNTING truth – that is MATH, THEN you have power. Power so very complete that you can create wars to temper growth because people think that firepower and entitlement has replaced god!
        By the way – what DO you think when you can read the intentionality of these people when it comes to taking life to save life. Who dreams up the new “truths” like global warming and the new “science” that puts life of any kind WAY ahead of life of the humankind? Is this life producing or death?

        You smell something (and logically so) when a leader is accused of sexual misconduct >>>but are at a loss when people are so very hypnotized by synthetic “debt ceiling” comforts, that evidences can be published and seen but NOT stink? Huh.

        * a black egotist like Obama then becomes the perfect presidential pawn!
        What more could you ask for to keep the US asleep in their comforts than a man so full of himself that he continues the charge towards higher debt ceilings that provide him with WHAT? MORE ARTIFICIAL POWER IS WHAT! POWER TO ENTITLE.. which is simply another way to say buy votes. And yea, call me racist if you like .. I think racism lives OUTSIDE of truth however and I do not live there.


  2. Kelly Norman says:

    Jacques, you break my heart. I can’t be in love with Nicolas Sarkozy anymore now. Is there anyone else left in France who likes the US? and isn’t probably doing something shady?

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Kelly: You can still be in love with Sarko. Why not? He didn’t do very well but hardly any president anywhere did.
      To answer your question: Most French people seem to like the US. As you know, media people are mostly interested in other media people. The American media reports a French anti-Americanism confined almost entirely to French media people who tend to be anti-American for reasons that would take too long to explain right now. The remaining Communists are also anti-American, of course. Regardless, nearly all French people imitate Americans. Here is how to say “cool” in French: “Cool.”

    • thecrackshotcrackpot says:

      Kelly, for what its worth, I’ve bummed my way through France (and Spain and Italy and Portugal and Slovenia!) as drunken college student and I can tell you from first hand experience that Europeans and especially the French absolutely LOVE Americans. They love the way we talk. They love our generosity. They find our political institutions amusing and strange. They love our music. Sometimes its tough to separate a people from what a people’s politicians say in public.

      Dr. J: I’ve had a question that has been bothering me for while. Europeans really seem to love Americana, but politicians of European states often engage in vitriolic anti-Americanism. Why is this? Are they catering to special interests that I am unaware of? Is it because of our military presence? I’m stumped!

  3. Kelly Norman says:

    Of course you are right. France is actually my favorite part of the world, been there four times and I didn’t sense I was being treated unfairly. I always speak French there, and they’ve finally stopped telling me I don’t have to speak French…which I always think means “please speak English because nothing you said makes any sense.” So I think that’s good.

    In Normandy I met some shopkeepers who remembered the invasion. A lot of respect and humility for those who took part in DDay

    • jacquesdelacroix says:


      Free advice: Tread softly when you speak to immigrants of their native countries. There is a reason that we left, after all. In the case of French immigrants, it was not starvation, for sure. I like France too but I don’t like the French, by and large. I wish they would vacate the country in June for two weeks leaving behind only the chefs. My problem is that I speak French and understand it perfectly. Incidentally, I have not met an American in more than twenty years who knew French even a little. It’s perplexing.

      Test: How would you say: “I will have had dinner by the time you arrive” ?

  4. Bruce says:

    The more I hear the more sceptical I become.
    In an interview April 28, 2011 with the French daily newspaper Liberation, Mr SK said he could imagine “a woman who would be raped in a parking lot and who would then be promised 500,000 or a million euros to invent such a story.”
    Then, on May 14, 2011, less than three weeks later, a hotel maid claims Mr SK assaulted her. It might just be that the woman was looking for a payday and heard he might be to one to make it happen for her. Like the woman in the Duke Lacross Team case where both the race and rape cards were played. Initially, I feel sorry for the victim. Then the facts emerge and the real victim is the accused attacke. The accuser is almost never held accountable for the false alligations, so its a no lose.
    Factually, thanks for asking the tough question. The inherent physical danger in the very mechanics of what she claims he did is questionable, especially without a hand gun to encourage a favorable outcome. It also makes me wonder why a guy who can afford $3,000 a night for a room and USDA Prime would force oral on a maid who I’ve heard say looked like she had AIDS.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Bruce: I agree with you about both lack of motivation and the mechanics of the supposed assault. I try to avoid paying attention to all rumors. Liberation is a committed left-wing newspaper. It’s pretty good overall but it does not deserve complete confidence, in my opinion.

  5. clamboslice says:

    There are many ways that DSK may have committed a crime forcing the chambermaid to have oral sex with him. It is not required that he forceably hold her head with both hands or twist her arm behind her back, etc. to accomplish this.
    He can have made threats of losing employment, he could have made other threats and these are legally still as valid as physical force for a crime to happen.
    We have seen this with kidnapped children who are molested and the perp convinces them that “if you tell anyone, I’ll kill your parents.”
    It’s absolute nonsense that any woman would have an instant attraction to an old dinosaur. Believe me, and if you don’t ask some women. Women can detect age very quickly and have zero physical attraction to old creeps. An old creep is any man as old as George Clooney who is NOT George Clooney. There is no chance that this woman was instantly romantically attracted to this old geezer. Zero.
    Even assuming this woman was a secret undercover hooker, she would be insane to conduct her sideline at her normal workplace. This makes no sense.
    The other behavior of DSK is consistent with a guy who is sometimes able to use his wealth and public persona to attract the normal occasional groupie type who is attracted to power, fame and wealth.
    Unless the chambermaid watched French TV she would not have any idea who the old guy was.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Hi. I don’t know with whom you are arguing here. I did not affirm he did not do it. I said the whole package stinks. I gave a series of reasons. If you don’t address them squarely, you are addressing someone else.
      I use the barrel of apples strategy in assessing what other people say: A couple of rotten apples make the whole barrel suspect. Your statement about DSK possibly threatening the chambermaid ‘s employment is a rotten apple, as far a I am concerned. Why in the world would a grown woman living in NY believe such a threat? It sounds as if the idea came out of some feminist pamphlet.

      My overall argument is that seducers are not next door to rapists but the exact opposite of rapists. That’s probably what DSK’s wife also thinks. (I am speculating here.)

  6. Bruce says:

    NEWS FLASH 30 July 2011
    She lied repeatedly to investigators, told her drug dealer friend who is in jail for 4,000 lbs of pot, what her plan was to frame the guy, and there’s evidence she’s involved in money laundering. I don’t think there will be a book deal waiting for her any time soon.
    Dr. J was all over this one ya’all!

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