Organic Vegies Deadly!

Organic bean sprouts are killing French people two weeks after organic bean sprouts killed Germans. It’s beginning to look like an epidemic, not a biological epidemic, a cultural epidemic. Consumers who are too stupid or too ill-informed to prefer natural and organic food are spared.

I know how petty I am sounding. Yet, the fact is that if an industrial, microwavable preparation of processed macaroni and (imitation) cheese had killed twenty people in a short time and caused illness in many more, you would never hear the end of it.

It’s not well known in this country but in Europe, it’s common briefly to irradiate vegetable products precisely to kill bacteria. It’s the non-irradiated, natural bean sprouts for purists that’s killing Europeans. I wish there was a way to make Santa Cruz take note.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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16 Responses to Organic Vegies Deadly!

  1. David says:

    Do you mean that irradiating veggies saves lives? Or that they should eat more of the non-irradiated veggies so that they’ll die before infecting others with their idiocy?

  2. Terry Amburgey says:

    Natural selection in action.

  3. Gary says:

    I find it interesting just how far we are willing to go to assert our OWN truths. When we become disingenuous we not only hurt ourselves we destroy (to a degree) the empirical upon which truth stands. Our political
    alignment is now so polar that food can be used as an identifier?

    Over the past several years I have noticed that Rush Limbaugh’s relevancy is slipping because he too is willing to lump vegans and vegetarians in with left wing kooks. A willingness to do so is in my book a willingness to polarize yourself from a large and growing contingent of constitutional conservatives who know the FACTs about longevity and diet as it pertains to meat. What this proves to me how willing people are to drive the FACTs and the link that accounting has to accountability outside of political arena, making anything they say “duck speak”. Anyone who studies FACTS Jacques, knows that the issue in Germany is not the food, it is what is contaminating it, and people like you are willing to contaminate the a platform that used to be about the FACTS that actually do matter.

    Anyone that stoops this low to make points is not cognizant of the FACT that they are going outside the realm of what is true to reenforce an opinion
    that does not align with verifiable FACTs Jacques, but I guess for you FACTs really don’t matter.

    If one’s platform is built on such fantasy – even if it is a publicity stunt at its core, the platform loses validity and suffers. Staying in good health in America is starting to be a stigmatism that is giving conservatives a huge
    black eye and the FACTS will end up making them the party of the sick and obese.

    Gary Kimes

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Gary: I don’t know what you are ranting about. What have I asserted that is not factually correct? Fact is that in Germany recently and in France today, it’s eaters of raw organic bean sprouts that are dying suddenly, not eaters of processed foods.

      You may decide that these facts are irrelevant. Please do. (Speaking of fantasy.)

      PS I eat large quantities of raw vegetable myself. I am smart enough to wash them thoroughly because pigs and some people shit in the fields. It’s good that I don’t care about saving water. Also, my veggies are not organically grown and they almost certainly are not grown with “sustainable” practices. That’s because I am lucky to possess ordinary common sense.

      • David says:

        ya know…I had a fantasy the other day…it involved my wife…and some apples, chocolate, ice cream, caramel syrup, hot fudge and whipped cream…

        er…I suppose I shouldn’t post that here…

      • jacquesdelacroix says:

        This conservative blog supports the institution of marriage. Please, post pictures.

      • Gary says:

        Heres what fueled my rant for those just a bit thick. There is proof positive that for both longevity and overall health that fresh fruits and vegetables are key and are in fact preferred. Your title would assert otherwise and in that regard it is counterproductive and untrue. The truth is that those who do not partake of meat and dairy live much longer lives.
        Actually as much as 15 years or more. Dealing with facts many times is as much about is not said as it is about what is.

      • jacquesdelacroix says:

        Gary: My title did not do any of the things you assert it did. And it is true to fact. It is organic raw bean sprouts that killed Germans and are now making French people sick. My short paragraph is intended to make people sit up and be vigilant about propaganda from the muddle-headed who surround us.

        Gary: I share your belief in the virtues of vegetables and fruit. I eat most raw. I eat several portions of raw vegetables or green salad every day. It wouldn’t take much to convince me of the correctness of your assertions about vegetarianism although you sound like a cult follower. I wouldn’t be surprised if vegetarians who are leisurely and rich lived longer than meat–eaters who are work hard and have limited financial means. Also, someone would have to address for me the following paradox: South India is close to 100% vegetarian yet that part of the world suffers a heart disease rate higher than westerners’ (especially higher than the French rate although the French eat, meat, sauces, and cheese at nearly every meal)/. One could do this either by correcting my impression of a high rate of cardiac illness in South India or by showing me that South Indians are not really vegetarian. There may be other ways. I am waiting. I am genuinely interested. MY readers – who are more intelligent than average are waiting too.

  4. Bruce says:

    The culprit is a food borne illness E coli, specifically O104:H4. It was first identified in 1955. The clone (HUSECO41) was first isolated in Germany from a patient with haemolytic uraemic syndrom (HUS). HUS usually affects children and results in hemolytic anemia, acute renal failure and a low platelet count (thrombocytopenia). Its believed that what’s happening now is that members of this clone have virulent profiles that combine those of two different enterovirulent E coli (enterohaemorrhagic E coli and enteroaggregative E coli). There is a 5-10% mortality, most recover without major consequences, a small proportion develop chronic kidney desease. It’s organic bean sprouts in France recently, it was undercooked hamburgers at Jack In The Box and spinich before that here in America. We need to be vigilant.
    Ionizing radiation destroys microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and insects. The perception among some is that “unadultered organic foods” are the only way to go. I try and grow as much as possible myself (I love fresh tomatoes), but I see nothing wrong with food that does not have the “organic” label. Organics are more expensive too, which can feed the Left Wing Superiority Syndrome (LWSS). A symptom suggestive of LWSS is demonstrated by delusional individuals who spend 50K on an electric car whose batteries have to be recharged daily and replaced every five years, and, dispite the evidence to the contrary, still believe they are doing more for the environment that you.
    As far as health is concerned, we don’t eat enough fresh food period. It’s no secret, a good balanced diet (not vegitarian, unless you want to look , good genes, exercise (including sex), hobbies to relieve stress (including alcohol) is the ticket.
    It’s too bad Michelle can’t get her husband to try organic bean organic bean sprouts. In FACT, there’s solid evidence that neither can resist the short ribs at the White House.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Very useful. Thank you, Bruce.

    • Gary says:

      Thanks Bruce. Just curious. Does this bacteria inhabit the plant becoming part of it – or is it a contamination? Originating generally in feces it would seem the latter.

  5. Gary says:

    No cult heretic here. This: ” organic raw bean sprouts (that) killed Germans and are now making French people sick”, is not technically the truth — the sprouts themselves did not make these folks sick. Like I said before it was what was in and on the sprouts. I suppose it gets a little more attention that way though.
    This was my contest. Nothing else. Setting up some demographic variables to straw man the argument is fine – if you like waiting.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Fine. Gary:. I am sure everyone understood. And the fact remained that if the sprouts had been cooked, no one would have been sick.

  6. Peter Miller says:

    This is not about deadly organic veggies, but since it has a European flavor, I’ll put it here. The prosecution’s case against DSK falls apart only one day after the Greek bailout, and only two days after Lagarde is confirmed as IMF chief. Had Greece defaulted, the biggest losers would have been the big German and French banks that foolishly financed Greece’s profligacy. One perfectly respectable view holds that it would have been better to let Greece default now rather than later, as it will inevitably have to do. Did DSK hold this view? And does Lagarde hold the opposite view (bailout at any future cost)? I don’t know.

    If DSK was inclined, as many economists advised, to let Greece go into default now (and leave the Euro monetary union, return to the drachma and devalue it), that would have given Deutsche Bank and the other big lenders billions of Euros-worth of an incentive to ruin him. Were they the source of the $100,000 paid to the Guinean maid for her part in l’affaire DSK?

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Peter: Lagarde is a perfectly reasonable and well trained woman. If there were a conspiracy, I don’t think it would be about Greece. Greece, ultimately ,is not very important except insofar as it provides a series of symbols for all Europeans to consider. (It would be difficult to invent a more striking example of European silliness, irresponsibility, stubborn ignorance than the “Greek street” is giving us right now.) Greece will retire from the Euro or not. It does not much matter,except, again, symbolycally.

      Instead, I go back to my earlier musings: DSK’ s arrest ruined any chance that he would run for the French presidency, against Sarkozy or against his more conventional and uninspired Socialist Party colleagues. It’s difficult to believe, from here, the Socialist Party’s public discourse by default. One feels like shaking them awake: “Hello, hello, 1961 is over; capitalism won.” DSK appeared as their only leading figure who lived more or less in the 21st century. Of course, that’s because he is not a “socialist” in any sense of that diluted, misused word. HIs possible, maybe likely, victory over Sarkozy would have signaled the end of 60 years of powerful mythology. That’s even harder to take than economic decline. Conventional socialists who have lived all their adult lives under the myth had an even greater interest in derailing him than did Sarkozy’s mildly center-right coalition.

      One thing bothers me about the reports of the alleged victim’s lack of credibility: Allusions to her having lied on her immigration application. That’s a different kind of lie. It amounted at the time to a misdemeanor. I don’t think it should be amalgamated with her false report regarding what she did right after the alleged assault for example which speaks directly to her truthfulness regarding the alleged crime.

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