Radiation Casualties From Japanese Nuclear Plant: An Update

Nearly four and a half months after an earthquake and a big tsunami damaged  a nuclear power plant in Japan,  I am waiting for new information about much feared radiation emissions. Of course, I would like to know how many people died from exposure to such radiation or, failing this,  how many people took sick as a result of the accidental emission of radiation at the Fukushima plant.

If you scour the internet north to south, right to left, and every which way, you will not find answers to these serious questions. At least, you will not find answers from a respectable, believable source.

What does this absence of information tell you about the media? About the credulousness of people in general? About your own credulousness?

If I am wrong and you do find believable info, please, help me correct myself by writing the reference in a comment to this column. Thank you in advance.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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4 Responses to Radiation Casualties From Japanese Nuclear Plant: An Update

  1. Steve Moyer says:

    First of all, you aren’t ever going to know the answer to your questions. People will die but there won’t be any definitive connection to the radiation. You don’t know why someone gets cancer in most cases. They just do. If the radiation exposure is severe a connection can be made but in most cases it will be something that happens years from now, perhaps decades, and there will be no proof that radiation contributed to the illness and/or death.

    I suggest you look into some groups on Facebook including the RAD WEATHER group ( http://rads.nodes.org ) and the Dianuke group ( http://www.facebook.com/groups/206743832698557/ ).
    Their web site is down, somewhat mysteriously, as of today. But it will be up soon at http://dianuke.org

    Also, look into http://rense.com and my module at http://japancrisis.nodes.org

    There is a lot of info emerging but it’s going to be years before we truly have a handle on it. Maybe decades.


    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Or it could be green apples or it could be the mercury in vaccines or stress from not enough sex as a teenager. What would it take to make you doubt? How many centuries of no evidence would make you suspect that radiation dangers have been grossly exaggerated for many years? Those are real questions.

  2. David says:

    Maybe I’m a little off my rocker here…but something that takes decades to manifest itself isn’t really an imminent risk. Kind of like the people that say that the government is killing us slowly through chem-trails, fluoride in the water, through increased cancer rates because of vaccine usage, etc, if the best they can manage is to maybe, kinda, sort of, possibly reduce our overall life expectancy/fertility over generations, then they’re really pathetic overlords. At least Stalin and Hitler we quite blunt about the fact that they were killing lots of people. No need to be subtle. Stalin got away with it. So did Chairman Mao. Pol pot made an impression with his population too! If governments want to kill people, they’ll use the cheapest, simplest methods; a bullet is cheaper and faster than a team a evil genius scientists. In any case, back to radiation poisoning. I have a logical disconnect with radiation poisoning causing cancer decades later (who’s to say one wouldn’t have gotten cancer if one wasn’t exposed to radiation beyond normal daily dosages from the sun?) and it being a imminent risk to our health and well being. I don’t see the link in causation. It has never been explained well to me, especially since we don’t know all the root causes of cancer; or how to cure it. Does cumulative radiation exposure include exposure to sunlight? Microwaves? Cell Phones? Smart meters? TV signals? Radio waves? The infrared specturm? Ultraviolet light? Electricity? The dirt under our feet probably does in some places too. It’s interesting, but I look forward to the time someone can make it as clear as day to me, if it ever happens.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      David: You will notice that Steve Moyer is gone. I will give $20 to Doctors Without Borders if he ever comes back. He is probably one of these many people who cannot be persuaded by any amount of evidence or by massive lack of evidence where there should be some.
      If it took decades for radiation to cause cancer, we would have good evidence about Hiroshima and better evidence about Chernobyl. There is no such. I deal with this matter in previous blogs. Got to pay attention. There will be a quiz!

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