French Sleaze-Bag Walks!

As we almost all know by now, the DA asked the judge to let go of all the charges against French banker DSK. The reason given was that the alleged victim was too unreliable to allow the case to proceed. Not much commentary on the fact that the DA’s office seems to think that there was a brief sexual encounter involving no violence. And the reports to the effect that the DA’s office had “physical evidence” has been nearly forgotten. To me, this spells casual prostitution. I suspect it’s routine in expensive hotels.


Early on, I had pretty much described what the DA seems to think happened: No rape or rape attempt because a bureaucrat in his sixties is not likely to have to capacity to subdue a robust woman in her thirties whose job requires physical endurance. Probably a mercenary quickie that turned bad at some point. Perhaps the chambermaid realized too late to cash in what a big fish she held. That’s speculation on my part, of course.


As I have also said, I have no doubt DSK is a sleaze-bag. Nevertheless, I regret that hasty prosecutorial actions forced him to abandon his very important and well deserved position with IMF. I regret even more that the next French presidential election will not be as hotly disputed as it would have been had DSK been in the race.


Ideological prejudices are not innocent; they have consequences in the real world. Had the alleged victim not been black and not been a poor immigrant, had the alleged perpetrator not been a white man, I wonder if he would have been yanked from a flight reserved days in advance.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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4 Responses to French Sleaze-Bag Walks!

  1. Bruce says:

    They’re both probably sleaze-Bags. To be honest, it kinda gives me flasbacks! It does say a lot about what’s been going on in America for a long time. Namely political correctness. All that’s required in the world of political correctness is a hot-button charge and a qualified victim. The Left has formulated what those hot-button charges are and the criterion for victim status. Controlling these two elements gives the Left a powerful hammer. The DSK event is an example of just how effective this continues to be in America. There’s also no downside for making false claims. If found guilty of 1st Degree rape in New York, DSK was looking at at 5-25 years. If the maid is guilty of fabricating the story, she still gets to file a civil suit to shakedown the dude. Maybe a spread in Hustler. Accountability? We don’t need no stinkin accountability! By the way, you’re not allowed to bring in a victim’s sexual history at rape trial. This is to protect prostitutes from being targeted for rape. Why is the local arsonist accorded the same priviledge when a business in the neighborhood goes up in flames and he’s on trial? He’s not a recognized victim type.
    Of course there are exceptions to the simple formula. A woman or minority has a much better chance of surviving a hot-button charge, provided they are liberals. Ultimately, it’s conservatives that are the preferred targets. When will Clarence Thomas get it? No means no! Anita “hell hath no fury” Hill is a full professor at Brandeis. It’s important to understand that the victim status is the critical factor. A hot-button charge made by a conservative is not automatically assumed to be true.
    What concerns me is that while conservatives try to be fact based, liberals have managed to do an end around. There are enough state school, state media indoctrinated people in America to ensure political correctness continue unchallenged assaulting freedom and liberty. What we end up with is outcome based equality. We have a President who is a qualified victim. There is a perpetual hot-button charge in place whenever anyone challenges him with the facts. It’s been that way his entire life and he’s mastered using it. It’s so effective, nothing even has to be said. It’s clear that if we don’t re-elect him and give him four more years it could only be for one reason.

  2. Thomas H. says:

    “Hot buttons, hot buttons, hot buttons;” instead of corruption, corruption, corruption. No one needs rest their case on this story alone. A great editorial.

  3. clamboslice says:

    We all agree that the sexual encounter was NOT romantic, right? If you ask 100 random women who are 32 whether they wish to perform oral sex on a “dinosaur” creep, 100 would say no. So, the woman in question was either 1. a prostitute 2. physically forced or 3. COERCED by fear. The amazing thing to me is no one seems to think about #3. Fear is a very powerful motivator, she may have been afraid to refuse any advance by any obviously rich client of the hotel (he was in the most expensive suite). I say it’s 50% probable she was an unwilling partner.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      It was not a romantic encounter and DSK is a sleaze-bag. In that situation,it is the client who should be restrained by fear of scandal, exactly the scandal that happened, in fact. Of course, the chambermaid would be aware of that fear. She did not live in a vacuum. People talk with their co-workers. Her awareness of the client’s fear is why she alluded to the possibility of blackmail in her phone conversation with her drug-dealer boyfriend. I would guess she was an occasional prostitute. I would guess further that it’ a common accommodation in an expensive hotel. (I worked in such a hotel in Paris as a teenager.) What does not ad up in my story is that the alleged victim is quite unattractive. DSK could afford the best.

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