Unanswered Questions: Women and Brutal Men, Ghadafi’s Last Faithful, an “Amount” of People

A female Assistant District Attorney from my town of Santa Cruz is brutally murdered during a vacation in Hawaii. The murderer is the man with whom she was on vacation. (No, I don’t need to say, “the alleged murderer.” The presumption of innocence is a wise convention adopted because the government can do so much harm to a private person without even trying. Me, I am just a lone, practically unknown blogger. I wish I could influence public opinion in  Hawaii, but it’s probably not a fact that I do.) Everyone eulogized the victim, locally. She was a good colleague and a caring person.  Apparently,  she was also somewhat of an academic star when she went to school locally.

The question no one wants to ask, an obvious question:  What was a 33 -year old woman, a well- educated woman, one with a professionally-induced good awareness of crime doing sleeping with a violent man? How do I know she was sleeping with him? Well, that’s what people do when they vacation together; they have lots of sex. Otherwise, it’s not a vacation. How do I know he is a violent man? Well again. The man is 38. These things don’t develop suddenly. There are forerunners to the act of throwing a woman out of a moving car. I am certain there were warning signs. I suspect he has  a rap-sheet she could have found.

Why are the perverse tastes of many women  regarding sexual partners off limits?  Does political correctness make us fear what we will find if we lift that cover?

As I write, a handful of Ghadafi’s faithful are holding out in a small town called Bani Walid. They know they are surrounded. They know their leader, wherever he is, will not regain power, that he will probably die soon or be hanged later. Almost certainly, they have access to TV, including Al Jazeera. I am curious about what’s motivating them to die for a lost cause. Our journalists are too lazy to ask.

Some pronounced mistakes a of vocabulary unaccountably become fashionable, including among those who should know better, such as broadcasters and journalists. When I was first learning English, in the 18th century,  I was taught that you say, ” A large amount of potato soup but many potatoes.” That was one of these things that make English a good language. It has plenty of words that instruct you on how to look at what follows them.

Starting a couple of years ago and with undergraduates, “many”  and “few” disappeared. I think it was not just laziness. Somewhere in the corner of the older teenagers’ mind there grew the idea that “amount” was a better word than the plain “many,” that “amount” is cool. This morning, I heard a reporter on NPR refer to “the amount of  people” due to attend the 9/11 commemorations.  I know I sound like a curmudgeon but is this another side of the infantilization of the culture flowing from political correctness?


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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2 Responses to Unanswered Questions: Women and Brutal Men, Ghadafi’s Last Faithful, an “Amount” of People

  1. David says:

    As far as women who take violent lovers…they like the unpredictability and adventure inherent in such a personality. Sure he may be occasionally violent SOB, but he’s got twelve pack abs and knows how to tell them “FUCK NO!” It goes back to why women always like the “bad boy” when they’re dating and want the “good boy” when they want to settle down. They LOVE the adventure, risk, and unpredictability associated with the “bad boy” who will break rules, do bad things and push their limits. In short, violent men aren’t BORING. Women don’t like boring. Boring doesn’t get the blood flowing. Boring isn’t sexy. Boring is a stupid thing to be with and women aren’t so stupid as to not know the risks associated with being with violent men. However, what women ARE extremely good at is rationalization. Women seem to think that they are the exception to the rule. “He would NEVER cheat on ME!” “He’s changed since then!” “That was years ago!” “I knew someone who had a friend that dating someone like that and they’re happy as clams!” Women like to think they’re special. They like to think they’re unlike any other women; therefore, the traditional rules and advice don’t actually apply to them. So when a violent man acts out violently, a woman is likely to think that it was an oddity. A fluke. They tend to think it won’t happen again. Or he just had a hard day at work. He really doesn’t act that way in reality. Reality isn’t something women like to live in. Women have a difficult time seeing reality as it is. Reality is a bitch. Then it has puppies. And those puppies are all bitches, etc. In the end, bitches are boring, bad boys aren’t.

    So far as I’m concerned the choices one makes ought to be in full light, regardless of gender, race, or sexual proclivities. Especially when it directly relates to their demise or court case. Think of Kobe Bryant and the woman he “raped.” Or, speaking of violent men, DSK, who likes it rough in the bedroom. Or the Duke Lacrosse Rape “victim.” The women involved should have been more thoroughly investigated before their lawsuits were drawn up, largely because of questionable actions previously undertaken by the alleged “victim.” Oddly enough, I don’t recall any of these men denying having had sexual relations with the woman in question, just the rape portion of the allegations.

    And on a final note, I agree with you on your point about vacations. It isn’t really a vacation if you aren’t having lots of sex. After all, what is a vacation, but an escape from daily reality?

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