French Sleaze-Bag Banker To Leave Politics

Dominique Strauss-Khan (DSK), the horny French banker is appearing on a French television show today or tomorrow. There, he will explain what really happened to a famous television journalist who is a good friend of his wife.

There is still a civil suit going on in New York against DSK,  brought by the lying chambermaid. A young French woman is also suing him in Paris for attempted rape, several years after the fact. The young woman’s mother is a big shot of DSK’s own Socialist Party. She, the mom, revealed that she had had an affair, a consensual one, with DSK several years earlier. The “affair” took place after hours in the offices of an international organization in Paris, presumably on a desk. (I cannot guarantee this detail.) Mom insists that the affair was consensual but she has also said that DSK was a “brutal” lover. In French code, it means that he subjected her to unsolicited and possibly unexpected sodomy. Don’t blame me for prurience, I take seriously my role of cultural interpreter. You would have to travel far and wide to find anyone interpreting French culture to Americans with greater clarity!

A serious poll reveals that more than half of French people do not want DSK to return to politics. Apparently, this loss of love is not due to DSK’s sexual proclivities. Rather, the scandal in New York revealed how luxuriously he lived. High living is the one thing the French electorate will not forgive, especially, the Socialist Party electorate whose backbone is made of school-teachers.  About possible rape, even confirmed rape, even mass rape, they are open-minded. Flying first class: Pas du tout!

PS : I got most of my information in Le Figaro on-line. It’s a centrist daily newspaper. It’s reasonably serious, as French newspapers go. I mean that the whole French press tends to have problems with facts. They are recalcitrant to it!. See my article on French intellectuals in  Liberty Unbound.

About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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