News From Palestine

Big News? The authority in charge of 2/3 of Palestinians living in territories contiguous to Israel seeks recognition at the UN for a Palestinian state. I am not sure why this is news. Several comments: Neither the US nor Israel have any standing to tell Palestinians if they can have a state or not. And I don’t know why anyone believes that the UN has the power to decide who has a state and who does not. It’s not a world government and it sure as hell is not the superior global court. The General Assembly is a collection of real totalitarian regimes, tin-pot dictators, some in the process of losing all, such as Al Assaf, of ordinary rakes, of a few democratically elected leaders, and of the occasional cannibal. (If you don’t believe this, look up: “Jean-Michel Bokassa.”)  The Security Council is comprised of the victors of WWII, two out of five by courtesy, if you ask me (France and China). The Palestinian leader who is conducting this maneuver was elected in proper elections but his mandate ran out two years ago. Imagine Obama continuing in the White house until 2016 without an intervening election. Come to think of it, I would rather not even think about it!

The other third of Palestinians in contact with Israel live in Gaza where they elected, also in proper elections, a theocratic party that thinks its primary God-given mission is the elimination of Israel. That’s to the exclusion, for example, of fixing sewers that overflow into the middle of the streets of Gaza City. The rulers of Gaza, Hamas, do not want a state, at least, not that state.

(For the wish t eliminate Israel, see the link to Hamas charter, on this blog.)

So here is a general reminder: The territory your group occupies is a state if other states treat it as such. No vote required, no vote really useful. My prediction: The General Assembly will declare the West Bank a Palestinian State but not Gaza. The Security Council will not vote for a Palestine because the US will veto it. Some Palestinians will demonstrate in the street with shouts of “Death to America.”  We will continue giving every Palestinian $200 of my tax money each year. It’s cheap. International insults have cost me more in the past. In the meantime, don’t get your short twisted about Palestinian statehood.

PS  My opinion: The sooner there is a Palestinian state, the better. A sense of dignity often changes people’s behavior. Having a state will also diminish the capacity of a big part of Palestinian political opinion to act like a brat.



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I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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One Response to News From Palestine

  1. GaryK says:

    A comment on who the UN is and why the UN is not an authority for statehood: or is it?

    When you remove the authority that has heretofore been given to over to the one with superior firepower (the united states) you have to replace it with something.

    When you remove our constitutional republic you also have to replace it with something.

    When you remove peoples money you have to replace it with something.

    In all three cases the result is similar to when you stop believing in God.
    You do not then start believing in nothing. You start believing in anything.

    Anything in all three cases above is debt. The UN is the new puppet regime that will be the new puppet authority when the current puppets in the US have used debt to undermine our constitution. The UN will be who we will be indebted to when the democracy that has been put in its place has gone the way of all other democracies.

    The UN in the meantime, will be the keeper of political correctness until it has done its job of destroying the constitution and world wide (artificial) currencies. Artificial and PC are the same thing. They are dialectic “truths” that in actuality are the end of anything absolute so that absolute can be re-established. The UN will eventually be the enforcement arm of a new world wide religion that embodies both Catholic and Islamic faiths.

    (just in case you wanted to know) GK

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