Ron Paul Dogged by Racism Charges

This title is reproduced from It has a piece accusing Ron Paul of serious racist and anti-Semitic statements in his past. I don’t know if any of the charges are correct. I have no opinion except for the fact that I have called Paul “petulant” on this blog. I expect people who support Paul on the Internet, Facebook and even on this blog to come out and say either, ” Can’t be true,” or, “I don’t care.” It’s not much to ask for.

Note: The giant letters on this message are not intended by me . The title is a “copy and paste.”  It determined  the size of the font in my text,  following. I don’t have the skill to control the font. Sorry.

12/23/11     Newsmax is pursuing the story. The blog  ( contends it has more evidence of Ron Paul’ s responsibility. My own mind is not made up. I am only perpetuating this matter because I think the accusation deserves a response by Ron Paul’s partisans, of whom I am not one. Their silence makes me increasingly uneasy.

The lack of response encourages speculation, it’s inevitable. He is one ( a speculation):  When I was younger I did a number of things of which I am not proud. When they are brought to my attention, I don’t say that someone else did it. I may try to explain; I may apologize; I never blame others.

Update December 26th 2011. The questions have been  amplified  over the past couple of days about Ron Paul’s past statements or associations. He says the statements are not his,  nor are the newsletters containing the statements. But one has to guess that he knew the people who were putting out newsletters entitled “Ron Paul Newsletter.” Hence the question about Paul’s “associations.” When the time comes and Congressman Paul is president,  I will say that the disturbing questions about whether Ron Paul is a racist or was a racist, were put up in a blog, called “Facts Matter.” Whoever is the man behind “Facts Matter” is a completely different question, obviously. Don’t be absurd!

And no, I am not calling Mr Paul a liar. I think rather that he is irresponsible and petulant, and perhaps a little cracked. Remember that he chose to tell  us in a presidential debate with precious little time allotted to him that the US armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan spent “20 billion dollars” each year on air conditioning. You could buy some nice small countries for that kind of dough.



About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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3 Responses to Ron Paul Dogged by Racism Charges

  1. Aaron P. says:

    I don’t care. It was opinionated articles that other author’s wrote. Our current President worshipped weekly with a racist reverend. Ron Paul has disavowed the remarks and just like the media that ignored him in the past, it is clear that big money is trying to bury the American people’s hero to install another puppet.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      I was just asking, Aaron. To my knowledge, Paul has said more or less: ” Someone else wrote these horrible things in my newsletters and I did not know about them.” Is that right?

  2. Bruce says:

    “Congressman Paul, you just might be a racist if…..(fill in the blank).”
    Since race is the qualifier, can we just agree that any racist remarks about Barack Obama could only count as half racist slurs?
    Let’s compare. Reverend Wright, Barack’s Black Liberation Theology pastor for 20 years, is Black, he gets a pass. If Romney gets the nomination, we will be treated to a year’s worth of dialogue asking the question “Is the Mormon Church a cult”? That’s solid, probing investigative journalism. I can’t wait to see the fresh analysis of how polygamy subjugates women. Barack spent quality time with Weatherman bomber William Ayres who said “I don’t regret setting bombs… I don’t think we did enough.” That’s OK, it was part of the well rounded education he would later use as a community organizer. What if it could be proven that one of the GOP candidates had shared a cab ride with Tim McVeigh? They might have to re-evaluate their campaign.
    And so it goes. Any discussion of drug use, college grades, business dealings, personal relationships, past statements, associations, business experience or lack thereof, general background, etc., is off limits when it comes to O and Joe and the Left. If they can even make middle names off limits, the game is pretty much over. Heck, anyone who calls him Barry is just an ignorant hater . After these ground rules are established, and agreed to, where is there room to question anything they chose to do? As for his Republican challengers, it’s open season as usual, and they don’t get to play the race card. Conservatives, regardless of race, do not have a race card in their deck. All animals are equal and have 52 cards. Some animals are more equal than others and have 53.
    I wish we could just start getting back to the stuff that made America great. Personal responsibility, limited government, and the knowledge that this country is truly special. If it were to do so, there would be less and less room for the double standard BS we’re having to put up with these days.

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