La confusion économique chez les Français.

Je regarde souvent TV 5, la chaine francophone internationale. Il y a plusieurs annonceurs des infos. L’un d’eux brille par sa bêtise suffisante. C’est le même qui avait déjà déclaré il y a quelques mois que le puma nord-américain avait officiellement disparu. ( “French Intellectuals: Telling Stories,” May 29th 2011.) Ceci alors que le même fauve fait des dégâts presque jusque dans mon potager .(Voir mon petit essai réjouissant: “Les pumas de Bécon-Les-Bruyères”, sur ce blog.)

Il y a quelques jours, le même annonceur idiot a fait le commentaire suivant (Je paraphrase mais je le fais avec prudence):

Le gouvernment italien a mis en route une campagne pour obliger lescontribuables à payer leurs impôts. Les Italiens s’acquitent si mal de leursobligations fiscales que cela contribue a la deterioration de l’économie nationale italienne.

Pardon? Si l’évasion fiscale a le moindre effet sur l’économie nationale italienne, c’est dans l’autre sens. L’argent qui échappe aux mains crochues du gouvernement contribue à la croissance de l’économie nationale.

Le budget du gouvernment n’est pas l’économie nationale; c’en est la némésis!

J’ai du mal à comprendre comment les Français vont jamais sortir de leur marasme économique quand l’ignorance de la matière economique est si profonde et si répandue chez eux.

Ici aussi, aux E.U. on est bien dans le caca en ce moment. Mais ici, au moins, on a une pensée économique de rechange.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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3 Responses to La confusion économique chez les Français.

  1. Terry Amburgey says:

    I don’t read/write/speak French. But I see 2 words together (économique and Français) that make me think this is a legitimate place to ask a question. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the following; it’s a cut & paste from the web. Assuming it’s accurate…what in the hell is a right-wing candidate doing with those policy promises? If that’s what Le Pen is advocating what the heck are the socialists promoting. It boggles my mind. What’s going on Jacques?

    “Meanwhile, Le Pen was taken to task on television, where she went into a Canal Plus interview on Sunday evening with host Anne-Sophie Lapix riding high, and came out the other end stumbling over her words.

    Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade France’s triple-A debt rating Friday came just at the right moment for the far-right leader, who started her campaign by promising to “restore the nation’s economic sovereignty,” as well as to solve France’s debt problem by quitting the euro, printing money, slashing immigration and setting up protectionist barriers.

    “The euro will be a paragraph in history and it will collapse in the coming months,” the 43-year-old proclaimed Friday, setting out her plans to raise wages for poorer workers by €200 a month, and paying for it by putting a 3 per cent tax on imports. She promised one thing after the next, including returning the country to the franc, authorize the Bank to print the equivalent of €100bn a year and borrow €45 billion a year from the bank in interest-free loans.”

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      All good questions but I am not sure I want to write a whole expose just for you. That’s unless you scan and mail me your address book full of beautiful, needy blind women, of course.

      Presidential French politics summarized

      Sarkozy is as conventional a conservative as France is able to produce. He disappointed a lot (including me). He is also being blamed for he worldwide economic crisis occurring while he was driving. (Same as the brave Greek Socialists and same as the hapless Spanish Socialists.)

      Hollande, the Socialist Party candidate is a lackluster, colorless individual representing a party that has not had a new idea in fifteen years (and it was a devastating idea: the 35- hour week). Holland will probably be elected because he represent the most familiar political thought or lack of it. There were economically capable Socialist candidates. They were eliminated during the primaries and at the Sofitel Hotel in New York City. (Strauss-Khan was the best Socialist by a long shot).

      Ms Le Pen inherited the Front National from her fascist father. She is more intelligent than he is and better informed. The Front National has no programs except: 1 old-fashioned protectionism; 2 expel all the immigrants. The Front’s followers are mostly working-class types. The formerly large Communist Part members emigrated to the Front after the demise of the Soviet Union. Rank-and=-file so-called “Communists” became fascists overnight, like in Germany in the thirties.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Of course, you read French, Terry:

      L’esprit de l’imagination est en promenade sur la table joyeuse!

      See what I mean?

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