Paul Does it Again?

In the Republican presidential debate that took place yesterday – January 17th – in South Carolina, Ron Paul said, “We are still in Iraq.” Don’t bother to check, he said it, with exactly those words.
Would one of the many Ron Paul supporters who appear on my Facebook  and on this blog explain what he meant?
I think that Ron Paul volunteers false information at every debate. I have been promoting on my blog the idea that he should no be president because he has a tenuous grasp of facts.

Here is a Facebook answer by a Santa Cruz Ron Paul partisan who comments on my blog often:

Upwards of 17,000 military personnel and private security contractors will remain in Iraq to guard diplomatic personnel, continue training Iraqi forces, maintain “situational awareness” and other functions.”

I, Dr D., will give Congressman Paul the benefit of doubt on that one. I wish he were clearer because so much of what he says is patently false, made up.

I can’t look it up conveniently because Wikipedia is closed today but I would bet we have many more than 17,000 military in Germany. I realize, Paul would deplore that fact too but I am putting the number for Iraq in context.

I hope all readers have noticed that Iraq is next to Iran. It’s  also a good listening post because of the large Shiite population there. Of course, it does not matter to Congressman Paul who has said repeatedly that Iran is not a threat and that if it is a threat, it’s our fault.

Likewise, in 1,000, the Christian feudal monarchies of Europe were not a threat to the Muslim Middle-Eastern region.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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6 Responses to Paul Does it Again?

  1. Martin Anding says:

    In Ron Paul’s words:
    However, the US embassy in Iraq, which is the largest and most expensive in the world, is not being abandoned. Upwards of 17,000 military personnel and private security contractors will remain in Iraq to guard diplomatic personnel, continue training Iraqi forces, maintain “situational awareness” and other functions.

  2. Bruce says:

    I’m not sure how typical the Ron Paul supporters I work with are but here is what I have seen:
    1. They really love Ron. This worries me. You can’t criticize any aspect of the man. It’s as if you either get in lock step with him or you’re not a real Paul supporter. “My Ron Paul, right or wrong”.
    2. They have a naive, almost childlike view of the world. Ron Paul is like a parent who assures them there are no monsters under the bed. Unfortunately, I can tell you as a retired military officer, there are. Ignoring facts does not make them go away for long.
    3. They like Congressman Paul because he sticks to his position. I understand this. I also think a changing world requires the flexibility to confront new challenges.
    4. It’s strange, but a lot of the younger employees here like Ron. He’s 67 years old and perhaps he’s the wise old grandfather they never had. They are very protective of grandpa and get defensive quickly.
    5. I think some of the people who support him do so because of the simplicity he represents. There is a simple response to every issue. To me it’s another term for just being lazy. You don’t have to think critically about all the players in the world, you just don’t get involved in any decisions about any of them.

    I hope he bows out of the race soon and throws his support behind whoever the Republican candidate turns out to be. We can’t afford to lose his supporters to apathy or heaven forbid, Obama.
    Aside- I’ll bet Newt would have no problem in releasing his college transcripts, why this cat and mouse game with Obama? How bout Joe Biden’s?

  3. thecrackshotcrackpot says:

    Can you provide a false statement that Dr. Ron Paul (MD, Duke) has made?

    Pleeeeaase try and remember: I have already demolished your whiny (and quite feminine) attempts to discredit the “$20 billion on air conditioning” statement.

    Iran is not a threat to the United States, and yes, it is right next to Iraq.

    As a young person to you old Republican hands: if Newt Gingrich wins the nomination, I will vote for President Obama because he clearly represents the lesser of two evils. I can pretty much predict that every individual in the country under the age of 25 will do the exact same thing for the exact same reason. Every individual under the age of 40 who does not have problems getting laid or making friends will also vote for Obama over Gingrich.

    Good luck defending a guy who has been condemned for ethical violations by a body of thieves and liars. Amongst many other things.

    • jacquesdelacroix says:

      Too much as usual, Crackpot.

      Please, refresh my memory and tell me how you demolished my statement regarding the fact that Ron Paul volunteered in a debate, out of nowhere, that the US armed forces spent 20 billion annually in Iraq and Afghanistan alone on air-conditioning. (Of course, the figure is ridiculous and it comes from no respectable source.)

      In short, Crackpot do you believe the figure or not? Don’t give us another speech, please.

      As for my discussion of the matter being “feminine” and even “whiny,” My blog and my long vita are a sufficient answer. Anyone who is interested knows that I used to practice blindfolded bull-fighting. And, it’s obvious I could make you whimper merely by challenging you to a public bout of arm-wrestling.

      Gingrich’s ethical violations. Why am I guessing that you had no ideas what those violations were when you wrote this? Correct me if I am wrong non this specific point. Don’t bother to recite the violations. Of course, you can look them up now.

      And do you ever wonder why the liberal press never uses these violations against Gingrich? And why do his opponents trot up an obviously bitter ex-wife, the worst possible kind of character witness, rather than using what’s on the Congressional
      Record? Where is your critical sense?

      Speaking of candidates’ various failings: I discuss freely my misgivings about all the Republican presidential candidates, including, if briefly, the ones I don’t think are serious candidates. I had a thrashing piece Gingrich last week, for example a of a serious candidate. I wonder if Paul supporters, and you in particular, are able to do the same. My impression is that you (plural) cannot because your group is a cult with Ron Paul as its prophet. I would like to be shown wrong soon but I don’t hold my breath.

      I wish you would abstain from insults, especially insults based on age. Old age is not like being a bad dancer or a presumptuous user of words. It’s not ridiculous in itself. As for “not having trouble getting laid,” again you deliberately skate on thin ice. As a very friendly older man who is perceived as being out of the game, guess what confidences I receive frequently from women of your generations? It’s too sorry a story to be repeated on this blog where I often maintain high standards.

      I wish you would stop insulting because it makes you sound childish and, by implication, it makes me sound frivolous for engaging you. Thank you.

      • thecrackshotcrackpot says:


        $20 billion is about 3-5% of the military’s annual budget. That sounds about right to me.

        I’ll arm wrestle you any day of the week!

        Paul babbles and wanders off course far too often in televised debates. His views on international trade agreements are bad, his views on immigration are even worse. His views on repealing birthright citizenship from the 14th amendment are very Southern (and heinous). I don’t think the United Nations threatens our sovereignty (much) anymore. I do not think he anti-Semitic. I think he panders to the stupid and the gullible.

        Now, I did not exactly insult anybody based upon their age (in this round). I referred to you as an “old Republican hand”. You could be 25 and an old hand at something, right?

        Since you used to be French I do not doubt that you get all sorts of attention from the ladies (incidentally, I don’t know how old you actually are). I am not a hater. However, I think you and I would both agree that the vast majority of Republicans under the age of 40 who are not married are most likely social outcasts, and this social phenomenon is what I was referring too, not your sexual life. Good God I didn’t even think once about your sexual life.

        I just puked in my mouth a little.

  4. Michael Morrison says:

    Jacques, you seem to be downright wrong-headed on Ron Paul.
    You said, oh-so-wrongly, “so much of what he says is patently false, made up.”
    So far, no one has shown him ever to say anything intentionally wrong or “made up.”
    Does he stumble? Of course, as have you and, once, long ago, even I.
    But he is the only consistent advocate of freedom and constitutional government on the national scene in the two old parties.
    Do I agree with everything he says or has said? No.
    And I realize there are fans who can be criticized as fanatics — just as there are such for other candidates … although apparently none of the other Republicans can stir much enthusiasm.
    Some of those fans are young and are new in politics. Yes, they need to learn some manners. But let me stress they are a minority of a minority.
    No Ron Paul fan I know is less than polite and temperate. But to those people who are so sick and tired of hearing the same old garbage of “we need more government; we need to be the world’s policeman; we need to take more of your money and property,” perhaps the frustration just gets to be too much and they cling more tightly than they should to the one life preserver visible.

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