Israel and Syria: Killers (Updated 3/14/12)

The Israeli armed forces killed twenty-three (23)  civilians in the past five days or so while going after and getting a handful of men they thought were responsible for hundreds of rocket attacks on Israel. I, for one, think that such collateral damage is a strong argument against armed action. Yet, I don’t know what else the Israelis can do to counter attacks on their territory no other country would tolerate.

The Syrian armed forces, next door, killed seven thousand (7,000) of their fellow-citizens (take or leave a few hundred) in the past year. Many of those murdered were guilty of waving placards. Let’s be frank: most of the placards were hostile to the Syrian fascist dictator-by-right- of inheritance.

I am waiting for massive demonstrations of  left-wingers in the main Western cities protesting both sets of assassinations.

I am wondering if many Syrians wouldn’t prefer Israeli killers to Syrian killers if they had a choice.

Update 3/14/12    More people suffered violent deaths in the past few days, mostly civilians, including children. Following the initial Israeli targeted assassination of a Hamas leader, there was another flurry of rockets fired against Israeli towns. That led to the Israeli retaliation that killed civilians. It seems that Israel and Hamas are playing a cruel tacit game. Hamas says it’s not shooting any rockets at Israel that someone else is doing it. In turn, Israels is telling Hamas: You say you are in charge of Gaza. Stop the rocketing or we will show your population that you are unable to protect it and there fore, that you are not really in charge. There is a new truce as I write on 3/14/12 engineered by Egypt.

I don’t know what else Israel could do except to throw itself, its own self, into the sea as Arabs have threatened to do to it for fifty years. It’s a question, an honest question. I would welcome a response that is not a silly slogan. I would certainly put it up on this blog.

As for the much more numerous killings in Fascist Syria, they are becoming routine. They come with my coffee, every morning: Syrian “security forces” shot and bayoneted another fifty civilians while the UN demonstrates anew its utter uselessness. No big deal! Not our problem!


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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2 Responses to Israel and Syria: Killers (Updated 3/14/12)

  1. Thomas H. says:

    The foot – dragging on the part of regimes on the outside of Syria to comment seriously on what is happening there has made the situation for the Syrian people more harrowing. People like me can not comment on the Israeli police as the reasons for what they do are often extremely complicated and are not really spoken of; besides, they have endless conflicts to deal with “from Beirut to Jerusalem.”

  2. Bruce says:

    While facts matter, so does how they’re reported. It depends on where you are on the hated list. Since we’re on the top of the list, more will be made of the soldier who just killed 15 civilians in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan than what the Israeli defense forces killing 15. Our simple burning of Korans resulted in 29 Afghans and 6 American soldiers dead.
    Hitler was higher on the hated list than Stalin. That’s why growing up I was taught in school what a monster Hitler was for murdering 6 million Jews. They never said Joe killed anyone, let alone 22 million, just that he helped us win WW2. Yep, him and Churchill. Who knows, Obama may be one of our best presidents ever, after a decade or so of spin in our schools anything is possible.
    Rush Limbaugh is at the top of the list, that’s why he is not permitted to say what he believes, and must be held accountable by the media elites.

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