Something awful but exquisite happened in my town, the People’s Green Socialist Republic of  Santa Cruz yesterday or the day before. The driver of a Prius assaulted a skateboarder with a machete. I knew it: People who want ardently to save the environment are packing weapons, not kind of impersonal weapons like a handgun, but weapons with blades, blades that you can feel cutting into the enemy’s flesh!
I thank KSCO, the local radio station where I had a talk-show for three years for reporting the news in its fulness. Another station would have censored the info about the kind of car  the would-be murderer was driving as if it were irrelevant. It’s relevant that it was a Prius, of course, the obligatory car of those who think global warming is raising the ocean level higher in some places than in others.

Incidentally: I like the idea behind the Prius, the idea of a hybrid engine recuperating the energy always wasted by internal combustion engines. It’s the the Prius as a cultural and political phenomenon I despise. Prius owners are going to keep me driving a pick-up truck beyond the time it’s reasonable or economical to do so. Likewise, the anti-smoking campaign kept me smoking longer than my judgment allowed. I wonder if anyone is keeping tab of  counterproductive propaganda.


About Jacques Delacroix

I am a sociologist, a short-story writer, and a blogger (Facts Matter and Notes On Liberty) in Santa Cruz, California.
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2 Responses to Eco-Murderer!

  1. Thomas H. says:


    Your blog post content is well – taken, and you might have included, though this is not with excellent taste along the lines of your writing, that there are other, typically cheap brands of compact cars as “invented” to save the environment as driven by assaulters, thieves, gangsters, and other sorts of criminals. This is another reason not to speak with strangers, and not, above all to get into one of these vehicles as a passenger. I just have my own vehicle and hope for the best; and do believe at the same time one is completely happy as well driving a passenger truch like yours or another utility vehicle (king cab, wagon, camper, even tractor trailer) while retaining enough equanimity about things not to have a weapon or weapons in the car.
    These sorts of things need to be covered in the news, not to show the hypocrisy or other imbalances of “earth – mothers,” or “earth – sons,” but to show that even the hyper – virtuousness and moralism of what appears to be a kind of concern for things like the environment is something else in disguise. I hope this is ‘enough said’ to comment on your writing here, and that you promise not to compel me to drive a pickup truck and the like (I am not big nor tall enough, probably for most pickups of any decent calibre.) We all know even former professors, and you are a prof. from university, are many times able to compel even their casual readers to do things on moral and ethical grounds, in a “de facto” – type of teaching and learning exercise or exercises. Have a good day.

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