That Dog Won’t Hunt! So? (The President)

Dog breeders know this well: You can’t breed a dog that will hunt, herd sheep without hurting them, guard your house, and also feels good on your lap. If you try, you often get a dog that kills sheep, barks at your children, is too big and too rough-feeling for any lap, and that won’t hunt. The Leftist Kaballa that invented Pres. Obama several years ago tried to do more or less that. They went one step or two steps too far. Their dog won’t hunt.

The President is telegenic; he has a wonderful-looking family with daughters of exactly the right luminous age to win hearts (two years later, they would be another set of embarrassed teenagers fidgeting with their bras). He has an attractive smile. He enunciates correctly (most of the time: Don’t ask him to say: “Navy corpsman”). He has the right educational credentials (if you don’t scratch the surface. And it’s a fact that I can’t get many liberals to share my condemnation of his locked-away grades.) And lo, and behold, in spite of these many virtues, he is black! It’s as if America’s slaving, racist past did not really happen, was just a bad dream.

Well, he is sort of black; he has no slave blood flowing through his vein, as Rev. Jackson commented during his first campaign. In fact, he is likely to have slaver blood racing through his veins as I pointed out viciously in an old posting. Not that it would matter to me. Ancestry matters to liberals though: Just look at Dr Elisabeth Warren and her 32th Indian ancestry!

Yesterday’s first presidential debate of the 2012 campaign was between someone and nobody. Gracelessness and utter lack of charisma notwithstanding. Mr Romney talked intelligently and clearly about current and pressing issues: joblessness and the government’s addiction to debt. Pres. Obama had nothing to say except for misstatements of simple facts and half-remembered fragments of his 2008 speeches. That did not surprise me. There was no one facing Romney.

As I have tirelessly pointed out on this blog, Mr Obama is not evil. He is not an apprentice dictator. He is not a “socialist.” It’s just that there is no one there. He never accomplished anything as state senator, as a US Senator, as a community organizer, or as the editor of an important law review. He did not accomplish anything in 3 and 4/5 years as a president either. He failed those who elected him at every turn, his partisans, I mean. His only signal accomplishment -“Obamacare” – was not his but that of the Evil Witch Nancy Pelosi. And we already knew that he can’t really speak at any length without a prompter.

Remarkably, for the first time I can remember, Mr Romney spoke like a conservative. This may be a turning point. It’s worth mentioning because, inexplicably, there are many dinosaurs in the Republican Party who seem to believe that you can beat your adversary by pretending to be him. Romney may have turned a corner in that respect: The Obama liberal agenda turns out to be a disaster. Time to try a different approach. That’s one of the practical merits of democracy; it’s got a plan B.

None of this means that Pres. Obama will lose the election. First, as someone who has lectured thousands of time I will testify that a bad night’s sleep may reduce you to nothing, or altitude. He may pick himself up off the ground and do very well in the next debate.

Second, I have commented before on the curious unresponsiveness to fact of some, mostly young Obama supporters. (“My Obamist Friends…” Sept. 7) One I know well told me in essence that it was a matter of style, that he couldn’t possibly vote for a Mormon who looks like a Mormon. Another, called Pres Obama “pro-woman” and couldn’t give any evidence in support. Her impression stayed untouched by her dearth of facts. An old, old-style liberal came to her help on this blog and whispered answers but this only reinforces my point: We have generations of young people who were reared off thin narratives as in the “Survivor” series. Other Obama supporters are union members enjoying extraordinary unearned privileges who simply have nowhere else to go to preserve them in the face of rising public indignation. And then, there are the hereditary Democrats who will shoot themselves in both feet if they have to, out of faithfulness. That includes Jewish Americans who will again overwhelmingly cast a ballot for the first president publicly to throw Israel under the bus.

The debate was especially impressive in its effectiveness given that both candidates kept referring to a large fictitious entity, “the middle class.” Who the hell is this? Is it the people who are neither on welfare nor billionaires? Silly thought!

And one more thing: Don’t blame the media for its liberal bias. Media people are a tribe with its own culture. It’s not a conspiracy. One, as Rush Limbaugh often points out, they want to keep being invited to the same cocktail parties. Second, they are in love and love makes you stupid. (The reason I feel so sure of my assertions in this respect is that media people are like college professors, a group I know well. I have written on this blog about brilliant academics routinely acting stupid out of love.)


About Jacques Delacroix

I write short stories, current events comments, and sociopolitical essays, mostly in English, some in French. There are other people with the same first name and same last name on the Internet. I am the one who put up on Amazon in 2014: "I Used to Be French: an Immature Autobiography" and also: "Les pumas de grande-banlieue." To my knowledge, I am the only Jacques Delacroix with American and English scholarly publications. In a previous life, I was a teacher and a scholar in Organizational Theory and in the Sociology of Economic Development. (Go ahead, Google me!) I live in the People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz, California.
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27 Responses to That Dog Won’t Hunt! So? (The President)

  1. Terry Amburgey says:

    “And it’s a fact that I can’t get many liberals to share my condemnation of his locked-away grades.” Why that’s just outrageous of us! By the way Jacques, where can I find Romney’s college transcripts? Are they published in the same location as his past 10 years of tax returns? I eagerly await your direction’s to Romney’s college transcripts.

  2. Prof. Terry: Romney’s college transcripts are not under lock and key. If you ask his website, you will get an answer, I think.. Interesting question, I agree. I asked for Obama’s four years ago and I was told point-blank by his websitethat they were not available.

    I don’t know why Romney is not publishing his tax returns. I wish he would but the potential for electoral chicanery in exploiting the rival’s tax records should be obvious to you. That’s on the one hand. On the other hand: Why in the world would one hide ones’ grades from when one was twenty? Why would one do this after passing the difficult Illinois bar exam? (I mean that the fact alone should expunge anything imaginable in terms of bad grades in, say, calculus.)

    I keep asking for his grades precisely because I cannot begin to imagine how one would exploit for electoral purposes either the mix of classes he took or whatever grades he received for them. A few years ago, both Bush and his opponent Sen. Kerry were pressured into divulging their undergraduate grades. It didn ‘t take long. It turned out both were low C students. Some of us had a good laugh because Kerry was a slightly lower C than Bush. Would anyone think either candidate lost votes for not having been high B students thirty years earlier? How about the possibility that either gained votes as a result (from former other C students?)

    The issue of Obama’s occulted grades is only important because the issue should not be important at all. His obstinate refusal is the only think making it important. The question become unavoidable: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HE HIDING?. (given that I don’t believe for a second that the answer is “bad grades.”)

    The comparison you draw with Romney’s tax records seems vacuous to me because we pretty much know the answer in that case, because there is little or no mystery; Romney does not want his opponents to know how many Cayman Islands accounts he had over the years. It’s a perfectly legal practice, of course, but it can easily be used to his detriment with an economically illiterate populace.

    PS I asked for and got a copy of Pres. Obama’s birth certificate four years ago. It looked exactly like the birth certificate of my daughter who was not (NOT) born in the US!
    It never ends, does it?

    • Terry Amburgey says:

      More obfuscation on your part. Neither of their college transcripts are publicly available. Everything you implie about one is also true of the other. According to one source no presidential candidate has EVER released college transripts although three have had them published by third parties.

      “I keep asking for his grades precisely because I cannot begin to imagine how one would exploit for electoral purposes either the mix of classes he took or whatever grades he received for them.”

      Don’t be silly. Conservatives bring it up to imply that that he was an undeserving ‘affirmative action’ black guy that got ahead without merit. Why don’t you demand the same from Romney?

      “PS I asked for and got a copy of Pres. Obama’s birth certificate four years ago. It looked exactly like the birth certificate of my daughter who was not (NOT) born in the US!”

      Assuming that this is true [that your daughter has a birth certificate that says Hawaii on it] What conclusion can be drawn from this?

      • Prof. Terry: My daughter has a birth certificate from the state of California. It looks exactly like the Hawaii birth certificate the Obama campaign posted four years ago and that I saw with my own eyes. My daughter was born abroad.

        President Bush the Second and Senator Kerry’s transcripts were never opened ? I dreamed up the whole episode of Cs for both?

        You are correct that no one suspects Romney of being an affirmative action wonder. I wonder why?

        At any rate, the fact that Pres. Obama passed the bar should make him insensitive to any charge of being an affirmative action wonder. It should be enough to shut up malevolent, devious, conservatives like me. If it turned out he was a C student throughout, it would not phase me much. He wouldn’t be the first to recover from an un-studious adolescence (like you and me, actually). That’s not why I am curious. I think he is hidng something else and I will be damned if I guess what it is.

        The truth is that you man does not exist, that he is a figment of your collective imagination and that it’s showing more and more. This will still be true if he wins the election.

  3. Ranu Gupta says:

    Hi Captain,
    I like how you challenge liberal thinking, and the fresh perspectives you bring out in your blog. In particular I like the following two observations you make:
    1) The spectrum of Liberals expect Obama to be perfect and everything they want him to be from polished diplomat to a fire spewting evangelist when the situation calls for it. And thats unrealistic as we saw in the recent debate
    2) I think you are absolutely right that as an ilk, not only journalists or professors we “fall in love” with our ideas and loose our ability to critically examine them. Which I believe is true in your case as well, Professor : )

    But what throws me off, is when you ask in the same breath about Obama’s college grades. How is that even relevant? Wouldn’t it be just incredibly impressive if Obama did not go to college or went to community college instead of Harvard and Princeton, and rose to be President. Isn’t that what our country is all about? It would be a brilliant story.

    And then again while I agree with your right to challenge Obama’s record as President how can you call Obamacare “OBAMA” care and then say he does not deserve credit for it : )

    I love you Professor and you know that (and not in any gay fashion!), but come on, you so easily fall in love with your own ideas as well and then start using such intellectually plebeian arguments! If I hurt your feelings, will make it up to you with coffee today evening, as we vye for our pretty barista’s attentions : ) r

  4. Ranu: A big salad.

    Pres. Oama told 50 million TV viewers two nights ago that he likes the term “Obamacare.” Why shouldn’t I use i? No contradiction between that use and stating that he did not do it. He took credit, or he was given credit he did not deserve. Happens all the time, as you of all people well know!

    I went to junior college. That was great. Not the point . I only want to see Obama’s grades because he so tenaciously hides them. They should be irrelevant. Why aren’t they? Why doesn’t he make them irrelevant with a one sentence order?

    You are not clear about “love.” There is no equivalence. If I wanted to avoid ,to hide from the others guys’ viewpoint (liberal scum), there is no way I could. Don’t invent symmetry where there is not any. That’s just lazy..

  5. Terry Amburgey says:

    “President Bush the Second and Senator Kerry’s transcripts were never opened ? I dreamed up the whole episode of Cs for both?”

    I can’t find them. If you or any of your readers can show them to me, I’d like to see them. The internet was in full swing in 2004 [Al Gore having invented it years before]. If either candidate had released them they should be trivially easy to find with Google.

    “You are correct that no one suspects Romney of being an affirmative action wonder. I wonder why?”

    Because he’s a white guy. I think his daddy bought his way in, that’s why I’d like to see his transcripts. As you may remember not every student at Stanford got admitted on the basis of intellectual horsepower.

    “He wouldn’t be the first to recover from an un-studious adolescence (like you and me, actually).”

    Point taken.

    • Terry: Why can’t you answer straightforwardly? Do you suspect that the story about Bush’s and Kerry’s Cs is a figment of my imagination or not? Or, do you think I made up the story from scratch?

      This is silly. I can’t find the theater stub from the last movie I saw but I am quite sure I saw the movie.

  6. Terry Amburgey says:

    Sigh. Why do I continually do your research for you? Here’s your lost ticket stub from the interwebs:

    “Though it’s difficult to say when the illicit publication of politicians’ school records first became a thing, it’s undeniable who lent it a sense of respectability: Jane Mayer, at The New Yorker. In 1999, under a byline shared with Alexandra Robbins (author of The Secrets of the Tomb), Mayer published and dissected the Yale transcript of George W. Bush, who was at that point not even the Republican nominee.

    That article, a Talk piece called “Dept. of Aptitude: How George W. made the grade,” is remarkable for what it leaves out, like how the transcript “found its way” to The New Yorker, or why several Yale students were twice able to access Bush’s “confidential records.” (And then there’s Ms. Robbins’s mysterious half-byline—which, by itself or otherwise, never appeared again in The New Yorker.)

    A few months later, The Washington Post published a comprehensive account of Al Gore’s underwhelming academic performance, including his grades, from high school (at St. Alban’s) through Harvard and graduate school at Vanderbilt. Likewise, the Post didn’t disclose how it obtained Gore’s records.

    Most presidential nominees (at least of late) do not release their grades from college. Romney hasn’t. John McCain disclosed his class rank in 2007, but not his grades. John Kerry made his Yale transcript public only after he lost the 2004 election. Sarah Palin didn’t talk about her grades until after the 2008 election. One exception is Joe Biden, who released his undergraduate transcript in 1987 as a form of damage control. We’re not sure if that counts.”

    There were articles written about grades & classes from illegitimately obtained university records and Kerry allowed the Navy to publish his military records which contained his Yale transcript. Enough of your red herring baloney. I’ll type slowly in hopes that it gets through


    There is nothing unusual, mysterious, sinster, or any other perjorative term about President Obama not releasing his college transcripts.

  7. Prof. Terry: You seem to be right about the fact that neither Bush nor Kerry had voluntarily released their grades. Good research. (Did I train you? I am hazy on that.) One more time, you performed at a good scholarly level thanks to me. No need to thank me though. I am only doing my duty.

    What a pity they didn’t release their grades deliberately (although neither opposed resistance) ! It’s very useful information in a roundabout way. I mean not the grades themselves but how politicians discuss their grades twenty years later or more. Here is a piece on this. It took me forty seconds to Google it:

    It’s interesting that the press at the time found both candidates’ grades but that it cannot find Obama’s. Why would this be.?

    You seem to say that it’s about affirmative action persecution. If the President is in fact an affirmative action miracle, why not own up to it? I though there was nothing wrong with affirmative action. Why not defend that which is legitimate and face down the illiterate critics. The fist presidency of a black man (sort of) would be a perfect occasion to this. Why all the hiding?.

    I have the uneasy feeling that you don’t understand the simple idea that hiding one’s grades from when one was twenty is downright strange and speaks either to character or to transparency regarding performance. You don’t seem to catch even the simple idea that the fact of concealment is enough to make the info interesting.

    Do I have a right to see Pres. Obama’s grades? Certainly not. Yet, his stubborn refusal to show them give me every right to speculate. Again, he could stop the speculation in one short sentence. I should have become bored with the topic years ago. His choice.

    Think about it: If someone threatened to publish your own undergraduate grades on the Internet, would you be shaking with either anger or fear or would you just smile tolerantly?

    The only circumstance when I would object to my wife hanging my underwear on the line outside would be when…. (Complete sentence.)

    PS We are closet greens my wife and I; we own no laundry dryer; we rely on the sun. Don’t tell anyone. We don’t want our conservative friends to find out. It’s like Obama’s grades.

  8. Terry Amburgey says:

    “Good research. (Did I train you? I am hazy on that.)”

    Indeed you did.

    “Think about it: If someone threatened to publish your own undergraduate grades on the Internet, would you be shaking with either anger or fear or would you just smile tolerantly?”

    I ended my first foray into higher education with a 0.0 gpa. Draw your own conclusions.

    “You don’t seem to catch even the simple idea that the fact of concealment is enough to make the info interesting.”

    I know that. I also know that when you extend the notion from transcripts to clothing you’ll realize that lingerie is more fetching than nudity and finally reach a deeper understanding of seduction.

    • Terry: You answer a significant question with a twirl of your probably considerable ass. The question remains: You flunked out of college at some point. It was a long time ago. It’s easy to let others believe that you flunked mostly because of the blond twins: “Bambi” and “Handy.”

      How embarrassed are you to mention you bad performance to my handful of readers? To a wider audience? Are you sure are you that you are not taking a perverse pride in the performance? What’s more likely to get you free drinks in a bar, actual performance or, say, an honest 3.2?

      Same questions for when you were thirty.

      Are you beginning to discern something wrong with a grown man who has passed the difficult bar exam fighting obdurately to open the record?

      • A self-correction:

        Earlier, I said I did not (NOT) have a right to see Obama’s grades. I was wrong. I have to kill in myself the tendency to want to relieve the suffering of those who are foolish enough to argue with me by pretending to myself that I agree with them. I have to become serious about being implacable, finally.

        Barack Obama is applying for a job with me, an important job. I can damn well ask for his college grades. I have a right to know if he ever took a class in Economics, for example, and whether he took an “Incomplete” in it. Same applies to other presidential candidates, of course. Incidentally, there is also the issue of how well the president learned how to read. (He does not know how to say ” Navy corpsman.” He thinks it has to do with corpses, cadavers.)

        I am leery of the phenomenon of creeping pseudo-rights. Individual rights are in the amended constitution and nowhere else. Politicians don’t have a “right” to conceal important, job-relevant information.

        Anyone who wishes to make a similar argument for divulging tax info, you are welcome to try. I don’t see how it’s job relevant. Instead, the politician broke the tax laws or he didn’t. If he did, he does not deserve UNELECTION but legal trouble.. If he didn’t, it has nothing to do with his ability to govern.

      • Terry Amburgey says:

        It’s not my ass that’s considerable, it’s my tummy. I make Santa Claus look like he’s sporting a 6-pack. The white beard doesn’t help.

  9. Terry Amburgey says:

    Lol. Whether or not someone took an econ class in college is job relevant but the last 10 years of tax records are not. My blood pressure started to rise but then I realized that you’re pulling my leg. You got me that time.

  10. Bruce says:

    I found Obama’s Columbia transcripts. All were taken Pass/Fail. He passes all of them. In fact, he showed so much promise that Harvard Law School admissions waived the LSAT requirement.
    Here are the courses:

    *Lethargy: Working Hard Without Trying

    *Community Organizing for Fun and Profit with Rev. Jackson

    •Ad-Hoc Investigation Of Bisexual Neo-Pagan Paintings

    •Affirmative Action: How To Score Big Time

    •Radical Religion: The Big Picture with Reverand J. Wright

    •Topics In Birdwatching: A Paradigm Shift

    •The Humanist Dimension Of Gay & Lesbian Female Literature

    •Making the Most of Hate & Infidelity In Modern America

    •Minority Architecture As A Progressive Genre

    •The Universe Of Radical Marxism In The 21st Century

    •Postmodern Marxism In Modern Music

    •Class, Family, And Family In The Postmodern World: The One World View

    •Contemporary Multi-Ethnic Affairs: Analysis, Development, and Development

    •Hittite Architecture As The Roots Of Modern Microeconomics

    •Pacific Islander Equality Lifestyles In The 21st Century

    •’Star Trek’ In The Postmodern World: Cross-Cultural Perspectives, Context, and Abstraction

    •Society Of Mexican Evolution: Policy In Modern Society

    •African Literature As A Humanist Genre and the First Robin Hood

    •Mexican Literature: The Southern-Biele Postulate At Work

    •Southern Latvian Morals Since 1846

    •African American Literature Of The American Civil War: Perspectives, Abstraction, and Synthesis

    •Brief Survey Of Professional Sports: From Gardner To Lamerand

    •Infidelity & Death In The Populist World

    •Issues Of Latino Globalism: Che to Castro

    •The History Of Roman Drama: A Process Approach

    •Ethnicity In Modern Society: The Culturally Liberated South Side of Chicago

    •Theories Of Feminist Retrospectives in Modern Television- “The View”.

    *Mastering the Teleprompter

    *Terrorist Mojo of William Ayres

    *Steroids and Their Unintended Consequences for Women

    *High Society at Martha’s Vinyard-Breaking Down Barriers

    *Golf vs. Work: A Comparative Study

    *Creative Spending: A Drunken Sailor’s Perspective

  11. Prof. Terry: I am not pulling your leg. The reasoning is clear. Tax records are relevant if a candidate is suspected of breakingttax las. If he is not, they are irrelevant.

    Whether someone took Economics, or Remedial Reading speaks to job qualification. That’s why it’s relevant. As a prospective employer, I want to know, my curiosity is legitimate. If I were curious about a candidate’s sexual orientation, that wouldn’t be legitimate because of the absence of job relevance. Simple enough, I would think.

    Bruce: Is this your own work of did you find it on some racist blog? If it’s your work, you are a serious writer, if you found it on some racist blog, what can I say except :Racists are becoming wittier.

    • Terry Amburgey says:

      I’m not falling for it. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but I know when I’m being trolled.

      • Terry: I am not trolling you. Perhaps, we have discovered a major line of fracture between your camp and mine. I think you have trouble considering what I said and you are momentarily mute as a result.

        Changing the subject: Why don’t you consider writing something about where you are living now? You might send it either to my blog or to Notes On Liberty. I would be interested. (Fastest turn-around time of any publication.) I can’t speak for it but I am guessing with a high degree of certainty that Notes would also be interested. Neither blog practices censorship, overt or covert.

    • Bruce says:

      I found a partial list of silly college course titles and tailored it to guess what classes Obama could possibly have taken to shape his world view. I think Obama’s refusal to release his transcripts is par for the course. One of the Left’s greatest victories has been their ability to exempt themselves from scrutiny on many fronts. There are dozens of major issues with Obama that would have been show stoppers for a conservative. As for passing the difficult Illinois Bar exam, do you think they required picture ID? Maybe it was a take home exam for certain candidates. In a nutshell, I think Obama is a lazy guy who loves the idea of having a place in history. He’s the kind of person who is fine with the idea of winning a Nobel Peace Prize because he demonstrated lots of hope. His Leftist handlers are the dangerous ones, he’s an embarrasing puppet.
      I’m pleased with Romney’s debate performance but one robin does not make it springtime. It will be interesting to watch the media pull out all the stops to defend their guy during the final month. We really need to get the U S Senate back if we’re going to reverse much of the damage that has been inflicted.

      • Bruce: I have been puzzled by the fact that Obama appeared to have passed the bar. Your suggestion is interesting but , at this point, it seems gratuitous. (Yes, I think those who take the bar must show an ID, even in Illinois.) If there were a doubt, it seems to me that conservative attorneys would have brought it up. I don’t doubt that affirmative action in the hands of corrupt Chicago could produce the type of dramatic cheating you evoke. I doubt they could get away with it.

        Your list of courses suggests near genius, of course!

  12. David says:

    “Creative Spending: A Drunken Sailor’s Perspective”

    I think that drunken sailors would resent the implication that one of their books was utilized in the education of the current POTUS. They may even sue for defamation! 😉

    • Bruce says:

      David, you’re exactly right! As a now retired, once occasionally drunken USN sailor, I will tell you another difference. When we went ashore and got drunk we spent our own money. We did not have the luxury of creatively spending other people’s money.

  13. I was in a navy too, the vastly more elegant French Navy. (No ships, smart uniforms!) We too spent our own money. Once, I tried to convince fellow sailors that they had a moral duty to subsidize my drinking, moderate drinking, to tell the truth. They slapped me silly when they stopped laughing and realized I was serious.

  14. Terry Amburgey says:

    It turns out that the Nobel committee made a huge mistake. One of the winners of the Nobel prize for medicine released a portion of a report card.

    “John Gurdon’s future success was almost nipped in the bud in 1949 when a schoolmaster at elite Eton College wrote on his report card that pursuing science would be a waste of time.”
    “His work has been far from satisfactory,” the teacher wrote. “If he can’t learn simple biological facts he would have no chance of doing the work of a specialist, and it would be sheer waste of time, both on his part, and of those who have to teach him.”

    I saw the full text on cable [BBC world news as I recall] and it was longer and more scathing. According to the Delacroix Doctrine of Job Relevance Dr. Gurdon doesn’t deserve the prize.

    Perhaps you can petition the committee to revoke the prize and give it someone more deserving. I suggest Dr. Paul C. Broun the teapublican member of the house committee on Science, Space and Technology. He should be appealing to some of your buddies here. “Broun called what he had been taught about evolution and embryology and the Big Bang theory ‘all lies straight from the pit of Hell’ adding that the lies were intended to ‘keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior’.”

    But of course, he needs to be properly vetted. We need to know if he got any gold stars in kindergarten.

  15. The Nobel Prize is not job to which he applied. His prize does not make him my employee. Being elected president does.

    Reminder: The Nobel Committees are private organizations, one of which, the Norwegian, is a buffoon. That’s the committee that delivered the Peace Prize to Barack Obama for what he was going to do. (Kill Bin Laden in the night?) Before that, it had given the Peace Prize to peace-loving Yasser Arafat.

    Prof. Terry: Educating you is an endless task.

    To complete my thought: I would like to see Obama’s transcript because it would tell me the following: If he did not take Economics or if he dropped out, his economic policies reflect mere ignorance. If he got, for example, As in Econ 1 and Econ 2 then, he is probably a conscious collectivist (“socialist”) and his disastros policies may well be deliberate.

    The relationship between early school performance and anything is useful but anything but straightforward. I, for example, keep bragging on this blog about being a dropout from French high-school. Then, in the US, I became downright brilliant. The latter fact does not mean that my French high- school grades are irrelevant, far from it.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with sophistication in analysis.

    Prof. Terry: You seem to be carrying simplifying stereotypes in your mind although you guard from politically incorrect ones. You don’t allow yourself to think that blacks have a natural sense of rythm but you have no problem with crude caricatures of believers. Why ?

  16. Terry Amburgey says:

    “If he did not take Economics or if he dropped out, his economic policies reflect mere ignorance. If he got, for example, As in Econ 1 and Econ 2 then, he is probably a conscious collectivist (“socialist”) and his disastros policies may well be deliberate.”

    Heads you win, tails he loses

    “You don’t allow yourself to think that blacks have a natural sense of rythm but you have no problem with crude caricatures of believers. Why ?”


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