Romney on China (In The Last Presidential Debate of 2012)

I think Pres. Obama was much more in control of facts than Gov. Romney was in the last 2012 presidential debate Nevertheless, he made an awful impression, I would think, with his childish petulant attacks on Romney. Romney did not say much that was not a generality or a copy of Obama’s own statements. Romney did not have much a voice in that last debate but it was a calm, dignified voice. He seemed to come into his own at the end when he promised us that as soon as he was elected it would do the needful to insure that many ordinary goods become more expensive for Americans. The proposed chain of events looks like this:

Day One: Pres. Romney declares China a currency manipulator;

Soon afterward: By existing law, Congress has to raise tariffs on some or on all Chinese products. Tariffs are simply discriminatory taxes on imports. They make all similar products, imported as well as domestic, more expensive

Romney’s economic nationalism plays well in some electorally key states that are also manufacturing states but it’s based almost entirely on fallacies.

If you are interested, below are links to a series of nine short lectures giving in simple terms the ABC of free trade and why it’s a good thing. I wrote this series of postings for non-specialists with a brain. If you are a specialist, most of the postings will waste your time. If you don’t have a brain, ditto.

Parts one and two

I confirm that the link below leads to the last installment of this series on protectionism. However, there are other postings on related topics on this blog.


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