I realize most of you are as sick as I am of the vacuous media comments about the horror in Connecticut last Friday that left twenty small children murdered in addition to six adults. The young assassins used guns and then shot himself. You may be even sicker of the tinge of voyeurism sometimes attached to those comments. Nevertheless, I want to add a very few considerations of mine because decent people must at all times, in all places, do their bit to combat irrationality.

The probability of any Americans dying from homicide has been going down steadily since the seventies. More generally, world-wide, the frequency of violent deaths have been declining for several thousand years (with a few throwbacks). Stephen Pinker’s “The Better Angels of Our Nature” does a good job of reviewing the relevant evidence

Do you remember that massacre a few years back that took place in an open-air gun show in southern California where sixteen people were shot by a madman in a few second? Recall it?
No, you don’t! It never happened. Why not?

Same thing will happen this time as happens nearly always, with every mass murder. People who were supposed to have known the shooter will go on the media and say, “Nicest kid you ever knew; why, he always took out the garbage for the old lady across the street.” A little later, when interest wanes, more in depth. serious journalism will uncover the fact that the mass murderer had been giving the clearest signals of his madness for many years, that the signals were minimized or ignored.

Few young men will murder their mothers first time they get angry about being ordered to clean their room. There are warnings. They will leave the house slamming the door behind themselves, for example. Likewise, no ordinary young man is interested in shooting little kids. There isn’t even a single computer game that does that.

There is one thing that need reforming and possibly tighter regulations in American society. It’s the practice of clinical psychology and of psychiatry. I wouldn’t like what would happen, possibly. I don’t lose sleep over it because the corresponding professions are liberal strongholds. So, no reform is not going to happen.

We are now into the second generation or so of young people who have never felt shame in their lives. In many places, if you are a child who mentions anything resembling shame, you are sent to the school nurse. And shame is not cool. Incidentally, if some of you wonder about this atheist’s great political tolerance of Christians, that’s the reason: They teach their kids that they should be ashamed, sometimes.

Liberals are with respect to gun control where some conservatives are with respect to illegal aliens already in the country. They should stop fantasizing. It’s tool ate to expel ten or eleven million people. It’s too late to take the guns out of the hands of the American people. There are something like 300 million guns in America. Don’t even think of trying.


About Jacques Delacroix

I write short stories, current events comments, and sociopolitical essays, mostly in English, some in French. There are other people with the same first name and same last name on the Internet. I am the one who put up on Amazon in 2014: "I Used to Be French: an Immature Autobiography" and also: "Les pumas de grande-banlieue." To my knowledge, I am the only Jacques Delacroix with American and English scholarly publications. In a previous life, I was a teacher and a scholar in Organizational Theory and in the Sociology of Economic Development. (Go ahead, Google me!) I live in the People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz, California.
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13 Responses to Guns

  1. Terry Amburgey says:

    My bullshit detector goes off whenever I hear someone talking about banning assault ‘style’ rifles. What does ‘style’ have to do with anything? A while back my chunk of Canada banned ‘pitbulls’. Did that mean that only a purebred pitbull would be banned? Of course not. If, in the opinion of a government official, a dog was a pitbull then it was a pitbull. Pitbull ‘style’ dogs are now banned. Idiots.

    • Bruce says:

      My heart goes out for the innocent lives taken in Connecticut. I just hate how quickly it has been politicized. We can’t just throw reason out the window in response to an individual who has acted irrationally.
      If the evil person who did this had instead of using firearms placed gasoline bombs at all the exits of the doors and killed everyone in the building would we be talking about banning gasoline? What if it had been a crazy cafeteria worker who put rat poison in the food and killed everyone who ate there that day? If this event had taken place on an Army base, say Ft Hood, by a muslim psychiatrist, it would be called “workplace violence”. If the madman in this case had used the Glock 10mm and the Sig 9mm and left the Bushmaster .223 in the car with the shotgun, would there be a cry for banning “assault rifles”? If you go into my favorite gun store and ask to see “assault rifles” they will look at you like you’re a dufus. You can assault someone with a coffee cup. I have a class 3 NFA license and own some federally restricted weapons. There are already restrictions on these fully automatic firearms. Class 3 also applies to short barrel rifles and silencers and extended capacity magazines. I guarantee you would be safer in my home than most where there are no firearms. I have never felt the least bit threatened at gun shows. I have witnessed more fights in the stands and parking lots of sporting events than at gun shows or ranges. You can’t blame the gun for what someone does wrong with it. I have a computer and internet access and could access child pornography or send threatening emails, I don’t.
      Connecticut is a very restrictive state when it comes to gun control. Schools nearly everywhere are “gun free zones”. This school was from all accounts a locked down facility. Utah allows concealed carry nearly everywhere, they have not had any of these incidents.
      The reaction we are seeing is predictable. Instead of blaming the individual and holding him accountable, the left attacks the Second Amendment. They see it as an opportunity to advance their belief that what we need is more social programs with counsellors and social workers to meet the needs of the family. In the leftist’s utopia, reliance on the state is emphasized instead of demanding individual accountability. After successfully removing prayer from the schools it’s ironic that following horrific events like this it’s the first thing the media starts calling on us to do. Pray for the victims and their families. Then in almost the same breath they’re interviewing a five year old survivor and his parents and asking them if we need to do something about all the guns.

  2. Terry Amburgey says:

    “If you go into my favorite gun store and ask to see “assault rifles” they will look at you like you’re a dufus.”

    And you would be a dufus. That’s why talking about assault ‘style’ rifles is so stupid. True assault rifles are already heavily regulated so ban a gun because it looks dangerous. Unless I’m mistaken semi-automatic firearms were invented in the late 1800s/early 1900s. A century of improvements aside they still only fire once per pull of the trigger

    “They see it as an opportunity to advance their belief that what we need is more social programs with counsellors and social workers to meet the needs of the family.”

    Something needs to be done in this regard. The massive deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill in the mid 1960s dumped hundreds of thousands of patients into communities with little or no replacement programs. It doesn’t seem to me that things have improved any since then.

  3. Bruce says:

    You’re exactly right about semi-automatic firearms, one triggger pull, one round. It is amazing how much mis-information there is swirling around. My Class 3 weapons are select fire. This means you can select either semi-automatic or automatic. You select to fire one round, or use the burst fire mechanisim that limits the number of rounds to 3 per trigger pull, or automatic which will empty the magazine. The 3 round burst setting is the best in most circumstances in getting rounds down range accurately. The guy in the movie spraying 30 rounds in auto in one continuous burst is Hollywood stuff.
    They did empty the insane asylums as you said. They could free most of the non-violent crime inmates convicted on drug charges and put the violent insane people behind bars in their place where they could be treated and kept from harming themselves and others. I’m not sure the Connecticut murderer would have qualified.

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  5. Terry: I am sympathetic to everything yous say, on this rare occasion only, but I don’t remember mass de-institutionalization, in the sixties or later. I remember only an uptick decried by liberals only because Reagan was Governor of California, one of the places where this happened.

    I am be wrong on this. (It does happen though very seldom!)

    • Rich in Soquel says:


      This also is just from memory: In the early 1970’s at UCSC the Social Committee of our College brought a number of institutionalized mental patients to a party on campus. That was interesting in and of itself, but what I remember is that because of law suits that eviscerated the laws letting people be institutionalized without their permission, the entire institution (somewhere in the Santa Cruz mountains) was soon closed, and all the patients turned “free”. It was during Reagan’s term in office, but due to legal decisions, not Reagan’s evil desires. I believe the statistics would show that during that period it wasn’t just an “uptick” but a significant change.

      • Thanks for the info. I remember those years and I remember the attacks on governor Reagan. I also remember reading books (not by conservatives, obviously) arguing the case for maximum de-institutionalization.

        Whenever there has been a lot of noise around something I suspect that people, myself included, tend to remember more than actually happened. THat’s why I am curious about whether anyone has actual numbers.

        I don’t have religion on this. I am open-minded.

      • Terry Amburgey says:

        I’m not motivated enough to go looking for numbers but my recollection is hundreds of thousands, not thousands nor millions. The wiki is interesting to me because it implicates sociology.

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