Immigration and Bull: An Immigrant’s View

More  feel-good demagoguery from the President: We are all immigrants, tralalalala! It’s mostly sentimental bull. It makes Americans feel good about themselves at no cost. But what does the president – this son of an immigrant (sort of) – really want?

Let’s be a little cool about it (says this immigrant).

Contrary to an impression widespread among conservatives (and Rush Limbaugh’s impression), there is no legal way for an average foreigner to emigrate to the US. That’s NONE. An Irishman who works in an auto shop and who is happily married, for example, has no way (zero) to move to the US. Thus, illegal immigrants are not rude line-jumpers.

Most illegal immigrants are Mexicans. The evidence that they are only here to work and make money is very strong.

The US needs immigrants, in general, to generate Social Security taxes to support the Baby-Boomers. We need them now.

The US should provide many more many more visas to highly skilled immigrants that our advanced industries say they need. I think it’s ten times more than currently. The US should follow the example of Canada and of Australia in this respect. They have been doing it for many years. It has not hurt them.

The Mexicans illegal and many others who are not Mexican, as well as many legal immigrants would gladly be turned into legal workers with undeterminate duration visas. Many would like to work in the US and rear their  children back home and spend their money there, back home, in their own language.

This option would greatly reduce the importance of “securing the border” dear to conservatives.

There is little expressed demand among immigrants for US citizenship. By and large, immigrants want to work in peace and not be subject to the exploitation that comes with clandestinity. Citizenship is superfluous to this requirement.

The wish to create quickly millions of US citizens resides entirely within the Democratic Party. It figures there is absolutely no better way for itself to gain millions of new voters and thus to swamp the Republican Party, with luck, forever.

PS Don’t forget: Immigrants, including illegal immigrants, possess ordinary human rights.  but no one has any rights as an immigrant.

A more thorough  development of these ideas is found in my co-authored article – with Nikoforov, another immigrant –  in the libertarian Independent Review. On this blog, activate the link: “If Mexicans and Americans Could Cross….”

See also my several postings  on immigration on this blog grouped under this reference:


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3 Responses to Immigration and Bull: An Immigrant’s View

  1. Bruce says:

    I have been guilty of making a lot of wrong assumptions that are not fact based. I don’t exactly know why but I thought once a person was granted amnesty he/she would head down to the local welfare office and sign up for benefits. My thinking was why, for example would a guy spend all day roofing, hanging drywall, pouring concrete, laying block and brick, or painting when he could bail and collect welfare and food stamps without lifting a finger. I hope my fears are exagerated. I thought once 11 million were granted citizenship most would then sponsor family members to come up from Mexico and enter our entitlement system. I was afraid this would expand the number to the neighborhood of 50 million new arrivals. Not sure if any of this happened following the 1986 Reagan amnesty or not, that would be interesting and might answer a lot of questions.
    What I do know, and what concerns me is that Obama won by 2 million votes. What are the odds that over 90% of the new arrivals who are eligible to vote would vote Democrat? These people are from Mexico, not Castro hating Cubans, and while they might have a strong work ethic and are family oriented social conservative Catholics, they still vote Democrat. I also believe big government has a way of undermining all these positive characteristics over time. As for unintended consequences with a twist- Feinstein and Boxer are not Spanish names.

    • Bruce:

      The job market dries up while welfare benefits expand and illegal Mexicans go home or stop coming. Pretty good demonstration that they are here to work, I would say.

      Your fears about sponsoring are well placed. We should cut it back drastically.

      I deal with the voting issue in the piece itself.

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