The Marathon Alleged Terrorists: What They Did Not Do

As usual, I follow my own advice and I wonder about what did not happen. This time it’s in connection with the Boston Marathon terrorist assassinations.

What the alleged Boston terrorists didn’t do and that would have been easy to do was to leave a note, or two copies of the same note. And, if they were concerned it might not be found, they could have mailed a note to the appropriate authorities or to newspapers. The note would have begin with the following words:

“We are killing you because:”

And then, according to a perspective common among both liberals and Paulista libertarians, the note would have said :

…you Americans invaded Afghanistan almost without provocation (which you are presently leaving in haste);

…you Americans invaded Iraq and saved tens of thousands of Muslims from mass graves (and you have now left that country, you and its old Christian minority);

…you Americans reluctantly but effectively helped throw out in Libya an oppressor of Muslims without even setting foot there;

…you Americans liberated Muslim Kosovo, and then left;

…you Americans stopped the massacre of mostly Muslim civilians in Bosnia, and then left,

…your sometimes friends and allies, the French, invaded Mali militarily and you did not lift a finger to stop them.”

And, speaking of Mali, here is a digression: Although the country is formally something like 90% Muslim, the Shariah missionaries (many foreigners) had to engage in military conquest to try and make the country adopt their view of Islam. One wonder why they did not try for a victory at the voting booth.

“Here you go again” – some will say – “the neo-Con western imperialist trying to impose on others his completely subjective preference for democracy, for democracy for all. Someone more sophisticated, someone with a more open mind would understand that Malians do not wish to govern themselves, that Malian women aspire to be repressed more firmly, that they long for death by stoning should they yield out of marriage to the temptations of a strong male body, the sluts!”

Or the alleged terrorists could have left behind a note that said:

“We kill you, including women, children and guests, because we are personally failures, and also because we are ashamed of the fact that the societies with which we associate in our hearts are not very successful either.”

And, by the way, here are a couple of pointers for societal economic success: Make sure you don’t do anything that undermines the capacity of half of your population to contribute. And remember that illiterate mothers can’t bring up well educated sons.


About Jacques Delacroix

I write short stories, current events comments, and sociopolitical essays, mostly in English, some in French. There are other people with the same first name and same last name on the Internet. I am the one who put up on Amazon in 2014: "I Used to Be French: an Immature Autobiography" and also: "Les pumas de grande-banlieue." To my knowledge, I am the only Jacques Delacroix with American and English scholarly publications. In a previous life, I was a teacher and a scholar in Organizational Theory and in the Sociology of Economic Development. (Go ahead, Google me!) I live in the People’s Green Socialist Republic of Santa Cruz, California.
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18 Responses to The Marathon Alleged Terrorists: What They Did Not Do

  1. My good Gawd, where do you get your information from?

    Here is CNN with a brief and by no means comprehensive update on the investigation:

    Months after the FBI cleared Tamerlan Tsarnaev [older brother] after a request from Russia to investigate him, the Russians also approached the CIA to look into Tsarnaev’s shift toward Islamic extremism, a government official tells CNN. But the information provided by the Russians in November 2011 was “basically the same” information that had been given to the FBI, the government official said, adding that the communication sent to the CIA was a “warning letter.”

    Our intelligence services are not only inefficient but worthless as well? Who would have thought? Also, this:

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev [younger brother] has cited the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as motivating factors behind the attack, a U.S. government official said Tuesday.

    There are some interesting quotes from Joe Biden on there, too. He and Dr J would make good butt buddies! For what it’s worth, it looks like these two were lone actors rather than operatives in a terrorist cell. I doubt they’d even been to mosque more than a handful of times.

    • Bruce says:

      CNN…. all bow to that supreme guardian of the unbiased truth. Right. Joe Biden interesting? You have to be kidding, that baffoon is even less competent than his community organizer boss. As for our intelligence services, they’re only as good as what is done with the information. Benghazi….what difference does it make? Face it, if the two brothers had been Tim McVeigh types, CNN and the rest of the bunch would be blaming every conservative entity they could find. In this case it was radical Islam, and we must tread lightly whenever dealing with the religion of peace. Whenever they kill and maim we must ask ourselves “What did we do wrong?” We must have somehow offended these two bright young men with freedom, scholarships, welfare, good looking American women, and the variety of the big city lights. We must have offended their parents as well. Hell, we might just be inherently offensive because we don’t embrace sharia. When are we going to wake up and smell the shashlik?
      Brandon, since you want to fit in, you might consider growing a beard before your next relaxing vacation in Tehran, and don’t mention anything about “butt buddies”. They might have to stone you. Just curious, when Dr J talks about only half of the people in America contributing does it strike a nerve? I think he nailed it on this one.

  2. Terry Amburgey says:

    “My good Gawd, where do you get your information from?”

    Don’t you know? He has a tin-foil beanie, he gets all he knows beamed to him directly from Sean Hannity. Jacques told us he dislikes complicated complex info. He never has to worry about that with Faux News.

    “Just curious, when Dr J talks about only half of the people in America contributing does it strike a nerve?”

    Hahahahahaha. Is the freeloader ratio up from 47% now? I know you guys are worried about the supply of angry-old-white-men drying up but there are still state & local offices within your grasp. In the meantime you should be nice to Brandon, the libertarians are your only hope for a political future.

    • In the meantime you should be nice to Brandon, the libertarians are your only hope for a political future.

      Hahah! Doubtful, I want to eliminate Social Security and welfare checks to military veterans (speaking of freeloaders), so I don’t think Brave Bruce and his Merry Band of Geniuses has a bright political future anywhere in the republic. Then again, we did re-elect Bush the Son and Obama…

  3. Gentlemen, gentlemen: When you post a comment, please, try to remember to specify to whom or to what it is addressed. The contrast between some of your jumbled comments and my own orderly essays is becoming embarrassing.

    Also, often, your attempts at sarcasm don’t get through: Example: I am not completely sure whether Terry is serious when he refers to the old story (from the campaign) about 47% freeloaders. Obviously, I was referring to the common Muslim practice of denying girls education. Females are typically about half (50%) of a human population.

    Terry: Often reading your comments is like watching an episode of “Sex and the City ” after missing several : Same three or four women who have not gotten any lately and the action you missed during your absence does not matter because nothing happened except the utterly predictable.

    Lexicographic note for our foreign readers (English included): “She had go any—– for six months.” If you fill in the blank with what first comes to your mind, you will probably be right.

    For the record: I rarely watch Fox News.I spend much more time on the average day listening to NPR than watching Fox. I do listen to Rush Limbaugh many mornings which is much, much worse. And, Terry, your third grade jokes about the network name are not as useful as would be your citing a single incident when Fox announced something false. What I hear from you is often merely: ” nananananana!” I am confident you can do better. In fact I urge you to write an essay on the “Fox News falsehoods” to be put up here at your discretion.

    Brandon: “Butt buddies” is vulgar without coming close to being funny. That’s besides the fact that I don’t know what you are talking about since nowhere do I suggest that the terror suspects acted other than alone. I don’t know what you are ranting about because it seems unrelated to anything I say in the piece upon which you comment. You don’t appear to have refuted anything I said. It does not mean that you have nothing to say, of course, on some other topic, perhaps. I hope you remember that you have an open invitation to put up your own essays on this blog instead of hitchhiking uselessly and disconcertingly on mine.

    Readers: Again, I must assure you that I invented neither Brandon nor Terry to make myself look good. They invented themselves and they keep re-inventing themselves day after day. Once in a while, they say something that is at once critical, relevant, and sensate. Keep coming back. Eventually, you will catch one such comment.

    Bruce: I admire your courage, you determination, your cool!

    • If you read my response closely, you’ll see that I was just innocently providing some context. Brave Bruce gave me exactly what I wanted from it.

      I would never try to contradict your statements of fact Dr J. Your straw men are far too powerful for my logic and wit!

  4. Brandon: I thought I had answered your last message but the ether ate my response.

    Thank you for providing context. I can use all the help I am given.

    Beware of my strawmen; you might burn your fundament when you try to burn them.

    I asked you the following question somewhere on Notes on Liberty (Folks, this is another good blog.):

    If you were 100% sure that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons on civilians (one hundred per cent) would it affect your judgment with respect to the possibility of US military intervention in the Syrian civil war?

  5. Terry Amburgey says:

    “And, Terry, your third grade jokes about the network name are not as useful as would be your citing a single incident when Fox announced something false.”

    If I could find a video clip of Fox saying something along the lines of ‘it took President Obama X days to call the the attack in Benghazi an act of terror’ and the actual time was not X would that qualify?

    • It might qualify. It could be a lie or it could be an honest mistake (Still not allowable.) I have never caught Fox News in a lie although it’s sometimes too eager. It’s not grotesque it in its ideological preferences like others.

      The alleged example you propose would be more convincing if there were no self-correction followiwng.

  6. Terry Amburgey says:

    “It’s not grotesque it in its ideological preferences like others.”

    It is, that’s it’s defining characteristic.

    • Terry: What are you replying to?

      And what happened to the project to show that Fox News reports falsehoods? It really matters. If the most successful news channel is not trustworthy- aside from its ideological preference affecting its editorial coverage – one ought to know. “Grotesque”: I had MSNBC in mind. Have you ever watched it at all?

      • Terry: Of course, I am not asking you to prove a negative.

        You implied that Fox New report things that are not true. When challenged, you gave me a single example of allegedly reporting something that was not true.

        I agreed that it would qualify as an instance false reporting if it were not followed by a correction. Given a correction it was simply an error.

        I did not ask you to show that there was no correction. Instead, I thought you would give me give me a little info about the alleged false report such as date and time and specific program. I will look it up and if it exists, I (I) will show you that it was followed by a correction.

        You will not do it because it never happened, It’s another irresponsible manufactured liberal rumor. It’s a fool’s errand but not for the reason you gave.

        You did not make it up yourself but it’s irresponsible to transmit such rumors.

        Fox News hosts several opinion shows that are clearly identified as such . Almost all are conservative. Their success annoys no end he failing liberal media. The presence of those conservative shows does not affect Fox news g
        gathering and reporting. If anything,the news in Fox News tends to be dull. it’s dull.

        You trust sources that don’t deserve your trust. I, on the other hand, go to the source. For example, I subject myself to several hours of NPR each and every day. YOu should follow my example and thus, improve your act.

  7. Terry Amburgey says:

    “Terry: What are yo relying to?”

    I generally put in a quote to show what specifically I’m replying to or commenting upon. In the post above, I ws replying to your quote in reference to Fox: “It’s not grotesque it in its ideological preferences like others.”

    “And what happened to the project to show that Fox News reports falsehoods?”

    A fools errand. It’s apparently not enough to show the falsehood you’ve stated that I also have to prove the negative, to wit, at no time since was there a correction.

    ““Grotesque”: I had MSNBC in mind. Have you ever watched it at all?”

    On rare occaisions I watched it in Jerusalem, there was a paucity of english language tv. I even watched Fox a few times. I didn’t watch either before and haven’t watched either since. I have small tolerance for echo chambers. I was much better informed and entertained by BBC and France 24 while in Israel.

    I will admit to being very entertained by the Fox/MSNBC/CNN snippets on the Daily Show and Steven Colbert. I would recommend them to you but a sense of humor is a necessity and you have tragically French sensibilities.

  8. Terry Amburgey says:

    “I agreed that it would qualify as an instance false reporting if it were not followed by a correction. Given a correction it was simply an error.”

    I guess we have different definitions of ‘false’. I guess it’s convenient to have a time-dependent definition so that something which is, let’s use the term not-true, can change from false to something else after an indeterminant period of time.

    “I will look it up and if it exists, I (I) will show you that it was followed by a correction.”

    Excellent. I look forward to your evidence.

    • Prof. Terry: Did you show that Fox New made the false announcement you said it did and did I miss it (again)?

      I thought thatyour referring to Fox News as “Faux” News, in addition to being childish and linguistically ignorant, implied that Fox News lies deliberately. In my mind, there is a major difference between lying, on the one hand, to mislead clients, and being mistaken, on the other hand, perhaps because of partisanship.The case of being mistaken shows incompetence, not evil. It’s regrettable and it should rightly undermine media credibility in the long run, if it’s repeated but it’s not evil.

      Incompetence that is temporary can be remedied. When it is, it constitutes proof that it was incompetence, not lying. When it is not remedied, it shows either simply continued incompetence or mendacity.

      Sometimes, false reporting is on such a magnificent scale and duration that it indicates a whole organization culture of avoidance of reality. Thus, the New York Times lost all credibility with me through the Jason Blair saga.(Look it up.) It was a longtime ago so, the New York Times may have regrown a virtue but the offense was on such a scale that it’s not worth checking, for me, who reads the largest daily circulation news paper in America anyway.

      I know very well a four-year old girl. She is making good progress in distinguishing between being mistaken and lying.

      I think she will be a conservative. It does not take much more.

  9. Fellas,

    Regardless of how well the American media reports the news, I think it would be pertinent to remind everybody just how vital Fox News is to democracy in this country. Without Fox News, most of our mainstream news would be covered by institutions that have a decidedly Left-wing bent.

    Surely, Terry, you can see the importance of this institution without having to agree with it. Even if you don’t agree with the bent of this organization, and even if you don’t agree with its content (or its manipulative tactics, especially in regards to the less intelligent among us), surely you can appreciate its value when it comes to checking and balancing all things American.

    This isn’t to say that Dr J is not a prisoner of his own imagination, of course. See my devastating rebuttal of his call to bomb, invade and occupy Syria (of all places!). See also my co-blogger’s piece on the matter.

  10. Brandon: Believe me, I am devastated!

    You are addressing Terry as if it were obvious that he shared your ideas (and mine) about the a value of confrontation of viewpoints to arrive at something closer to the truth than would otherwise be the case. It’s not obvious that he shares this assumption unreservedly.

    Liberals (Terry less than most, that’s why he argues with me) want people to march in lockstep; they deplore devisiveness. My long frequentation of them suggests that authoritarianism is a a fundamental component of American liberalism. Scratch a liberal and you often find a second-grade teacher who wants pulpits to be lined up just so.

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